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"Her Life Is in Danger": Dems Urged to Speak Out After Trump's Latest Attack on Ilhan Omar


"Her Life Is in Danger": Dems Urged to Speak Out After Trump's Latest Attack on Ilhan Omar

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Members of Congress are being urged to speak out against President Donald Trump's latest attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar—one some are characterizing as an incitement of violence against her.

Members of Congress have a duty to respond to the President’s explicit attack today.@IlhanMN’s life is in danger. For our colleagues to be silent is to be complicit in the outright, dangerous targeting of a member of Congress.



All our shadows are the same.

In order for this joint to work there must be inclusion and parity, anyone speaking otherwise is a treat to our nationhood. Digest the word civilization. Without a civility towards others there is no nation.



The link to the Trump post 9/11 video is not working. Here’s another source. The Orange Thing starts talking around 0:51.



I agree with AOC: WE MUST SPEAK OUT!

Equating Omar with 9/11 should be the last straw; otherwise, first Trump came for the immigrants; then the Muslims, and then…_________fill in the blank.



the democratic party hacks who are in control of it should all immediately step down from their positions and then go home. they are a disgrace to this so-called democracy. I support Omar’s right to speak her truth - I am an 85 year old Jewish elder. Their silence makes them complicit in this fascist led government.



Thank you for the video. To paraphrase the insane and crazy one : Gee, it was not a tragedy that 3,000 Americans died on 9/11 because I now own the tallest building in Lower Manhattan!



I wrote a post on another site about a year and a half ago suggesting that AOC get a body guard . it was met with laughter and ridicule . Now we have verified deaths threats against a colleague of hers , that should be taken very seriously .
Still think that i’m over reacting ?
Many of Trumps minions are extremely overt about their intent to act violently and i would take them at their world
These two extraordinary women should take any and all precautions , especially when Daddy Donny is inciting violence amongst his fools.



We the nuclear clock. As far as finally marching on Washington to remove the prick, we are so timid that we have only reached to about 20 after the hour. Or maybe 2/5 of the way.

So now Trump’s cohort and followers have uniforms and I.D. cards. When my neighbors start walking by with arm bands on, I’ll be wearing my .45. (from truthout.org)



Donald Trump, you and your brain dead friends have trumped yourselves—again. First of all------ LEAVE REP OMAR alone!
The First Amendment should be perfectly clear to you and your mob. It’s written in a simple way and with no big words.
Geez, the stupidity virus is as bad as that new fungus Candida auris, that kills people and with no cure in sight! Trump and co. are just as dangerous, in trying to incite mayhem against an elected official!
There is freedom of speech and religion ( especially the part that prohibiting the free exercise of any person’s religion IS illegal. Remember the right of the Press too(although a lot of the press has just walked away from that right and duty!)
We the People can peaceably gather to speak our minds and petition the government for all the things that have been screwed up and still not fixed in the last 50 years!
And, if you need inspiration, there is that old musical "1776, and that great line: “Is anybody there, does anybody care?” AND Abigail Adams did tell her husband ,“to remember the ladies,”-------well that’s still a fail. It’s not that hard to get this right! : 0



We pay our reps to honor us not go meekly about their routine.

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…I simply stand with Ilhan Omar and any other ethnic representative that ‘walks their talk’ for human rights, period, paragraph…Hater Posers can go to Hell…



Did anyone notice how quickly my buddies Chelsea and Julian just vanished from the headlines, after vanishing into custody? For a couple of days we got to hear about the houseguest from hell who refused to clean up after his cat in the Ecuadoran embassy (maybe a tiny clip of, um… you know, that video), then once again the imminent threat of a resurgent truth-teller is averted. Nary a mention of the truth in question. People don’t care, supposedly.

Same thing here: silencing via demonization. Only Ilhan Omar’s terrible truth, while providing the invaluable perspective of an African immigrant, only skims the surface of the historical realities in play. In The Apocalypse of Settler Colonialism, Gerald Horne describes the conditions driving the emergence of the world’s first apartheid state: the USA. Naturally, apartheid states stick together, so any mention of those on the wrong side of apartheid’s divide is just terrorist propaganda.

We have to defend our liberties by squashing theirs – that’s the basic apartheid tenet, and it makes a lot of sense to the credulous and those with insecure wealth to defend. To question that tenet is to “sow division” as do Indians when they defend their watershed from pipelines, homefolks when they protest police terrorism, or Ilhan Omar when she mentions Palestinians.



It’s looking more and more like we need to be appealing to our military to take stock of where are heading, and whether this is something they are willing to foist upon their friends and family.
I’ve been a little sqeamish about displaying my U.S. flag upside down, but we are there, or very close to it.



That is exactly the problem, IT MAY BE CLEAR, but that is irrelevant because Amerika now has a fascist, Mafia, mob in control. We do not have a Democracy, but what I would call: A MAFIAOCRACY!



In 2016 Trump called illegal immigrants “animals.” We have a very evil presence in our White House. He won’t change. He’ll likely get worse.



When harm comes to Reps. Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, Pressley, or any courageous others who dare challenge the evil, corrupt status quo, nothing will be done.

I painfully remember the Deep State murders of JFK, MLK, and RFK, after which things only got worse, not better (except for the Deep Staters who control the U.S. government, regardless of who is president and who controls Congress).

What makes anyone think that more than a few Americans would protest? Look at what is being done to Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange for exposing only a few of the Evil U.S. Empire’s war crimes.



BIG surprise there!  It’s been ten years since speaker Nancy P’Loser joined with Presidunce Barack ‘Chicken Shit’ O’Bummer into also steering clear of even investigating – much less indicting – the War Criminals whose lies took us into war in Iraq in 2003 or any of the Banksters whose crooked schemes brought about the Lying Son-of-a-Bush’s recession in 2008.  If anything, the DamnocRatic “leadership” has become even more corrupt and cowardly during the past decade.

Right On!!   Chuck Chucky, Dump Dirty Debbie and PUNT P’LOSER!!!



So true. And I noticed that Trump brings them in one at a time, demanding faithful support, or you are out. Keep arranging the deck chairs until they are just the way you want them. It’ mostly about Trump’s psychotic insecurity.



It took Mussolini decades to reach Trump’s level of fascism and authoritarian self importance …



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