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Hello, New Frontrunner: Elizabeth Warren Tops National Polling Average Ahead of Joe Biden

Kyle Kulinski analyzes this correctly:

I think you’re right… I think Hillary is going to wait for an opening caused by the Biden & Son scandal which I suspect-- but can’t prove-- that she had a part in. I can only say what I will do: if Hillary gets into the race I will campaign against her. I will dedicate a significant amount of time and energy into trying to expose her record and actions. I support Bernie and Tulsi, I would not vote for Warren but I would not actively work against her the way I would work against Hillary.
I would never vote for Trump but at this point I do believe he would be the lesser evil of the two “Darth Vader” candidates.

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Your friend Kyle has a hard time explaining his arithmetic and doing percentages. Warren, even by using his #s, would be around 52% to Trump’s 47%. A national victory of about 4.6 million votes.
Of course, David Carson, you’re talking about The Electoral College,. and so is Kyle. Yikes!!!
That’s when the U.S. of A. sees " all hell break loose " in every major city in this country.
Count on it.

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As far as corruption goes, Hilary makes Biden look like a Choirboy. Even were she to prevail against Trump in the Presidential , a Hilary win is a big win for the Corporate State and the 1 percent and a big win for the MIC.

What troubles me is that IF HRC is considering throwing her hat in the ring this thought occurred to her some time ago. If that the case Warren meeting with her mid campaign as was reported here should concern people.


Sounds to me… that you are right on target! The only way Liz, in my view, could be the front runner is if she is like HRC, the Wall Street darling.


Should Warren get the,nomination, I will vote for her (I did/could not vote for Clinton) though Warren will need constant pushing from Sanders on domestic policy and Tlaib, Omar, etc. on foreign policy. For now, it’s still Bernie for me.

Smerl, I love the way you think. You are woke,

You say these things over and over but you do not offer facts to back up your claims. You may like only Bernie but that doesn’t make everybody else the enemy. If you said such negatives about Biden that’s one thing but you attack Warren more than you do Biden. So do several others here. Warren a pretty good candidate on her own merits not just because she runs against Trump. In any case maybe you might try offering some proof of what you say instead of just saying it.

Guantanamo is still in operation. The unconstitutional “Federal Reserve Act” is still in place, along with the USAPAT RIOT Act, the 2012 Military Tribunals statutes, DHS. National Surveillance Act (NSA) is still capturing every binary digit of communication the wide world over. JFK evidence still sequestered, presidential papers of Reagan, Poppies & Dubyuh (and Clinton) still sequestered. Carter still builds Habitat homes. Oh, right–no investigation of 9/11/2001 either, even though engineers at U of Alaska/Fairbanks have proven that "It was controlled demolition, dummies! (With explosives placed by the hands of man, computer-controlled detonators, fuzes, ‘n’ like that.)

Gabbard acted with courage and conviction, quit the DNC to support Sanders.
Warren stood on the sidelines when she could’ve made a difference. No conviction. No courage.
Why trust her?


Warren is a phony!! Do not fall for this! Anyone they are pushing so hard has to be corrupt!

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We send Bernie a check every month –
and presume other supporters also do as much as they can.

Biden is being rewarded for past favors for the Establishment –
A corporate Dem and considered himself a friend with “White supremacists” – ?
What could be more representative of the old “White male supremacist” system than Biden?
I don’t see youth voting for him. Solely responsible for Thomas being on the Court.
And a pervert himself re very young girls.

Warren – is Wall Street … is she not?
“Capitalist to my bones.” Not something I’m interested in.
If she can’t admit by now that Capitalism is over – having broken through the FDR regulations
which kept it honest at home – then I don’t see any hope for her. Even before unregulated Capitalism broke through here and removed the Middle Class here – a closer look at demonstrations around the world and other nations experiencing “capitalism” made clear the criminal nature of it.
When the Berlin Wall fell, Elites stopped supporting a Middle Class here – they no longer needed
it as propaganda against Russia.

As I see it, there’s only Bernie – especially since he has now taken a strong stand against
the MIC/wars.

This is what people are looking for – YES – we’d all like a female president – but imo it’s
not Warren. Maybe Tulsi?

Had Bernie gotten the nomination in 2016, he would have won –
believe that’s also true in 2020 –
He needs a strong liberal VP – if he finds one, might give him some help on the
campaign trail –

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse makes a lot of liberal noise – always liked him,
but some here may have some other opinion of him?

AOC is too young – but any member of the Squad would do it for me.

and might encourage more independents to move from Greens – especially because
we still do not have RANKED voting in the US which would put a lot of wind in the sails
of third parties and give us some competition against the two criminal parties/clubs.

And total vote turnout helps with the Electoral College/? which is battering us –
twice now!

Perhaps…that’s certainly a generous reading. I suspect based on her history, she is perfectly fine with US foreign policy over the years, and would defer to the MIIC hawks most of the time.

That’s my impression as well. If Warren really was about the major transformation necessary to avoid collapse, she wouldn’t have chosen to run and- late in the game- adopted bits of Sanders’ platform; but would have backed him… both in 2016 & now.

Her supporters have to be honest with themselves and ask just what she brings that is better than (or as good as) Sanders? Or is it once again merely about identity politics? Given that not once has any one person who champions her answered these questions directly, I suspect her support comes both from those who think she is the price to keep the threat of Sanders (to the corrupt system) at bay as well as those whose shallowness leads them to identity politics.