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Hell Hath No Fury Like Mother Earth Scorned


Hell Hath No Fury Like Mother Earth Scorned

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

Hurricane-turned-Tropical Storm Harvey unleashed the fury of a warming planet on the Gulf Coast of Texas this week, leaving hundreds of thousands displaced and homeless, thousands languishing in crowded shelters, and killing at least 28 people. It is projected to be the costliest disaster in the nation’s history, with the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in the continental U.S., inundating a number of cities, including Houston, the fourth-largest and most diverse city in the United States.


In the northeast, extreme precipitation events (1-4 or more inches of rain) have increased by 80% over the last several decades. That may be clearest statistic in the US showing the effects of climate change. A recent study found that all the climate models when taken together show that when the global temperature hits 2C the northeast will be at 3C. The increase in warming in the northeast has been greater than any other part of the country. And of course sea level has risen along the Atlantic Coast. The time has past for denying that these changes represent anything but climate change. Houston would be in trouble even without climate change. There is a long history of major hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. Houston and the surrounding area has no hills to serve as high ground when there is flooding. The pattern of development is haphazard because there is a lack of zoning. And the petrochemical industry is in abundance causing a pollution threat during storms. And Texas has the largest rain events in the continental US. The old record of 48 inches of rain was set in Texas. Climate change will only make the situation worse in Texas. And if the Temperature increases a few degrees Celsius the heat index may go so high in Texas that humans may not be able to survive outdoors for any extended period of time.


Not all Americans drink the Kool aid that you do. Those paragraphs you posted are gibberish, and I won’t even click the links and get into that diversion. Most people commenting in here don’t rebel against the 95% or more of climate scientists who believe climate change is occurring and mainly caused by human activity. And Ayn Rand? I’d assume most in here don’t care about her work. I agree with Chomsky that she was indeed quite an “evil intellectual.” And what you’re peddling in here is evil as well and contrary to scientific opinion.


While you were busy trying to look up girls skirts during junior high science the rest of us were paying attention. Hence, most of us can understand what is going on while you remain stupid.


Excellent ‘almost’ tag-line: “The planet is drowning in denial.” Here in the Pacific NW we are ‘burning in denial’. Take your pick…

When I was much younger, authenticity was my goal. Actually, it still is. But socially, denial is the name of the game - ubiquitously. In a college sociology class I wanted to write a paper about ‘social denial’, which was everywhere evident, even then. But there were no published works describing the phenomena, and my thesis was declined.

As I was contemplating the endeavor, it occurred to me that denial must be a genetic trait. We deny having done things (that we clearly have done) as young children. We suppress (deny) so many emotions. We ‘deny’ equal rights to whole categories of peoples.

Pardon me, I got carried away, off on a tangent. My bottom line: Denial is Dangerous. Denial is at the very root of our societal decline. Denial will kill us.


My money is on Mother Earth. May she prevail! There is no collective will: citizen, political, corporate to do what needs to be done to create some healing and accountability to what we are doing to the Earth. We currently have no courageous leadership (said with huge irony) to take a stand against the corporate military and mainstream media complexes. Our government can’t even make the lives of our fellow citizens better by providing a single payer healthcare- medicare for all. But worse, has citizens pitted against each other as to why that is a terrible idea. As our fellow citizens in Texas and Louisiana health is being compromised not only by the contaminated water from all that flooding brings, their health will also be compromised with the horrendous chemical soup to which they are being exposed. My bet is that the for-profit, corporate health insurance companies will certainly not want to foot the bill for what is coming from all those health issues. Perhaps our elected officials will allow those insurance companies to call health developments by hurricane pre-existing conditions.
And of course, our elected officials will fall all over themselves to provide the taxpayers money to bail out all those refineries (with a little extra for those from Saudi Arabia) while the gas companies proceed to gouge us at the pump.
Yes, my money is on Mother Earth and of course gratitudes to Democracy Now! for giving us the information.


Great journalism Democracy Now with the interview of Hilton Kelly from Port Arthur. What have these refineries done for the areas they reside except giving people cancer?Kelly also gave a great understanding of the soil erosion happening before Harvey. Another clear example of global warming.—Think any of this money will be flowing to the people of Port Arthur???Gov Abbott was licking his lips thinking of all the money he wants----Abbott made clear that he will need a lot more money than what Katrina got.


Math pioneer Joseph Fourier discovered the warming effect of atmospheric CO2 (later called the greenhouse effect) almost 200 years ago. It’s not even complicated: when more of the Sun’s energy is absorbed (as infrared radiation, by CO2) than emitted (back into space), a planet will heat up. This accounts for the surface temperature of Venus and Mars, as well.

How could there possibly exist a scientific “hoax” that’s two centuries old? What might Fourier’s motivation have been to supposedly hoodwink the public back in 1824? The pompous pronouncements of those who think anyone can just make up their own science (e.g. someone in this thread) are truly beneath contempt.


