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Hello, Neighbor: My Letter to a Trump Supporter

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/26/hello-neighbor-my-letter-trump-supporter



What happens when you include such examples inside an article detailing a list of trump abuses is that your “dear Neighbour” will pick these out, recognize them for what they are and then dismiss the rest of your list out of hand.

The rest of the list is sound (Albeit some of the same happened under Obama) and ammunition enough to suggest Trump unfit.


That’s another scary problem US liberals (not JUST affluent boomers) are sneeringly oblivious to: our specious denial is difficult enough to maintain among peers, brainwashed by Neoliberal media conglomerates & metasearch SEOing you ONLY that which releases calming dopamine incrementally to program and further addict you. AND the trolling we see here; castigating inconvenient TRUTH, triggering cognitive dissonance; didactic pontification while shaming forbidden questions or aberrent perspectives (unacceptable to 9.9% Creative Class or Reagan Miracle Yuppie “New” Democrats) and disappearing real journalism & whistleblowers as, “for Trump” or Rooski bots “sowing dissent” against our Corrupt DNC/ CAP, Fracking, cop murders, FIRE & PhARMA Sectors, income disparity, Corporate Oligarchy (lecture us victims?)


Pity the poor neighbor who has to deal with the determined and in no way subtle attempts to intimidate
her into voting against her own best interests and that of the country and the larger world by trying to
install the horribly compromised Biden. This ‘author’ is the poster child for everything that has dragged
the DNC down. Wish we could have heard from the neighbor!


The bullet points cited by Smith are the REASONS Trump’s marks (as Jesse Jackson pointed out, the media inaccurately calls them his base) joined his cult and are unlikely to ever leave. When I worked in Germany in 1975, a significant minority of Germans’ only beef with Hitler was that he lost the war. It will be the same in the US three decades after Trump’s demise.

As for Trump’s real base, the multi-millionaires and billionaires ? I can easily talk to them from dawn to dusk seeing how they are the ones serially benefiting from Trump, Moscow Mitch, and the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP. The question of morality is irrelevant…the marks and the base are equally immoral.


No need to hear from the neighbor. Just tune into FOX “News”.


The notion that Trump’s white-flight suburbanite louts and “our” speciously obsequious, obdurate oafs are so BLIND to being two faces of the exact SAME petit bourgeois coin? That four generations after FDR helped po’ ass honkies up into lilly white suburban AGW heaven. Dopers “rejected their parents’ values,” displacing poor Black victims of red-lining and gentrifying the shit outa any ghetto, barrio & white trash slum (just before acquiring a taste for cocaine, sex, sins & BMW; joining papa’s firm as junior partner, taking OUR party with them, “upscale” after reading Rand & Powell’s Memo?)

All I know, is BOTH halfs of this false dichotomy will blame US. Patronizing, petulant pontification, pro-plutonomy poop! Sounds like texting dead-eyed Yuppies ramming prams into us on way to Mindfulness Class, MASKLESS, last March? Specious obliviousness is our most valuable commodity!






Yeah, A lot of that “letter” sounded like a MSNBC viewer engaging their FOX viewing neighbor in a friendly, over the back wall, chit-chat. Delusions refuting delusions.


The talkative neighbor did hit on the most salient point for an instant - we can at least all agree that the “swamp” corruption/ systemic bribery is why many voted for trump.

People want to burn it down. They are correct, it does need to be burned down. Trump was the “choice” that would start that cleansing fire.

I think leonard Cohen captured the essence of our self destructive national malaise:

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows


I suggest you open some of the links in that letter.

I would go even further and say I’m disappointed in the @CommonDreams editors for allowing any story that mentions the Russian Bounty claim as fact to be featured as an article here. This is quite a malpractice of progressive media in my opinion. We can’t know about any information that is still classified and secret, but from all the information available now, all progressives I respect dismiss this story (your links, FAIR (~https://fair.org/home/in-russian-bounty-story-evidence-free-claims-from-nameless-spies-became-fact-overnight/), and every other true progressive source I’ve seen).

I don’t believe this story by @Debi (if this is the same Debi Smith who posted this article) should be published here unless that bullet point was removed.

