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'Her Work Will Live On': Climate Movement Mourns Loss of Ecocide Campaigner Polly Higgins

'Her Work Will Live On': Climate Movement Mourns Loss of Ecocide Campaigner Polly Higgins

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Lawyer and visionary thinker Polly Higgins, who campaigned for ecocide to be internationally recognized as a crime on par with genocide and war crimes, died Sunday at the age of 50.

She had been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer last month and given just weeks to live.

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I think it’s shameful that this woman was not more widely known in her life. I watchDemocracy Now for real news and yet, all I ever see on there is Bill McKibben and his self righteous, mournful demeanor and ideas (“We’re all doomed and if you don’t join me, you’re the reason why.”). And I bet The Intercept has never mentioned her at all. Why do good people always have to die to get noticed? Bloody America!


Spot-freaking-on! The worst crimes in human history really need to be criminalized. Our legal system was never meant to enforce equality of anybody or protection of anything. The fact that the whole system bears scrutiny is made more obvious to everyone when something important – like preserving a forest or ocean ecosystem – can’t catch hold of any traction there: no laws, no principles for forests or oceans per se.

In memory of Polly Higgins, let’s see the extractivists thrown under the dungeon. That’s my green dream.


As someone who monitors the fossil fuel industry in California: it is utterly relentless in its drive to extract as much as it possibly can, even though it is already the richest industry in the history of money.


McKibben would likely rather not be mournful.


Paste it on your fb page so your friends and their friends will know who she was.

My deepest sympathy and condolences to her family and loved ones, we need more good people like her to live to be over 100 not to die so soon. Damn that cancer still killing the best among us and no cure after 100’s of billions lost to cancer “research”.

Amen to that!