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'Hell No': Ocasio-Cortez Denounces Pelosi-Approved Vote on McConnell's Border Bill Without New Protections for Children

She can’t “stop” them. This was a loss for progressives and her. The bill she wanted passed the House already, but the Senate passed its own bill, which enough of the Democratic caucus supported to pass. It was a Boehner-like loss, straight up. No other way to put it.


Spot on. The dems “blue no matter who” mantra for 2020 may just prove to be their epitaph, and the epitaph of democracy as well.

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So, Nancy is more than willing to cowtow to a small group of house DINOS, and completely dismiss the newest house progressives.
Kind of says it all, doesn’t it?


The losers are the kids…KIDS…in concentration camps, and she is not lifting a finger to stop the actual policy, regardless of any clear path to do so. Violations of law are happening right now and there are witnesses that an be called that have seen what is happening. She is normalizing this!!! It is unforgivable on top of her BLOCKING AN IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY.

Not yelling at you with caps…but this is Fascism we are dealing with here. And what’s the response? The DNC positions itself to win the “swing voter” that thinks it’s not that bad. And by the way…I understand that in reality their “swing voter” strategy is always proxy. It’s about keeping the Democratic Party in the control of Corporate State Democrats.


If we are going to play blame games, what about Jayapal, who urged colleagues in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to pull out of negotiations with the bipartisan Senate conferees in May? The Senate moved forward after that. Could it be that progressives screwed up too? Of course not—they never do.

Spare me. Progressives aren’t united protecting a fucking Fascist in the White House. I can see you are just so passionate about this KC…and that passion isn’t directed against those in power who are sitting on their fucking hands.

Blame game? That has just about as much utility as “centrist”, “reaching across the aisle”, “getting things done for the American people”, and the rest of the tripe that is always hauled out to apologize for the oligarchs that have sold this country intentionally down the river.


So, you’re ok with the privately run concentration camps then?
Good to know.


Hi Giovanna-Lepore:
OMG-----please everyone read this Intercept piece ----at the Serb-run prison. : 0

I remember telling people in 2012 that the only difference between Obama and Romney was fascism is 10 years as opposed to fascism in 5.
It appears we have split the difference. We are a fascist nation. Maybe we have been for a long time, but boy has it become painfully obvious now.
Years from now, when there are terrorist bombings every day, and entire American cities run by gangs, we will be able to look back on this moment in time, and we can ask those terrorists and gang leaders, what made them into monsters? And they will all tell us, it started in a cage on the southern border in 2019…


Yes! Please take her!!!

You got it
The files are full
She’s not clean
Hence the fraudulent position

There’s plenty of blame to go around here and it’d be nice if the awesome advocates of pulling out of negotiations with the Senate explained why they thought they would get a better conference out of it later. Believe it or not, progressives fuck up too.


So, you’re ok with the concentration camps then?

No, are you?

  • The moderates had the better hand of cards. The house version failed badly in the Senate (Mitch decided for once to have a vote on something), so the centrists were in a much stronger position to pressure Pelosi than the progressives.

  • Safeguards or no safeguards, the optics of not passing the senate bill would be terrible. Due to the framing of the narrative, the house would seem like the one that chose to do nothing, reality be damned. That would have looked even worse in the press and to the public, even among the more liberal leaning outlets.

  • The republicans would have been perfectly content with nothing coming to pass, and wouldn’t have suffered much for it either. Seriously, even most swing voters don’t really give a damn about poor brown people dying from the global south.

Oh well. Hopefully this leads to at least fewer kids dying. And yes, my soul is dead.

Is Pelosi in your opinion doing everything she can to stop them? Huh KC?

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Pelosi passed the damn bill progressives wanted, Chicken. From what is reported, progressives thought they’d get an awesome deal by pulling out of the four corner negotiations with the Senate. What’s going unsaid here is that progressives may have fucked up too. That’s why it’d be great if AOC et al. would explain how they planned to get to a conference committee when they knew the Senate was developing its own bill. I don’t expect that though because sellout DNC arrrrrgh!!!


Plus, Mitch McConnell graciously allowed the bill to come up to a vote, and, well, it wasn’t even close. Whatever the truth may be, the optics were such that not passing anything would have looked terrible, and the democrats would have been the ones left holding the bag. As long as the bill is enough to assuage the consciences of those Americans who glance at political news from time to time, at least the Pelosi can cut our losses.

Oh well. Well played Mitch, you amoral bastard.

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I asked if she is doing everything she can in her power to fight this fascist Administration.

Answer, a big fucking resounding NO!!!

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US totalitarianism is trapped in propaganda. Mitch is behaving like a cruel bureaucratic corporate communist pushing the central plan with his head in the sand.

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