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Here Are Smartest Reactions So Far After #MemoReleased

Here Are Smartest Reactions So Far After #MemoReleased

Common Dreams staff

After being declassified by President Donald Trump earlier in the day, Republicans in the House of Representatives—led by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), chair of the Intelligence Committee—followed through with their promise to release a highly controversial memo on Friday.

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Food fight!!!


From the pdf: " The president understands that the protection of our national security represents his highest obligation."

Change that quote from our national security… to his national security!


The memory hole is filled with the actions of the FBI during decades of unconstitutional programs including domestic spying.

democrats and republicans vacillate either lauding or vilifying the agency depending on whose ox is being gored.

I want to see everything, the democrat memo, the FBI rebuttal, and all information related to this declassified so we the public can make our own assessment.

democrats AND republicans are not to be trusted.


I see that there’s a stampede, to dismiss the memo without knowing anything about whatever underlying documents or other information may be behind it.

What I’m wondering, though, is whether they make traveling pants suits with horizontal, black and white stripes.


The R’Con hyper-partisans have released some pathetic weak crap. If our nation had to rely on their on those morons the US would be in very deep shite and all the rest of us along with them…

This BS “memo” will be thrown on the rubbish-heap of history - Hopefully along with Nunes & his staff that wasted the taxpayer dime (millions) concocting it, will be themselves rightly fired and removed from office by the voters that have even half a functional brain!

What pablum or propaganda will the MSM spew is the question…


i don’t know if the FBI does rebuttals. The memo reads like a lawyers brief.

Every time I see Ryan’s face and his self-righteous smirk (or hear his smarmy voice) it makes me want to smash it…c’mon Wisconsin, WTF? Does that extremist fool really represent you?


Republican Strategist Rick Wilson tweeted that it was a fart in a hurricane.


So the Trumpet wails, “They [the FBI] should be ashamed! They should be ashamed!”

How can he know shame if he’s never felt it? He once asserted he’d never felt regret which one would need to feel before feeling shame, right?


Yup the Clinton mafia had it in for Bernie and Trump… and Bernie just laughs it off…fking sad.

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spot on. there’s two antagonists attempting to spin a fixed set of information favorably, with an agency known to protect its own interests independently in the middle.

this is a recipe for a lot of bad propaganda in every direction. the faithful will believe, as always, what they are told to believe and that will be that.


Where are the FISA warrants for Russian agents hacking the DNC?

The first obligation of a President is to uphold the constitution. From this memo it is clear US Citizens should not be the initial person-of-interest for secret FISA proceedings. That’s a violation of the US Constitution.

A foreign national and MI6 agent Steele writes up a “dossier” - that over a year later remains mostly unverified - used by the FISA court to start wiretapping Carter Page - a US Citizen - who was a foreign policy advisor to then presidential candidate Donald Trump.

How is this not a violation of “Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act”?

FISA was meant to monitor foreign agents (e.g. Steele), not US Citizens (e.g. Page).

Classifying this memo due to “National Security” reasons was clearly misapplied and closer to obstruction of justice.

How is wiretapping political opponents and trying to cover your tracks not exactly like Nixon’s Watergate?

Shame on the Obama/Clinton administration!

Trump campaigned on good relations with Russia. There is no surprise that Page was speaking to Russian political operatives… not spies who commit crimes on US soil.

Collusion with foreign countries is commonplace… e.g. Netanyahu routinely endorses US candidates and visits Capital Hill to cut deals beneficial to Israel. So does Indian PM Modi.

Apparently Russia did the same and bought Uranium One during Obama’s tenure so Trump’s increasing friendliness towards Russia is not a big leap.

After more than a year of “investigating”, Mueller still doesn’t have any proof that Russians hacked the DNC. WikiLeaks has stated that no state actors were involved in the DNC WikiLeak.

Fire Mueller and end this nonsense.


Hey, great propaganda and diversionary BS from a brand-new trump troll or idiot. Only trump supporters (or fools) want Mueller fired and I am NOT a fan of the establishment clinton dems!

Mueller is investigating far more than “Russian hacking” that includes trump’s links to Russian oligarchs and banks, favorable loans from them, obstruction of justice, and refusal to “release” his “smoking-gun” tax returns! Why do you think trump & co are so afraid of Mueller and th scope of his investigation?!

There are many far more important aspects to the Mueller investigation than the narrow framework of “hacking”, like possible treasonous conflict of interest, money laundering and being blackmailed hiding his behaviors.

While better “relations” with Russia are good, trump and his regime are likely guilty of so much more, including destruction and selling of America to the highest bidder.


maybe the name-calling isn’t necessary here. the poster laid out a case.

having said that, yes, there’s more at stake than the hacking. But the point of the GOP memo is that everything Mueller is pursuing now is the result of a blatant partisan fishing expedition authorized by a wiretap obtained under false pretense. That sums up their case.

I’m assuming most of us concerned about the expansive reach of the surveillance state would prefer-even at the risk of Trump “getting off”–that the precedent of having FISA issuing fishing licenses based on political agendas would best not be established.

I’d llove to see Trump nailed on his business practices. But the reality is that–if the GOP story is correct–that this was an abuse of the FISA mission. That’s a pretty fair case to make without being accused of being a troll.


You’re not a troll…but.

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Wow. A Carter Page fan club. So tell us of what crime little Carter is the victim?

Wantbernieinstrad? Of Trump? Doesn’t look like it. A passionate defense of Trump and an attack on his critics. Your use of Sanders name is an abuse.


This is like a noir movie in that there are no good guys. The whole rotten stinking mess is blowing open. Let Democrat apologists squirm – the DNC – including Obama – are as filthy as the repugs and inseparable from the CIA and the deep state. Ray McGovern and other insiders get it. Those more interested in truth and accoutabliity than in partisan delusions and re-enforcing preconceived narratives are glad to see the real nature of the system exposed.


Food fight…with sacks and sacks of nothingburgers, hahahhaha!