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Here Are 10 Questions Congress Should Ask Robert Mueller

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/05/here-are-10-questions-congress-should-ask-robert-mueller

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Allow me to add a few,

  1. Why didn’t you interview Julian Assange, who was willing to talk and give evidence?
  2. Why didn’t you interview Craig Murray?
  3. Why didn’t you demand access to the DNC servers, instead of excepting the “evidence” from a
    DNC connected company, Crowdstrike?
  4. Why did you identify the “Guccifer 2.0” hacks as Russian security services? You had to be aware of
    the “vault 7” leak from the CIA, that allows an operator to mimic other countries, by leaving
    “breadcrumbs” from those countries in a hack (something any major country’s intel. services is
    smart enough to not do).

I’m sure I’ve missed many, feel free to add any you think are relevant.



Just off the top of my head:
Why did you lie about wmds in Iraq?
Why do you still have a job after knowingly lying to congress?
Why are you not standing in front of the Hague tribunal for war crimes after helping to drag America into another illegal and unjustified war?
Why are you ignoring your own security service’s assessment of the DNC leak?
Why should anyone give any credibility to anything you say?


re your questions: thank you. you saved me the trouble!

Hi ReconFire:
This are all excellent questions, and I would love to know the answers.
I also don’t understand why a “sitting president,” can’t be prosecuted. Isn’t that why Nixon quit, so that he wouldn’t be prosecuted? i suppose he figured Ford would just want to end the whole mess. Do you know---- did Nixon get any retirement money or didn’t the President get it back then?

Blum has it wrong, he has had it wrong, from the very beginning of the Russiagate fraud. Here is an example of good professional analysis and the kind of questions Mueller should be asked. See Aaron Mate:


Hey stardustIBID, as I understand it (and I could be wrong), the President can’t be prosecuted in office because the process of defending himself/herself would be too big of a distraction from the job they’re elected to do. I personally believe this is why the founders left the impeachment clause so vague. I think their idea was that a President would be impeached, removed from office, then face criminal charges if warranted, but just a guess, I’m no constitutional expert. Nixon resigned because he didn’t want to be the first president to be removed by impeachment, he did this when he was told the Senate had the votes to do so. When the impeachment investigation began, not many people believed he would be impeached, but the proceedings brought out so many things, public opinion turned towards impeachment and removal. It’s the same today, impeachment proceedings gives the committee judicial powers, meaning the courts will almost always rule in their favor for subpoenaed information, and why Nancy should allow it to proceed. Once the public sees and here’s the evidence, they will get onboard, just like the Nixon case.
I do not know if Nixon received the normal retirement, good question I’d like to know that as well.

I did learn from my post above, when making a list, use the bulleted list button, when I wrote it everything looked good, then when posted one of the lines went haywire, live and learn I guess.

Here’s some questions the other side wants to ask:


All that being said, my best guess is the whole thing will be a feelgood session where congress"persons" will enjoy hearing themselves talk with Mueller listening to their self righteous rhetoric.

Mueller prolly couldn’t care less. He submitted his report. No collusion (or conspiracy) and maybe obstruction of justice but they have approximately zero proof of it. He’s not gonna say “You know what guys? that report was all fake here’s the real conclusions”

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I have a couple.

  1. When did you actually know there was no conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia? Did you purposely delay terminating your investigation to influence the mid term elections. If you knew there was no conspiracy earlier on in your investigation didn’t you have an obligation to terminate it and tell the American public there was no “collusion” or conspiracy?
  2. Attorney General Barr said he was surprised you did not make a conclusion on “obstruction” The OLC memo says that a sitting president can’t be indicted but it DOES NOT say that a special counsel cannot reach final conclusions based on an investigation. Why did you reach a conclusion on “collusion” or conspiracy but fail to do so on obstruction? Atty Gen Barr also testified that you had told him and other witnesses that the OLC opinion did not factor into why you did not make a final conclusion. Did you tell those witnesses that? If so why did you contradict that in your press conference? Didn’t you fail in your duty as special counsel to make the final conclusion based on your evidence? Why didn’t you inform the country when you started your investigation that you didn’t plan on making final conclusions?

It sure would be nice if Congress did do their jobs, since we’re about half an inch away from descending into full iron fascism. Revealing the entire truth about what the Republicans have done to destroy what little democracy we’ve had may be the only thing that can prevent that descent. If it happens it will certainly be followed by global ecological catastrophe, since only strong democratic government in the US can prevent catastrophic climate chaos and mass extinction.

Glad to see the posters here are more firmly based in reality than Bill Blum is.

