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Here Are the 16 Democrats Who Voted With GOP to Kill Amendment to Withdraw All US Troops, End Afghan War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/02/here-are-16-democrats-who-voted-gop-kill-amendment-withdraw-all-us-troops-end-afghan


I didn’t even need to see the list of Democrats to know that Diane Feinstein the biggest fucking war profiteer to ever sit in Congress would be on it. I am slightly surprised that one of “my” Senators from Nevada is also on that list, but since she has voted mostly with Republicans I should have guessed. I am so done with voting for any of these monsters from either party. And those who did not vote for it, probably had an arrangement to not do so in order to keep up the appearance of an opposition party. What a bunch of fucking monsters to say nothing of a completely corrupt and war mongering system the USA calls electoral politics.


The usual conservadem suspects, although I’m semi-surprised that one of my senators, the consummate back-bencher and center right corporate stooge, Gary Peters, didn’t take his marching orders from his MIC puppetmasters on this vote.

And Trump has been trying to get us out of Afghanistan – while Biden would have voted with these warmongers if he was still a senator. Damn.


Anyone still think Biden will be our savior?


As a proud Progressive Independent who has never registered for a political party I have never therefore been let down by “my” team. Ain’t won much either.


This is still another example of how alike the two major political parties are. Trump has claimed from day one that he is anti-war and yet, after three and a half years in office, he has not withdrawn all U.S. troops and military contractors and equipment from Afghanistan while Congress has not cut off the funding for that undeclared war. It also needs to be pointed out that there will be no authentic leftist candidate who will point these things out to the American people during this summer’s televised presidential debates as the last thing which the two corporate and bellicose political parties want is for anyone to condemn America’s endless wars which both the Democrats and the Republicans eagerly endorse.

“The economic root of imperialism is the desire of strong organized industrial and financial interests to secure and develop, at the public expense and by the public force, markets for their surplus goods and their surplus capital. War, militarism and a ‘spirited foreign policy’ are the necessary means to this end.”-John Atkinson Hobson-[1858-1940], English economist

“When war enters a country it produces lies like sand.”- Arthur Ponsonby [1871-1946], British politician, writer, and social activist

“We consider peace a catastrophe for human civilization.”-Benito Mussolini

“Name me an emperor who was ever struck by a cannonball.”-Charles V [1500-1558], Holy Roman Emperor


There’s the list of our most corrupt dems, have to keep the money flowing for arms and from heroin.


Note the Russiagate style story that appeared right before this vote, and before Peace talks are scheduled to take place about Afghanistan, giving bloodthirsty Dems cover. Their playbook is obvious if one wants to pay attention.


Mark Warner, of course.


Apparently Trump has not been trying all that hard because after more than three and a half years in office U.S. troops, special forces, military contractors, and military equipment still remain in a country under his watch which has not posed any threat at all to anyone in the United States


Yep, that blather about Russian bounties on US troops has all the hallmarks of bullshit.

And if Rachel Maddow is harping on it, the telltale stink of propaganda gets that much worse.


Sadly, they do at the Dinocrat sites: RS, HP, DU, DK


The war-whores and servants of the MICC vote to continue to steal from society to enrich the war-machine and themselves; the “Congressional” part of MICC is clearly demonstrated by these elected frauds who vote for more war and thus less civilian priorities!..

The annuasl theft is a betrayal of critical civilian needs and priorities to feed the arms industry and for-profit war the listed traitors serve.

How can the public still be so captive to the fraud of creating “enemies” to justify such massive annual theft from the 99% and any possibility of a sustainable future to vote such people into office year after year? The answer lies in the corrupt duopoly and media propaganda mechanisms of two wings of one war-party. The treasonous subversion Prez-General Eisenhower warned our nation against, originally labeled the Military Industrial Congressional Complex - is a treason by any name!


War Pigs.

Another “calculated vote.”

Shows clear “complicity” for those too blind to see.


Obama had eight years. Didn’t try at all.

I detest Trump, but I’m not going to serve up a kneejerk condemnation of his efforts on Afghanistan.
He’s swimming upstream against both parties, and the likes of Bolton and Pompeo.
Also the assorted conmen in the Afghan “government” who will do anything to preserve their grift, too.

The latter seem to be the ones who planted this horseshit “intel” about the Russian bounties.


These are the corporate demo-publicans that need to be targeted for defeat by Our Revolution. I have long wanted to see a progressive challenger to Mark Warner who, like the others, represents everything rotten about the Dims.


Well I for one am just shocked SHOCKED that enough Democrats voted to continue what the Republicans want.


Biden is the savior of everything to the right of Sanders, who (unwittingly or not) aided the rescue mission.


I prefer, “targeted for elimination.”

Sounds more permanent.

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Biden is the Savior of Wall Street and the Dinocrats. Everyone else is screwed