For a Net Result of Global Warming - James Lovelock long ago recommended keeping an eye on global sea level increase.

But I think the words of Al Jolson are here more appropriate - unless we wake up and smell the coffee:

"You ain’t seen nothing yet ! "


As Joe accurately wrote “what you’re peddling in here is evil as well and contrary to scientific opinion” says it all.

“Don’t feed the trolls” is sound advice" "
“What I learned from debating science with trolls”

What do you gain from this position? Wealth being a fossil-fuel conglomerate disinformation troll? Political points from the trump regime? Whatever it may be, you are in this and other comments, a fool supporting other fools and criminals!

The arguments and “scientific studies” you link are akin to the “smoking is safe - there is no proof” disinformation lies to protect profits and kill millions - and this attempt to confuse people will fail as well - a deliberately false “reality” that endangers sustainable life on Earth for all creatures.

As the good Baron said “Your reality, sir, is lies and balderdash and I’m delighted to say that I have no grasp of it whatsoever.”

Here is a link to refute all your propaganda BS! "Global Warming & Climate Change Myths

"a summary of global warming and climate change myths, sorted by recent popularity vs what science says. Click the response for a more detailed response. You can also view them sorted by taxonomy, by popularity, in a print-friendly version, with short URLs or with fixed numbers you can use for permanent references.



The American voter, namely the Trump voter, isn’t that intelligent nor is their dear leader. And by the way, Trump lost the popular vote. Now, go finish your GED


Exactly. There’s no use in humoring them. Great links by the way

“What a crowd, what a turnout,” Trump boasted as he landed in Corpus Christi. He made no mention of the victims.
well, we can count on trump to provide a little comic relief, can't we? however, if our hopes for the future depend on changing the mindset of the political class, we'll continue to live as victims of failed policies. politics is all about money and who gets it. Nature, on the other hand, is all about life expressing itself in beautiful diversity. the time has come when all who do read the handwriting on the wall quit putting our faith in this corrupted system! we cannot change those who for whatever reasons hide in denial, but rest assured Nature is getting their attention. trust her and know in our hearts and in our minds that we are the answer! we cannot change trump's mind, but must change how we respond. life is the antithesis of atrophy. work with and not against Nature.
The planet is drowning in denial. Climate change is real, and needs to be addressed.
those of us who depend on democracy now! know from leaked memos that exxon mobil's executive branch knew how their ventures harmed the environment---they even conducted a study---but to publicly acknowledge the truth would harm the almighty, "in god we trust" profit structure. i can name a few , very few, in congress who work for the people, but they are as helpless as any of us to salvage this sinking ship. let's try something completely different , take matters into our own hands, work with Nature, work with our friends and neighbors or as lao tse calls Nature the Great Mother living and actin in the moment. NOW!

if you haven’t see it i reccomend yesterday’s democracy now! especially the interview with george monbiot who talks about the failure of the entire system—not just the latest screw-up in the oval office.

Well, because to ask those questions is to challenge everything. It’s to challenge not just Donald Trump, not just current environmental policy. It’s to challenge the entire political and economic system. And it is to recognize that the system which we tell ourselves is the best system you could possibly have, of neoliberal capitalism, which will deliver the optimum outcomes and the best of all possible worlds, actually is destined to push us towards catastrophe, and unless we replace that system with a better one, with something really quite different, then it will destroy us. Instead of making us more prosperous, more comfortable, it will rip apart everything that makes our lives worth living, and result in the deaths of very large numbers of people.


The pig in a wig Trump and republican party leaders know that climate change is real and will lead to such disasters around the world. It’s their fascist form of population control. It’s their final solution. They want people to die in billions by these disasters and by warfare so they may enjoy the privileges of luxury air travel to opulent golf resorts around the world to mingle with survivors of their own class. Trump doesn’t give a damn about this country. He’s evil.


Gaia’s mad as hell, and she’s not gonna take it anymore!


Most amerikans live on the River of Denial!
That said, most amerikans are clueless when it comes to Who really is in charge… our Sacred Mother Earth rules!


If Hurricane Harvey is the costliest US disaster, don’t hold your breath. The much bigger Hurricane Irma is building now in the Atlantic - although whether that storm will reach the US is pure speculation.


Mother Nature, AKA Earth, is just starting to show how bad humans have been to her. If one has Netflix, watch “Chasing Coral” there’s an entire ecosystem going under, equivalent to losing all the forests in North and most of South America; it brought tears to my eyes.


Tell me about it, re: “it brought tears to my eyes” – in the city where I live trees have been losing their leaves for the past 2 weeks (all while the temps have been in the middle to upper 80s); and I have a family (4) of raccoons who keep coming earlier in the evening for the food I put out for them – it seriously worries me that they come here b/c they haven’t been able to find food anywhere else. I’ve never had a summer like this in all my 14 years I’ve lived here, and that’s what shows me that what is happening is serious as hell!


7:15 Sep 1 PM again watching “An Inconvenient Truth”