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"Her Life Is in Danger": Dems Urged to Speak Out After Trump's Latest Attack on Ilhan Omar


Fine. You win. You’re right. I’m wrong. Yippee!


This week??? How about from day one he took office threatening to take away our Healthcare??? Has any week really been different than last week? No! The shit show is on every day, all day…until god forbid we ever grow a set to stop it.


The government is controlled by moneyed interests and corporations and is not of, for, or by the people. You have it backwards. It’s interests lies not with the commons but making everything private to make more and more money. Pure greed and unbridled power.
The voting is corrupted. Starting with gerrymandering, corrupted electronic machines, restrictions preventing millions of citizens the right to vote, right wing Supreme Court interference. What world do you live on?
So many have given up and no longer vote. Yes a mistake.
In a good benevolent democracy it would be important that 99% of voting eligible citizens vote. Make it a requirement. Make it a special voting holiday. Make it accessible. Make it easier. Then we would have something to be proud of and brag to the rest of the world that we have the best.


Well, guess what, I pretty much agree with everything you say, yet we still see things somewhat differently. Republicans are nearly totally controlled by the wealthy, democrats not as much.
Wealth will always have more control. Republicans want to privatize everything. Democrats are generally not overly like that. Everyone has a degree of greed and wish for power. That’s human. While voting is certainly corrupted to a degree, it seems crazy to me that there are so many republican voters. Here in the rural sticks, it’s mostly republicans.

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Well said.


Yeah, I agree…nothing but a delusional pipe dream!

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Where in the h**l are the Democratic Leaders??? I’m looking at you Pelosi!! I’m looking at you Steny (grovel before Aipac) Hoyer. Stand up and protect your own!!

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Do remember that democrats tend to like to find some “common ground” and hope to actually accomplish some kind of legislative work. Of course that is extremely difficult with today’s republicans. We are increasingly headed for 2 parties that have no common ground and will get nothing done unless one party gains overwhelming control of all government. Currently, republicans are in first place with their court packing.

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I think that there are a number of trolls in Ilhan’s house, in the guise of consultants and advisors-- the trolls could be Dem, Repubs, or a few politicos who want to make a few bucks. Ilhan in many ways, is a innocent among thieves and liars-- with exactly how much politicking can this woman be experienced? Do you expect her to be prepared for all the other dirty tricks D.C. oldtimers know so well? Everyone else kisses Israel’s arse in homage to excrement, so why shouldn’t she conclude that she must do so too (revolting an act as it must be)?
Perhaps she was targeted by a few Democratic trolls and advised --as it’s always been–to bend the Muslim knee to the derriere of the
Israelite. Excuse my borderline scatological references; it is impossible for me to see Ilhan’s mistreatment as anything else.


Bipartisan is a weasel word in your usage. Surely you must know that your description is exact as far as republicans are concerned. And, yes, some democrats are little different, but many are very different. Either you do not pay close attention or you are simply blind.


You know, constantly accusing everyone around you of being blind and/or stupid does not actually makes you seem smarter.
If anything this blatant projection only reveals that you are aware of what you are on some level, but your ego won’t let you admit it.


I won’t argue with your characterization of me. You may well speak some level of fact. However, I truly despise those who are 100% certain that this or that or all kinds of conspiracy theories are actually iron truths.


For over a year now I have been saying again and again that the NUMBER ONE threat to our National Security is the morally bereft criminal con-man in our Whitehouse. He needs to be removed. So honestly if the dems want to counter this fool why not make campaign adds using photos of Kushner and Trump with the murdering Saudi Prince. Or how about Putin with Trump and photos of the people Putin is accused of poisoning. If this orange moron in our Whitehouse wants to have an image war we all have one hell of a lot more image ammo than he does, let’s use it. Juxtapose flooding and the massive fires with Trump, his EPA guy and the CEOs of fossil fuel companies and their ridiculous propaganda, while specifying their tax loopholes and what they don’t pay plus how much this continuing environmental destruction is costing all of us. Red letter price tags. Really the content we can present showing the destructive effects of his policies is so fucking voluminous. Reel it up!!!

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I grew up in a very Republican dominated region, Southern Illinois. I think in general the Republicans form a very cohesive force, voting bloc, of conservative leaning people, 35 to 40% of voting population at this time, who have much in common and are stirred on by constant messaging by right wing media. Most are themes of anger, especially at our government, anger at non whites, anger about abortions, anger about not being able to own military assault weapons, anger at welfare recipients, and love for mothers and apple pie. Yes they do vote and form a formidable opposition to progressive ideas. Maybe if these groups knew the freedom and relief of livable wages and affordable healthcare and felt safe, then we could have one big love fest. The real evil resides in the powerful moneyed interests that pull the strings and play us all.
As Chomsky recently noted, the big threats to humankind at this time are: nuclear war, global warming, and loss of democracy.
If we don’t get our act together soon, we can kiss our asses goodbye forever.


Hi timber, and without his dad’s money—oh wait, he still be a ,“fucking monster thug,”
but a whole lot more poor. : )


Hi Shantiananda: sigh------but the military decided to give money to Trump for his wall----so I guess they have all this excess money lying around. Maybe they have a slush fund for all the missing pallets of money from Iraq. : (

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If bowing down and doing the bidding of your corporate masters constitutes “finding common ground”, then its not a quality that democrats uniquely posses.


Tulsi Gabbard spoke out eloquently against Trump’s attack on Ilhan Omar.


Ouch: “bowing down… democrats” carries disturbing Zappa-esque connotations.


If anything happens to Rep Omar-----I am sorry Donald Trump—but someone as crazy as you, but with an opposite opinion-----will probably aim to take down someone that you care about-----and that would probably be Ivanka-----Murdering people helps nothing—but you Donald Trump are going out of your way to incite people and have someone or many someones harm Ilhan. Be careful what you wish for—because Karma is a real thing, and thugs, even ones with the title of President ----should not be allowed to destroy this nation or ANYONE living in it!