Have we not learned anything from the Iraq War? (and the Vietnam War and many other deceptions)


What leads you to believe that I didn’t open and examine each of the links provided?

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None of my neighbors have Trump signs in their yards, but several do have “Jesus 2020” signs. I talked to them. Everyone of them plans on voting for Trump. I didn’t bother asking why they equate the most immoral man to ever live in the White House with Jesus Christ. Needless to say, about 90% of Trump voters believe the world to be less than ten thousand years old and that Adam and Eve were an actual historical couple that rode around on dinosaurs. It’s a head scratcher, and I don’t think there’s really any way to reach these people, since simple logic is obviously out of the equation.


The author welcomes comments. So here just a couple. With an additional one to CD.

  • “He has repeatedly insulted veterans and war heroes…” - it is what the US calls veterans and war heroes, that studies show are responsible for the current 60million war triggered displaced people. War heroes in the US are war perpetrators and invaders abroad - any historical comparison from the mid last century? if nothing comes to mind, try and read Mark Twain’s ‘The war prayer’ from 200 years ago.

  • “Russia offered bounties to the Taliban to kill American troops and coalition forces in Afghanistan.”
    Aside that this was been proven bogus, it is basic common sense that the Taliban does not need any bounties to kill invading American troops. That’s what happens in wars. The question should rather be, who invited the American troops in a sovereign country?

  • “He continually acts deferentially to authoritarians and dictators”…Had to hold my lough here, as the extreme dictators such as the Saudis and the Egyptian ones, and Pinochet, and numerous others that have historically been supported by both parties are a long list.

  • Kowtowing to corporate interests" - and this written with a straight face…when studies show over and over again that the Congress made up of multi-millionaires does not represent the interests of the people…but rather those of the ones that pay their election.

CD: these types of articles do not do you any favors. Better publish less, but of the right credibility and interest.

Differences between Trump and Biden do exist, but the problems in the country are not related to one or the other. They are related to a system that is decaying right in front of our eyes, but it is yet very strong. Both the neighbor and the author are just victims of that system, which drives an astronomical propaganda machine.


The entire, ONLY self-referencing, click-bait echo-chamber RAGE cage-rattlin’ chain-emails our right wing coworkers, friends & family members unleashed upon us, as we blindly waited for Obama’s swell universal healthcare, circuit court appointments, protection from 1099 mis-classification, US withdraw from Iraq, rectification of AGW… well I’m guessing; since 2015… it’s complicit, SCARED liberals (no more self-aware than SMUG liberals) at our throats? Bragging about CRUSHING hippy “Socialists” or blatant FBI/ CIA lies we’re supposed to buy into, is certainly not anything new? Try to find LBJ laughing about Tonkin Gulf or Dr King on the lefty blogs, nowadays? These links only recirculate the exact same complicit sources feeding upon each other’s cherry-picking, strawman obfuscation, he-said-she-said agitprop used against everyone, from Iran to Bolivia? It’s comforting to have scariest swamp creatures telling you what you will believe… it’s reminiscent of “normalcy,” to our BETTERS?

Feedback loop, reinforcement, must’ve been taught along with false dichotomy & electoral college in private schools?

~https://mobile.twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/1320358217382268934?s=20 (now, they’re screaming)





Depressingly accurate, unfortunately.

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I doubt that anyone has ever left a cult by way of someone telling them how bad/stupid.etc. the cult leader happens to be. That is one sure way to further entrench cult views. Rather, I would suggest, pick a topic, like M4A, and stick to the positives, what it might do for them, how it might enhance their lives. This was Bernie’s approach with a Fox News audience and it actually worked. This kind of friendly, chatty, holier than thou letter is simply bullshit!


My blood glucose level rose about 100 points after reading this article…It’s operating from a position of power-over, an implicit understanding that the author is on the high road and is talking down to the neighbor using words that sound like a dialog.
I use a corollary of Godwin’s Law when reading a post-if the writer refers to Yeshua in any way, I hit the delete button.
Now I have to eat some protein with simple carbs to take care of the glucose issue…good artisan cheese, the smellier the better, with a heritage breed of apple that has some tannin to it…


My reaction is simpler…keep a family sized container of Maalox handy.

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Best sign I have seen was "Dogs 2020, Because Humans suck!