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Hello Huck: Try the Pork Chops


Hello Huck: Try the Pork Chops

Yowza. Mike "God-Guns-Grits-Gravy" Huckabee, polling at 2% in Iowa, has now made the weirdest, worstest, most deranged ad in what he astutely calls a "cuckoo- ca-choo" election. Preach it, Mike! Channeling Adele and Monty Python in a "Hello" parody, his chanteuse applauds local landmarks in lyrics like "Your Woodbury County Supper Club/ has quite a cute ba-bee!" and laments, "If Bernie wins I'm going to dieeeee!" The response has been basically, "Umm, hello?"


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I've been wanting to speak up about this section of C.D. for awhile, but wasn't quite ready I suppose.
I have had so many good laughs and feelings of deep connections from these posts of Abby's I stopped counting a while back. Clearly, reading this early in the day you have succeeded in once again making my day(setting a high vibrational tone that lasts usually all day). From my HEART to yours, and to all of us lucky followers of yours, THANK YOU.


This is just plain strange beyond belief.


What the hell was that about? God forbid a Republican candidate would talk about issues. Maybe number one for the worst campaign song in history though!


How in the world did he ever get all the way up to 2% wandering around looking for a pork chop?