Here are my five questions for Bill Blum:

  1. Why do you still bother?
  2. Do you get out enough?
  3. Have you sought help for your TDS?
  4. Do you plan to return to the reality-based community at any time soon?
  5. Do you have any intention of opposing any of Trump’s factually verifiable offenses, or do you prefer chasing clouds?

Very informative article.
Thank you.

Hi ReconFire:
Of course I had to try to find out and LOL, there is a FPA a Former President’s Act… : )
With Nixon, he resigned before he got too deep in the process, and then Ford pardoned him. He did however, get his Vice President retirement money, but supposedly dissed the secret service protection and got his own hired protectors.
If Clinton had been impeached by the senate he would have lost his money, said another source, but as it was a Dem Senate, they didn’t finish him off. So he gets his full money and protection.
I suppose that Pence, Pompeo and Bolton might try to get Trump out of the way, but then these 3 seem to want to blow up Jerusalem so that Jesus comes back, and I guess that seems more important to them…although, I do think that Pence would want to be president to declare his region the national one and only one—but then someone would off him for sure for that…sigh…Rome got really incompetent at the end there too----but the military, like today was just fine —for a while longer. : 0

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-Why did you allow the GI cell phones of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page to be destroyed shortly after you were informed about their unprofessional and compromising text exchanges, for which they were fired off your “team?”

-When did you learn that international men-of-mystery Stefan Halper and Josef Mifsud, whose operations spurred your prosecutions, were not Russian agents but rather in the employ of U.S. and British government intel agencies?

-Your deputy, Andrew Weissmann, was informed by Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr in the summer of 2016, months before your appointment, that the predicating documents for your inquiry, known as the Steele Dossier, amounted to a Clinton campaign oppo research digest — when did he happen to tell you that?

-You devoted nearly 20 pages of your report to the Trump Tower meeting between the president’s son, Donald, Jr., and two Russians, lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin. Why did you omit to mention that both Russians were in the employ of Glenn Simpson’s Fusion GPS company, candidate Clinton’s oppo research contractor, and met with Simpson both before and after the Trump Tower meeting?

-How did it happen that you hired attorney Jeannie Rhee for your team, knowing that she had previously worked as a lawyer for the Clinton Foundation?

-Under what legal standard did you pronounce Trump to be “not exonerated” in the obstruction of justice matter, considering you told Attorney General William Barr that it was not based on findings by the DOJ Office of Legal Counsel concerning presidential immunity from indictment?

~ Mueller’s Upcoming Turn in the Witness Chair
July 3, 2019
By James Howard Kunstler


Don’t you mean “accepting” (taking in) rather than “excepting” (leaving out) the “evidence” from a company connected with the utterly corrupt DNC?


Yes, thanks, too often my typing skills don’t keep up with the voice in my head. Seems to be happening more often, the older I get.

Hey stardustIBID, thanks for that, I had no idea about their government pensions.
I’m not a bible thumper, but I think the religious right conveniently forgets one thing in their march to the “end days”. As I understand it, none of what they want happens, until the true descendants of the original Israelites are in control in that area of the ME. That’s not the case today, from what I’ve read, today in Israel those descendants are treated as second class citizens. Maybe the three amigos will die of thirst, standing in the desert waiting to be raptured.

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The reason why a sitting president can’t be indicted or charged with a crime is because a lengthy legal process or a trial would inhibit his ability to run the country with all of the energy, time and attention that running our country demands. The legal process of defending himself could take months and months or years. Impeachment proceedings move very quickly.

Hi mike todd:
Well Nixon resigned which saved a lot of time and money, but hmmm wouldn’t Pence take over if the Trump was not available? Oh wait—LOL, and if Pence was not available—would Nancy, the Speaker become President? Although the way this country is currently working, someone would off her and on and on until --let’s see, Oh yes, donald trump jr. would declare that he inherited the President title as being the firstborn son-----: )

Oh well, when the other nations are tired of being TRUMPED—the dollar will lose its WW 2 status—and America, like so many ancient nations, will dissolve from history as so many ancient other short term nations have done.
I suppose China and Russia are being very forward thinking in getting more gold----everyone needs something back their economy, I guess that’s why the UK has stolen Venezuela’s gold and why America murdered Gaddafi when he tried to start a gold based economy for Libya and other African nations.Although I am thinking the WATER will be the next great value, even greater than gold. I am beginning to see that many 20th century politicians are no different than 16t century pirates. : 0

I feel sorry for all of you. Just wanted to let you know that you’re in my payers for your eyes to be opened.