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Helping to 'Sustain Occupation,' US and Israel to Sign Biggest Military Aid Pact Ever


Helping to 'Sustain Occupation,' US and Israel to Sign Biggest Military Aid Pact Ever

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The United States and Israel are set to ink on Wednesday a landmark 10-year, $38 billion military aid deal that will be a boon for U.S. arms manufacturers.

It "constitutes the single largest pledge of bilateral military assistance in U.S. history," the State Department said in a statement.


"38 BILLION $$$$$ military aid deal that will be a boon for U.S. arms manufacturers."

The war racket has to be stopped because it has now become a Frankenstein monster that is totally out of control and could kill us all in some kind of nuclear perdition in the future. Or in some kind of climate devastation.

America's enemies are not out there in foreign countries; America's enemies are here. America's enemies are within the U.S.


So under this agreement every man, woman and child in the USA donates roughly $12 more per year to the Israeli war machine. Israel is America's pit bull in the MidIeast, and we are their cash cow. The line between the governments of the USA and Israel are blurring (Joe Lieberman was almost elected Vice President with his dual USA/Israeli citizenship). Soon Shumer will lead the Senate Dems and probably Clinton will be President -- no New York-based politician can survive without full support of Israeli hegemony. Bibi Netanyahu will have even less restraint with Obama gone. America veto power protects Israel in the U.N., and we bathe them in cash and weapons. Their violence is our addiction. Things are about to heat up even more in the Middle East and America is largely to blame.


I agree with Medea Benjamin who I greatly admire.......... this is "disgusting."

That money could support inumerable infrastructure projects and other ventures that would actually benefit humanity.


this president is leaving such an ugly foreign policy legacy behind. this awful news is the latest despicable such action.


It cannot be stopped. It's the reason we have two (sadly, and in reality, there are only two) presidential candidates that most people don't like and don't trust. Some of us can't stand them.

The military and its profiteers own our tax dollars. If you and I don't like it, exactly what are we going to do about it? Nothing. We are truly in strait-jackets, and government enjoys our predicament. Note that I didn't say "our government".

I'm sick to death of Israel's relentless entitlement to our taxes. While Americans fund Israel's war machine, Isralis get universal healthcare and we Americans get the Obama & Corporations shaft.

Meanwhile, the corporate class is prepping us for 8 more years of continued ownership of our tax dollars, to fund corporate welfare and war profiteering. We need to keep feeding Israel, don't you know.

If it sounds like I'm giving up, I am: On Americans. I'm truly mad as hell, and I have to take it because of our collective apathy and stupidity.


Anytime I hear Trump being criticized for saying Obama is the fonder of ISIS, I'm going to forward them a link to this article.

Obama doesn't give a shit about stopping ISIS; no profit to be made there.


Every vote for Hillary represents another murdered Muslim child. Do your part, America.


I was at a Q&A event with Jill Stein yesterday and one of the questioners asked directly about her plans for Israel if she is elected into office.

Dr. Stein didn't mince words. She said quite firmly that the new foreign policy under her administration will be based on human rights and international law, and that any nation, whether they are an "ally" of the US or not, if they engage in acts that are contrary to human rights and international law, that their aid will stop. She then specifically referred to Israel's $8 million per day they receive from the US, which will "stop" unless they reverse course and end their occupation.

Since this 10-year agreement that Obama just signed doesn't go into effect until 2019, she'll have plenty of time to tear it up before it goes into effect.

"It's time we stopped voting for the lesser of two evils and instead vote for the GREATER GOOD!"


True, there are more than two Presidents running in 2016, but only two have been selected.

I fully support Dr. Jill Stein, but one reason she has not been selected, among others, is her Israel policy is completely the opposite of Trump and HRC.


me too Pattmarty. voting for Jill Stein as I did in 2012 because I realized Obama was just another democratic to the right kinda guy. did not vote for him in 2008 because I learned he had taken money from nuclear energy industry in his very first political campaign in Illinois. that was enuf for me. voted for Peace and Freedom then. still supporting Bernie and in California I have the privilege to do the right thing for my conscience.


Don't forget Jill Stein is also a 2016 candidate, also does not kiss up to Bibi, and is also Jewish! (Or was there a meeting with AIPAC you were referring to, and you meant candidates who were there?)


Dr. Steins Israel policy, in your post, is exactly why she will never be allowed to become POTUS. The Israel lobby is too powerful!


The occupied territories and Gaza should be annexed by Israel and become part of a Greater Israel.
Each person living in the annexed areas should immediately become full Israeli citizens.
Those over 18 should have full voting rights.

The two-state solution is dead.
It's time for a one-state solution.


I called in the other article's thread the merger between Bayer and Monsanto a criminal conspiracy against the environment.

This is a criminal conspiracy against human rights and the basic principle of the right to live., specifically that right of the people of Palestine and Iran.


And Hillary Clinton will likely be even worse.


That would just create an upper and a lower class, similar like here between white and colored, hunters and hunted, but with much greater conrast.


That would be better then the Palestinian and Gaza slave states under Israeli occupation or control that currently exist.


That is the right action to take. The best support we can give the people of Palestine and the rest of the world is by bringing sanity into our own government.
The best way to do that is to further the progressive cause in every avenue we can. That includes voting for Jill and supporting any or all of these orginizations:

There are probably other organizations, which I have missed so far. Feel free do add them to the list :slight_smile:


No 'likely' about it, imo--she WILL be worse.