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'Hell No,' Say Progressives, After GOP Sen. Joni Ernst Suggests Cutting Social Security 'Behind Closed Doors'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/06/hell-no-say-progressives-after-gop-sen-joni-ernst-suggests-cutting-social-security

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Will the people of Iowa wake up and give Ernst the one way ticket home that she so greatly deserves?


Given that the people of Iowa also reelected Steve King to “represent” them, I’m not hopeful.


Republicans (Conservatives) see cruelty as a “strength” . They have a bizarre need to see people hurt and hurting. It makes them feel better about themselves.

There is a reason we have Social Security. We know what happens to millions of people when we don’t have it because we experienced not having it. Ignoring this history is sociopathic.

Iowa and New Hampshire should not be the first Primaries. Neither state has anything to do with the demographic or view of the general US population. California and Illinois would be better


“earned social security benefits”

No, this is not how the system works.
We workers do not earn anything with SS
This is a tax, period.
It is not some kind of savings plan, set aside for a rainy day

There are a few trillion sitting in US Treasury bonds to
be paid out pretty quickly to the boomers.

Privatizing would simply have wall street and bankers rake in the loot. And without any guarantees - same as 401k plans now falter.


She is playing that old canard of stirring the resentful middle class toward the poor and working classes whose sole income may very well be social security. Those better off have pensions and tend to adhere to talking points of both sides of the business party.

Loathsome cruelty. Do we need any other excuses, rationalizations for not being on the streets?


So says a group of people who will have a lifetime pension and free health care when they resign…Enough already. Vote them all out. And hopefully we can build a government for All Our Relations.


George Lakoff has written two books on this subject. One is Moral Politics. The other is Whose Freedoms. Conservatives do have a need for absolute control by a Strict Father figure, with draconian rules. Those who don’t follow those rules deserve their fate. Being poor, or disabled, or elderly is that person’s own fault because they didn’t plan ahead. This is sadism to the nth degree…


Being pissed about this does NOT go far enough! How about demanding the bastards pay back what they STOLE from Social Security for bullshit reasons over the decades???!!!


Considering the elimination of Social Security as it is currently is a long term goal of the ReThugs since FDR brought it about during the Great Depression – should this sort of perfidy on the part of Joni Ernst be any surprise? In fact, if I was one of her paymasters, she would get a reprimand for saying this out loud at an event where it could be reported.


You might want to brush up on the retirement and health care bennies of ex-congresscritters:


The republics are so cute. They actually think they are going to win back the House and keep their Senate majority in 2020. With Bernie the D nominee, there will be a wave of Democrats winning (a few even Progressive!) that the House majority will actually grow. We will gain 100+ more seats in the House and get a solid majority in the Senate. I know, I know, you think I am being naive, maybe even stupid (I like to think of it as being hopeful). But that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


Okay, I’ll take the bait.

Outside of Collins in Maine and Gardner in Colorado, where do you see a Dem Senate pick up?

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Hidden among your comment is the actual problem confronting social security. There are no US Treasury bonds. The filing cabinets in Parkersburg, Virginia contain ‘special issues of the treasury’. Better known as an IOU. It is simply an accounting record of the looting of social security funds.
The social security funds withheld from my pay checks and I assume yours were transferred to the US general fund and spent on illegal wars, bridges to nowhere, taxes cuts for the rich by Reagan and Bush 43…etc. Now that chicken has come home to roost.

The money to pay back the looted funds ($2,700,000,000,000) will have to come from:

Creating and selling actual treasury notes. More national debt.
Creating the funds out of thin air. Worked great to bail out the banks.
Borrow the money from the Fed. Otherwise called wall street banking predators.
(at usury rates )
Raise taxes on the vulgar rich. Now there is a novel idea.
Raises taxes on the not vulgar rich suckers that think the rich should not be taxed.
(In effect pay for the looting again)
Cut the benefits so they match the incoming social security funds. Thereby canceling the looters obligations to pay back the funds.

Lastly, I may not have earned social security as you say but it did come out of my ‘earnings’.


Ernst is running for re-election in 2020, no? And her position in the senate is quite vulnerable. Seems like her remarks would make a great ad by her opponent on the way to defeating her.


Bernie Sanders has a plan for that:


The GOP is funny - even as they’re grifting off the taxpayers dollars - they don’t want those “other people” to receive the benefits that they are actually paying taxes for! For example Joni Ernst is collecting a check paid for by tax money collected from US all, her family are recipients of welfare from the department of Agriculture for their farms - and yet, these yokels in Iowa think she represents them, really?!?! Everyone in Iowa doesn’t live on the farm - at some point you might think they can add 1+1 and NOT keep coming up with 3!! Maybe its the in-breeding or the bigotry - either way they’re cutting off their own nose to spite their faces!!

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’Hell No,’ Say Progressives

Wait, where are the 3rd Way , Blue Dogs, ‘Centrists’, Pelosi, Schumer, ByeDone and the rest of teh Wall Street Democrats


Oh , right.

thanks. this is another zombie myth that doesn’t die easily. thing is, most of these congresspeople don’t need “retirement” money. they’re already rich. it’s just extra spending loot.


she’ll run the “better to invest in the market” flag up the pole which will play for the large Iowa right wing.

that’s usually the argument they make.