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'Hell No': Ocasio-Cortez Denounces Pelosi-Approved Vote on McConnell's Border Bill Without New Protections for Children

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/27/hell-no-ocasio-cortez-denounces-pelosi-approved-vote-mcconnells-border-bill-without


As the Democrats are bullshitting at the debates this week just keep in mind that this is the true colors of the party. At least of the leadership. Oh yeah this is also the same people who are in bed with the people who are hosting the debates. Our elections and political system are fraudulent.


Nancy’s just being a good kapo. But somebody’s got a spine


Too Late! Like an ole dog in heat, Pelosi and company rolled over and said take me please.


The Pelosi “leadership” is a fraud! A betrayal of the Democratic, independent, progressive base of the party and people!

A collaboration without consensus or input from other Democrats or the public! A behind closed-doors capitulation on issues when R’Cons and McConnell have refused to act in any kind of constructive , non-partisan manner - quite the opposite -think McConnell blocking the nomination of Merrick Garland and bragging about it! THAT scumbag extremist BS is what pelosi deals with?

Her record is one of spineless-bimbo collusion and fighting for nothing ever - only a back-room contemptible failure of leadership.

Making secret deals and accepting the terms for all Democrats and alienating progressive voters; is a sure recipe to lose the critical 2020 elections - her typical MO - a feckless cow who deserves as much respect as McConnell - zero!


Gottheimer and the so-called problem-solver caucus are great at solving problems. What a joke. Bipartisanship rarely if ever solves problems. At best it papers over them or kicks them down the road. in this case the problem-solver caucus has been the key to wasting another $4+ billion.


There should probably be an emergency bill for emergent issues that need immediate resolve. Usually, these type of violations need immediate action. Then sort out spending issues. We are spending billions and billions of dollars on this that should have a better impact on people’s lives.

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It has nothing to do with rolling over. Nancy is acting according to her own political “spine”. She is corrupt as the day is long and she is just adding to her legacy of dark deeds. She protected torturers and war criminals from prosecution in the Bush Administration and now she is intentionally keeping a fascist in office and protecting him…and she intentionally does every clucking thing she can do to kill any truly progressive legislation from seeing the light of day. She has plenty of spine and doesn’t roll over for those she actually represents.



Well I tell ya…Corporate State Democrats are busy busy busy.

From protecting the fascist Trump to “reaching across the aisle” to Mitch so the military can have more fucking money AND get a symbolic vote (that will of course fail) which failure will be counted as codification for an attack on Iran…and of course CSDs will be very happy with that.

And busy busy busy in the House too! Shovel money to the fascists to enable and in essence validate their crimes. And Politico, that CSD servicing hack rag can always be counted on for pro CSD spin…in this instance that not including the protections for kids (shouldn’t be happening in the first place) in the Senate bill and agreeing to the vote in the House on that bill was a “blow” to Nancy the enabler of dark forces…her realm.

What else are they busy with? Fighting against the “socialists” and “extreme leftists” wanting Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, student debt relief, and any other true progressive movement of the little people.

Nancy and other CSDs will fight tooth and nail for their power and that of their shared constituency with Republicans. It is what they do.


We know why Pelosi is so popular in Washington - she has no principles and that is a real boost in Washington political corruption society. “Its all about compromise” until there is nothing good left but plenty of dollars for the pigs at the trough. Washington is a cesspool - Trump swims well in it, Pelosi and so many of her colleagues do so as well. They wouldn’t do so well in a clean pool where things can be seen clearly for what they are.


If she wanted to help the kids…her statement was pathetic, how many times she said “kids”…then she would at the VERY least call those involved in offering legal help to immigrants – who have been coming forth to the media with what they are witnessing – to testify in a public hearing in the House. What they are witnessing are crimes in how people are being detained in general, but in particular kids. But will Nancy the dark force do such things?

Well of course not.


Pelosi rolled over (again) to appease our Great Leader. “Oh please, Mr. President, don’t raid our cities!”

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I agree PC. She’s part of the problem.


I see you don’t know much about bitch dogs. This is a different rollover than you visualize.

Queally sez:
“As The Hill reports, it was Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ), a leader of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, who told Pelosi Thursday morning that he had rallied enough moderate Democrats to take down the rule on the amended House bill.”

Interesting. It seems the eponymous “problem” of the group’s title is invariably one of how to advance GOP legislation through a Democratic Party™ majority.


The problem isn’t Pelosi rolling over. It’s her continued refusal to stop corporate and conservative Democrats in her own party from crossing lines and voting with the Republicans (not to mention, she’s one of them). It’s the party’s no-litmus-test to-be-a-Democrat policy in action and why the Democratic party will NEVER coalesce into an effective resistance party. As we’ve seen far too often, you can’t throw in a handful of progressives into a basket overflowing with corporate stooges and expect to stop Trump and the Republicans. Remember this as you watch all the candidates try to impress us with their promises to implement meaningful change in this next round of elections. Without the support of a party to back them in their proposals, they’re selling you a car without wheels.


I’ll stick to my analysis.

“Problem Solver’s Caucus” are Corporate State Democrats…the same vein of neoliberal corporate and super wealthy individual servicing schmucks spawned by the DLC and their first successful project, the Presidency of one Bill Clinton.

Epic schmuck Joe Lieberman’s No Labels organization is part of that club of corrupt oligarchs.

What a sorry bunch of jerks who have with eyes wide open delivered the masses to the wolves over the last 40 years.

And I have been sufficiently radicalized witnessing the sordid affair.


Just as we cannot wait till 2020 to kick out the Orange Fuhrer, we can no longer wait till elections to remove from office those who betray this country every day. Put pressure on Pelosi, and others, to resign. These unDemocratic ‘leaders’ must no longer be in charge of the US Congress.