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'Height of Unethical Journalism,' Say Critics, After CNN's Jake Tapper Uses Racist El Paso Shooter to Attack Palestinians

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/05/height-unethical-journalism-say-critics-after-cnns-jake-tapper-uses-racist-el-paso


“[T]he apt comparison would be to Trump’s ideological compatriots in the Israeli government who spew racist, dehumanizing, anti-Arab invective that reverberates throughout a society upheld by state-sanctioned violence.”

Exactly right!


The MSM talking-head propagandist is no journalist, but a mouthpiece for right-wing racism talking-point, as is the organization that supports and gives him his platform to spread such malicious ugly lies and rot!.

Tapper has this exactly backwards! The Israeli government and agenda are the racists and mass-killers of men, women, and children that espouse a supremacist narrative and agenda!. That racist agenda has had great corrupting influence on the trump regime in many ways, as well as our mass media, and it IS they who are a great threat to the US and world peace! There IS a connection!

Many aspects of Israeli racist politics have metastasized or been deliberately exported/imported to America over recent decades, and especially under the trump regime. They are a major influence on trump policies that in many ways mirror Israeli racism demonizing the Palestinian people, treating and speaking of them as “vermin”, much as trump does Latinos and all people of color!.


Break up these corporate so called main street media conglomerates. They are failing we the people and dictating what he hear and see for the interest of corporations. Legalized hate and status quo dribbles out of these monopolies



We all need to be very careful and realize fully that a critic of Israel nation government policies and actions -


make anyone automatically an anti-semite, anti- jewish.

the gov’t is separate from the religion.

Please make sure remarks are clearly directed agin the gov’t.


Republicans will do anything to change the subject and get people distracted. Shooting in El Paso and Ohio? Blame video games. Blame Obama’s support for drag queens. Talk about Palestinians. Blame Social Media. Anything but blame the Republicans inherent racism and Donald Trump. That’s the elephant in the room and it goes all the way back to Nixon and his Southern Strategy, Reagan calling African Monkeys and talking about the Welfare Queen with the pink Cadillac, GHWB using the Willie Horton ad, and Trump’s birther campaign against Obama. The bubbling cauldron of racist hatred has been a feature of Republican politics going all the way back to the John Birch society and Barry Goldwater. Now it’s all bubbled to the surface. It’s the collective hatred of a whole segment of the population put front and center by a President who encourages it, nurtures it, preaches it, and promotes it. More people will die because of it.


While I agree with this article and support BDS, and condemn the U. S. House (including some supposedly progressive members (like Tulsi Gabbard) who voted for HRes. 246 two weeks ago that condemned BDS in violation of the First Amendment, let us not let slide the real answer to the tragedy of our mass-shooting epidemic - repealing the Second Amendment to the U. S. Constitution and implementing some version of the Australia Plan to limit gun ownership. We will probably never get there in the lifetimes of most reading this, but we have to start the discussion and not let it be shut down by the gun-nuts.


Roger A. of Fox Noise claims that beauty queens showing a lot of leg is needed to sell gossip and lies. If we allow agencies to even suggest that, and don’t address it, it will be come the norm, just like persecutionJust like trumpism.

It would be great if Tapper was forced to live on minimum wage for three months, had his fancy healthcare taken away during that time and was forced to live in housing that a salary like that could afford him. Have him do that and then after have his privilaged ass go on TV and talk about issues. Or, maybe go live in Gaza for six months, blend in with the population, live as they do, and force him to be on the receiving end of his right wing and racist comrades in the Israeli government. It is amazing to me that we have a far right Israeli government that has a really horrible plan and worldview, that is more powerful than the Palestinians and has used that power differential to do monstrous things, and Tapper pretends that it has the moral highground. Has he seen the things Likud has said of Palestinians? How is that not violent and racist? CNN is filled with assholes like him, Bash, Cuomo. The fact that the Democrats think that CNN should be hosting a debate is telling. Yes, it is not as reactionary as Fox, but it is not tons better. It is elite, right wing propaganda, with a dash of social liberalism. Basically, a network that any trust fund libertarian would love.


Actually, I think Tapper has it sideways and probably inside-out, but he might somehow (God alone knows how!) be onto the identical pattern of behavior from the partisans of white nationalism and most (still) of the ‘Palestinians’. From the 1880s even unto now, the Jews–and Israel–have been largely ready to share land, resources and power with Arabs. Most of the local Arabs (largely thanks to the Islamonazi Haj Amin el-Husseini) have not wanted and still refuse to share. It is always the indigenes that are ready to share; this is almost never true of colonial settlers. And before 1948, Jews, to Arabs, were the lowest of ‘dhimmis’. To put it in American terms, the Jews were seen by the Arabs as the Middle East’s ‘common n***ers’. Now imagine how peckerwoodies feel when people of color show themselves more capable than the palefaces. That’s how too many Arabs still feel about Israel although, thankfully, the percentage of Arabs ready to really share appears to be increasing. It might increase far more if the rejectionists hadn’t put the fear of assassination into most (?) of them. One day soon, more of them will have to stand up and say, time to make a REAL peace–one between equals.

The airwaves they use are public property. I see no reason why we cannot mandate that they do journalism and why we cannot get a huge chunk of their ad revenue. If they fail to live up to journalistic standards, kick their ass to the Curb. The Real News Network, Democracy Now and others could easily fill their space and do far better journalism.


Jake, we watched while Israeli soldiers assassinated protestors in Gaza and you called it defense. You cannot abandon equality and then throw the label “racist” at others.


Right on Joan. love it “kick their ass’s to the Curb”

The ugly truth is that US politicians on the right see israhell as an ideal model for their own white christian racist democracy by keeping non-white christians out of the country with “Security Walls” and threats of violence or imprisonment in concentration camps if they do.


If you support the Israeli State as it now functions and has for decades, you support racism. That’s what we do. For shame.


The Israeli government and the IDF are, unarguably, the middle-east’s racist mass murderers!


Too bad that is not true, because as we all know, the airwaves are really CORPORATE PROPERTY used by the networks to make $$$$$$$$$$$ in advertising; to brainwash the public into purchasing things they do not need; and to be cheerleaders for wars.

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the usa lives in fear under the shadow of it’s own greed and cruelty. blaming trump for this dystopian situation is like saying hitler made all those europeans nazis. we all went on the ride and now we don’t want to pay for the ticket.

It little wonder that “The Hallmark Channel” has a higher viewership then CNN. These are the same shits after all that claimed it illegal for the public to look at the Wikileaks documents while CNN could do so.