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Here and Abroad, Most People Think Americans Are Greedy and Arrogant Jerks


Here and Abroad, Most People Think Americans Are Greedy and Arrogant Jerks

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Americans are arrogant and greedy, according to people both within and outside the country. And, while Americans may believe themselves tolerant, that's not the opinion of many across the globe.

Those are some of the takeaways from a Pew Research Center poll released Wednesday, which surveyed over 20,000 respondents in 16 nations.


Sentiments in keeping with what Morris Berman has been saying for quite some time.

Great song by Ari Hest: Business of America (although I don't agree that EVERYONE is a jerk!):


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There are somethings money just can't buy, unfortunately Hillary and the White House are not ones.


... speaking of optimistic!


I would think our out-of-control violence and guns would have that effect on tourism. etc.


That optimism is so heartwarming it is heartbreaking. How can anyone not love Cookies?


Cluck cluck cluck!

Edit....Just want to be clear. I meant this post as an absolutely sincere compliment to Cookies. It is sincerely heartwarming that such optimism is still possible. Thanks Cookies!!!!


Stats stats stats. What is the point? Considering the overwhelming majority of all people have little or no experience of almost all other countries, much of what is reflected here is just a load of media-induced prejudices. I ask, are Americans really less arrogant if I am a Pole than if I am an Aussie? Seems so in the World According To Stats.


I apologize to the world for our small-minded politicians and citizens. We !m are trying to fix it. Bernie is the right choice




Yeah, I remember the first moon landing. It wasn't billed as an American event, but rather "One small step for mankind." Hell, if an astronaut said that today, the Tea Party would probably shut down NASA.


A lot if the perception of USAns as "arrogant" does not necessarily come from politics - they understand that USAns have little control over what their politicians do. Most of the perception comes from USAns refusal to "join the world" by adopting many customary international conventions and expecting others to use our conventions and even language when we visit their lands.

The first important thing we could do, which would be an economic and technology-exchange boon too, would be to simply end its arrogant-air-of-superiority clinging to its archaic and obsolete units of measure and fully adopt the SI (aka "metric") system. Merely announcing that we were doing this would be symbolically important and it would go a long way at removing the "arrogant" stereotype. Jimmy Carter tried to move us over to metric, but it was all ended by Raygun who considered metric to be somehow subsersive and even more strangely, "socialist".


There was a worldwide outpouring of support after 9/11 also.

So much goodwill squandered..


Yes. And I believed it, too.


So when did the American's become French?!


Somehow, since the Reagan era (me,myself and I got mine) the bad behavior of what you see now has really been magnified. You also recall he took down the solar panels that Carter put up. Trump is a prime example this attitude that we have developed. How can such a repulsive person be so close to being our president! The Repubs certainly deserve his stench. I am not happy with HC either. God, Guns n America, dam sorry state of affairs. And, ya, the metric thing, we just can't get over ourselves, I'll stop there....


Arrogance and greed are the natural byproducts of exceptionalism.


Excuse me, but this is news?
I mean, duh..


Well, this could be a good thing. Perhaps greedy and arrogant people abroad will behave better for fear of being mistaken for Americans.


The correct and full quote is important to remember:

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Spoken by U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong.