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Help the Women of Walmart Today

Help the Women of Walmart Today

Tiffaney Meredith

Being a Walmart worker means being expected to put up with poverty pay, inflexible schedules, and disrespect from bosses.

"A study in 2003 found that the average Walmart man makes $5200 more than the average Walmart woman."

Funny how Hillary used to sit on their Board of Directors

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No, she doesn’t. (nice how you sneaked a correction in to your post)


And when she did, 30 years ago, she was an activist on the trying to change the direction of the company for the better. That is why she never served again.

Are you forgetting that the Hillary campaign and the Democratic platform supported a $15 minimum wage, union rights, and a strong Dept. of Labor?


But, this is in accordance with the highest sacrosanct principles of “freedom” and free markets! If the woman does not like the working conditions, the lazy lib’ral bitch should quit and get another job!!! She probably even voted for the socialist Hillary!

But you say then she won’t even have to money to get to the hospital? Tough! That’s what freedom is!


(note to the clueless - my post is bitter parody of all the USAns I meet and work around every day)

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The two parties of the Duopoly support the Walmart business model.

Will humans ever evolve enough to see this, and perhaps take up their Pitchforks and Torches against the inhumanity of their actions towards the People they claim to represent?


I sure am. I could have sworn that she very reluctantly reacted to Bernie’s call for 15–and the popular response to it–with supporting a down-the-road-maybe-$12 minimum wage. [I thought it was $10, but checked, and she said $12]

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Yes, because with some pushing and protest actions, Trump or John Gault-Ryan or Ayn-Rand Paul will certainly call for a $15 federal minimum wage, right?

You do know that most Republicans, are actively figuring out ways to abolish the minimum wage, the FLSA, OSHA and the Wagner Act altogether, right?

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Your second statement is a complete non-sequitur and does not alter the fact that she did oppose a $15 minimum wage.

She opposed it at a certain point in time, then she altered it (to $12/hour) and had a history of being an actual politician rather than an extremist ideologue, and altering her positions under public pressure. Does the only present-day alternative - the extremist right-wing - that you “leftists for Trump” helped put in power do this?

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“My story isn’t unique: you can walk into any Walmart store and hear stories just like mine.”

Nor is this type of story unique to Walmart. My mother died recently and my boss threw a tantrum when I missed work for the funeral, never mind the fact that I was using vacation time to do so. Luckily his assistant is a little saner. A friend of mine was given time to be with her mother when she was dying, but afterwards, her boss changed his mind and fired her for missing work.

The problem is the ownership class. Walmart is worse than most employers, but most employers believe they own their workers and the fact that they pay wages at all is taken as an excuse that they can demand anything and offer any abuse.

What we are seeing now politically in this country is an extension of the idea to the belief that wealthy people own poor people.


Notice the tense… I said “she used to”

The Low Life Leader ™ hides behind hip

No, Hillary did not support $15/hour. She was in favor of $12/hour. I specifically remember her saying so in debates.

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This is what I refer to to as “neo-feudalism” - the only democratic aspect in it is that the ‘ownership’ now permeates the interior of many families and other societal groupings. Remember the knee-jerk bludgeon of ‘own-up’ to something? What is rarely noted is the implicit ‘ownership’ of the speaker of the person being addressed. Hence George Carlin’s admonition “They OWN YOU”.