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Hell To The Yeah

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/11/19/hell-yeah

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LOL, that old saying really is true, “The Truth will set you free.”

And the military man proved it in “It’s Lieutenant Colonel Vindman.”: )

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Two things:

Every witness and everyone on the committees asking them questions from both halves of the duopoly believe that the re-ignited Cold War with Russia, along with various US vs. Russia proxy wars, are in the national interest. 20 years of attempted detente and perestroika are distant memories to all of them.

Also, Trump is guilty as hell and his Republican defenders are resorting to some pretty thin arguments. Despite the claims of some around here, this is not a rehash of Russiagate, nor is it a referendum on whatever the Byedone’s may have done. The question is whether Trump asked a foreign leader to publicly announce an investigation of a political rival for his own personal gain, and whether he attempted to extort that request. There are proper legal channels for pursuing such an investigation – Trump didn’t go that route. Instead, he put pressure on a newly elected president of an ally at war to put on a show for the cameras. Of course Trump will skate, the Senate will not convict and the public pretty much doesn’t care. But I’ll repeat: he’s guilty as hell.


So I’m guessing that Ranking Member Nunes didn’t thank the Lt. Col. for his service?

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