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'Heinous Lie': Trump DHS Secretary Denies Existence of Family Separation Policy


'Heinous Lie': Trump DHS Secretary Denies Existence of Family Separation Policy

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a "heinous lie" aimed at distorting the historical record and avoiding responsibility for the mass cruelty perpetuated on her watch, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen falsely claimed in a series of tweets late Sunday that the Trump administration does "not have a policy of separating families at the border."


All you need do is look at the cold, hard, vicious face of the DHS secretary to see the face of the oligarchs, Trumpers, billionaires and other controllers who rule us.
The French Revolution, and Thomas Jefferson’s counsel about watering the tree of liberty, are relevant to our current situation in the corrupt country America has become.


If this policy is not “cruel and unusual punishment”, then I need to take remedial English and Civics classes. Once the word “Homeland” was normalized, totalitarianism began its (not so) slow creep into the daily life of (what’s left of) the country.


The look on this person’s (term very loosely applied)face is one of using a lie as a weapon with one blunt bludgeon edge and the other razor sharp staring down a victim as if to ask do you want to be bludgeoned or sliced into small pieces. This woman is, to extend her own terminology from “operational”, a fascist lying ‘operative’.

Over the next few days if she is not criminally indicted, then ACLU might want to consider a spectrum of proceedings.

This “administration” - again a term used ONLY because there IS a solid ground beneath the nefarious actions being steamrolled by this cabal - seems fully intent on triggering a movie scenario of revolution. It would seem to looking for scapegoats for an up and coming economic collapse. That conclusion in turn triggered by the now nearly fully decimated economic infrastructure gobbled up by the financial sector which provides the glue for Drumph’s wig(-ged out) running the shoe.

The people in this country are better than the meanest weaknesses in our Constitution. Those weaknesses and ethical flaws are being used in the most destructive ways possible.

Perhaps its time to call for a full day of national stoppage as is being done in the countries being subjected to similar nefarious tactics by “installed” governments and placed under “austerity” under equally false pretences.


It is the collision of immoral power with powerless morality that constitutes the major crisis we are facing today MLK


Arrest this c…t for crimes against humanity!


Kirstjen Nielsen is a soulless, right wing, true believer technocrat blindly following her leader with insouciant disregard of the the human tragedy for which she and Mr. Trump are responsible. Terrifyingly reminiscent of the 1930s.


Truth is a conspiracy against government, that’s why it’s fought in every venue. The media is holding strong against truth but some sneaks out. Of course if it’s too true they’ll try to put the source in jail.


These policies started under Obama. Hillary endorsed them. Trump made them far worse. Unless people wake up to the trams-partisan nature of the oligarchy, we are doomed to rage like straightjacketed inmates in an insane asylum.


While I agree both parties are at fault, the separation policy has only been being enforced by sessions and trump. Children were kept with their guardians right up until six weeks ago.


The entire administrative staff wrap themselves in the American flag, stand both feet on the bible defecate on both while singing the national anthem as an evangelical hymn. DHS, once admired for its humanity, is now a sinkhole into hell.


Hello stewarjt, It is also reminiscent of the trials at the end of WWII. If and when we have those trials I see no reason to allow the excuse that “we were just obeying orders”. It didn’t work back then and it won’t work now!!! I recall that most, of whom were found guilty with a sentence of death were literally at the end of their rope when they died!


The mask is off and the fangs are out, and the U.S.Government is in the business of torturing children. 1500 children burning in the Texas heat in just one child gulag, reported. The world is watching.


Rather than lies from an administration being the exception lies are now the rule. Even Trump’s wife joined lying fest on the zero tolerance policy that has led to children being separated from their families. On the right lies have become an acceptable way to accomplish a goal. Morality is seen as an obstacle to achieving goals. The goal of turning the country white has become so important and widely embraced, particularly in rural areas of the US, that nothing is allowed to get in the way.


Hi casey, i agree…but first, before the trials at Nuremberg, it took millions of guns, bullets and bombs along with the sacrifice of millions of lives lost and ruined to stop the fascist bastards. Words won’t stop them…never in history have the powerful given up their position voluntarily.


You’re nailing it, oldgoat.

My only question: only one day?

Or—and/or—rolling, spontaneous stoppages of business as usual? At unpredictable intervals and locations (or nowhere and everywhere, in the case of general striking), for varying lengths of time, as the folks on the ground feel it?

Coupled with upping our concentration on building, maintaining and growing local networks and affinity groups to support one another and our communities in any and every way there is need. Child care. Health care. Food and shelter. And so on…

Maybe acting like people on the bottom in “third world” nations have always acted?

Because maybe now we can recognize that we are them.


Yet another of the seemingly endless parade of delusional, depraved, corrupt, greed-driven, and frankly evil, pathetic excuses for human beings part of, attached to, associated with, or fired from, the trump regime…including the pathological liar in chief himself, der Trumpenfuhrer - he never met a lie he could not tell with a straight face…

It is a crime to lie to the FBI, why not the American people and Congress?


The hell are you talking about? Stephen Miller “started” this policy—he’s bragged openly about it:


This is in contrast to Clinton, who warned us of Trump’s hardline immigration policies and asked voters to take them seriously:

I wish progressives would knock this false equivalency stuff off. It 1) empowers the right by propelling its propaganda and 2) normalizes Trump’s agenda by saying, “everyone does it.” Trump is essentially holding children hostage to get a harsher immigration policy, that is if you believe his tweets and those of his minions.


The Democrats have voted with the Republicans to give fascist Trump more money for war and more ability to spy on Americans. The DNC supports corrupt Cuomo over Nixon. Harris supports ICE for god’s sake. I wish DNC apparatchiks would stop pretending like they are not working with Trump to destroy America.


Trump’s “Pathological Liar Syndrome” is spreading.

We may have to isolate the entire administration for years to insure no one else is infected.