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Hello, New Frontrunner: Elizabeth Warren Tops National Polling Average Ahead of Joe Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/09/hello-new-frontrunner-elizabeth-warren-tops-national-polling-average-ahead-joe-biden

Bezos and Zuckerberg in panic mode.


Personally I don’t think that she would pull a Gerald Ford/Nixon and pardon Trump after impeachment (or forced retirement) either. The man has committed real crimes after all. Be that as it may, Warren keeps gaining ground probably because she has a rep as a ‘does something’ politician and you’ve got to at least give her that (and which is the reason why the two you mention fear her reform notions). I like her. Wish she and Bernie could run as a team.

A lot of people wish for that, but that’s unlikely.

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There is a certain logic that might appeal to her as a VP (if Bernie chose a single term) which would give her foreign policy creds etc. for example. I think the two of them would literally trounce Trump thrice!!! Lol


ByeDone implosion now in progress, as expected.


The three leading candidates:

Biden … the wall street neoliberal would take us back to George Bush Jr.
Warren …the moderate would take us back to before Trump.
Sanders …would take us to a whole new possibility.

Trump (Pence?) will be beaten by bold ideas that were abandoned by the democrat establishment and bold new ideas visualized by Bernie. Only excited voters, longing for revenge against the establishment, will overcome the DNC and RNC duopoly. Otherwise, the voters needed to clean house will stay home. That excitement will not come from Warren or Biden.


I agree, the super,corrupt, super, delegates would never allow it!


None of this sounds believable –
IMO, Bernie Sanders is leading - likely with Warren second …
Which means Wall Street pushing her?

What would prevent Warren from taking on a Wall Street VP?
A corporate Dem?

A female president would be good news for women all over the world … (I think?)
But, we may find ourselves with a Thatcher on our hands.
Look at what happened only a decade or so ago with betrayals of Obama?
Warren is no Bernie Sanders –

I think we also need more info re Bernie’s “heart attack” —
Seemingly, he has always been healthy – no heart problems?
Did he so drastically change his eating habits on the campaign trails?
Was it really stress?
Was there damage to his heart?

Why does he look so fearful?

VP are also set in now to create a threat – but to whom? Only the people.

I don’t think anybody is suggesting that. I can’t imagine one party pardoning the other party’s president. I think Ford’s choice to do this was one of the worst things he could have done to this country and I hated him for it. But I understand the pressure for him to do it - I don’t see the pressure on Warren to do it.

I have the standard issues with Warren as are often expressed by @LibWingofLibWing, @SkepticTank, and many others: she is by no means solid on Medicare for All, she voted for crazy defense budgets and in general has either not expressed a view on a particular foreign policy issue, or has expressed the wrong view way too often, and I just don’t think she is as electable as Sanders (maybe not even as electable as Biden who I think would lose also).

I am definitley bummed she is picking up more polling numbers from other candidates and Bernie is kind of at the same level - I talk to all my friends and family trying to get them to back Bernie and hopefully I’ll have time to volunteer later this year or earlier next year, but I am concerned.

As has also been said here many times - Warren as VP is unlikely as her seat would go to a Republican at least initially.

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No way will Bernie have another white 70 year old on his ticket. And no way will he be anybody’s VP.

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let it be true pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease

Bernie will talk tonight and Thursday morning on TV about his health. Jane is watching things, too. The family had a very bad couple of weeks, to say the least. Daughter-in-laws passing.
If The South Bend Buddha, Harris and the rest would give it up, the race would look different. Something more like: Nationwide polling #s
Biden 31%
Warren 24%
Sanders 24%
There’s about 20-25% persaudibles among Democratic and center-left Independents, Greens, Libertarians, DSAs and the rest of them. Sen. Sanders needs 60-65% of those to ( catch/tie +/- ) Biden and Warren.
That means lots more TV advertising and more $$$ from Sandernistas, now until February 2020.
Send Bernie $30-40 bucks and cross your fingers just for luck, as well.


you are wrong, I’ve seen how Warren interacts with voters, she has passion that does excite many. And her passion is for more economic justice as well as women’s rights (you might not be excited about that but many are) and consumer protection.
She does need more depth on foreign policy.
At some point, Warren and Sanders need to combine forces to stop Biden as it would indeed be very disappointing for him to be the nominee.

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Thank you Smerl. Warren is a Trojan horse. Obama 2.0. The deference between her and Bernie is Bernie is a revolution backed by the people. Warren is a milk toast reformer. Tinker around the edges and do a little regulating. Trump has clearing shown that regulation can be destroyed by executive order. Regulation is not law. She is already owned.


Liz is a shill…not good enough to walk in Bernie’s shadow. She is owned. Her coziness with Hillary should be enough. She wanted to be VP in Hillary’s admin. She might as well join up with Trump. I don’t want her any where near the White House and her bulls#$t plans are Swiss cheese. She lies about supporting Medicare for all.


Liz ‘I’m A Capitalist’ Warren is a false flag. A fall back plan by neoliberals to protect their masters in case Biden goes down…a process in the making. But just enough to keep Biden and Warren ‘up in the polls’ so Bernie will always look like the odd man out.


There’s an obvious explanation for Warren’s improvement in the polls not one discussed much in corporate media.

Kamala Harris has plummeted since Tulsi spoke the truth about her on a national stage. This decrease has been increasing as more and more realize it is happening. Now what a lot of folk don’t know is her support was mainly white Clinton supporters.

They are switching to Warren and thus her surge. It’s not a groundswell. It’s a limited surge that won’t keep going.

If the scandal of Biden’s corruption hurts him, those folk supporting him are likely going to go to Bernie, especially the black folk who still support Biden because he was Obama’s VP. Polls on second choice showed Warren was second choice for Harris supporters and that turned out to predict where they went. Polls also show Bernie is the second choice of Biden supporters. So we can be sure they will go to Bernie.

Of course this is all thrown out if Hillary jumps in like she is signaling she might do.

Also in this.

We have had 26 major candidates and only 7, despite most being very low in the polls, have dropped out. We still have 19 with 7 not making the next debate and most who did make it being way behind.

Most won’t drop out, I think

But if Hillary enters watch them drop out and endorse her: Harris, Buttigieg, O’Rourke, Castro, Klobuchar, Booker, Ryan, Delaney, Bennett. Bullock, and Sestak. Out they’ll go.

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