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Help For Struggling Millionaires Is On the Way

Help For Struggling Millionaires Is On the Way

Chuck Collins

If you're struggling to get by on $20 million, the GOP is looking out for you and your heirs.

"The reality is that the small number of estate tax beneficiaries aren’t farmers at all. They’re mostly wealthy city dwellers." (Photo: Inequality.org)

The regressives will stop at nothing to further ossify the class structure in this country.

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The GOP has kept the family farm myth alive for decades despite real journalists confirming (during the 1990s) that none of the private or gubmit agencies tracking such events had ANY record of ANY family farm being lost to estate taxes.

For decades the US has had a vibrant industry wherein accountants and lawyers specialize in estate planning for family farmers and other family businesses. Any Murkin losing their business to estate taxes is the result of their own failure to engage estate planning,


Perhaps, instead of hoping the rich will do the right thing, which most don’t, repeal the latest tax scam and RAISE taxes on the wealthy. WTF!! You know, like 60% over 3/4 million or so. Raise corporate taxes. No, they get the biggest break in history. What happens to the extra zillions? Amazon workers won’t see a $7.00 raise, I bet. The offshore banking hidey-holes will be bursting at the seams with all that extra cash, courtesy of the American workers. I guess they’re trying to make stacks of cash to the moon. With crushing debt following close behind; I wonder which stack wins? Certainly not the American worker’s stack. They hope that most will be grateful for the pennies extra they see on their checks as the wealthy light Cubans with $1,000 stacks of disposable worthless bills; remember the money is printed fiat dollars, for those wondering, turn off your phone for a few minutes and look it up. You’ll be surprised at best. I’m just waiting for my disability benefits to be cut, remember. I paid my taxes for these benefits, they are NOT entitlements. I’m done for today. I will finish my big book I’ve been reading for a while.