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Here Are the 19 Senate Democrats Still Not Committed to Defending Net Neutrality

Here Are the 19 Senate Democrats Still Not Committed to Defending Net Neutrality

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Are they going to ignore overwhelming public opinion during a tight election year and rubber stamp these 500+ pages of blatant, stinking corruption?"


19 puppets who put the already huge profits of their corporate paymasters over the free flow of information.

The D-Party is a shameful pile of manure.


No wonder the dems are so weak, lesser of two evils voting these people into office. Patty Murray probably gets lots of money from Gates, Amazon et al. Sell outs who don’t deserve to hold office but biggest problem is Citizens United and laws back in 70’s that gave the rich more free speech in dollars. It turned politicians into corporate whores.


Udall and Nelson are the only surprise’s to me. The rest, no surprise at all.
Maybe we need that list, you know, the one with the BRIBE amounts to congress.


True, but the problem is: ONLY SELLOUTS HOLD OFFICE!


Posting here as a long time California voter; I am completely unsurprised that Dianne ‘Dragon Lady’ Feinstein (that’s what Jello Biafra calls her whenever he talks about running against her for mayor of San Francisco) is true to her profoundly corporate Democrat bones.
It would appear as if she is putting it out there that her vote is for sale to whatever corporate interest, telecoms vs. internet media / marketplaces, is willing to bid the most for it.


To those who have taken me to task again and again on this forum for my insistence that there exists a core of Corporate State Democrats that control the party, this is exhibit A to that FACT.

These same Corporate State Democrats in reality, are quite happy with the tax cut legislation. They will also, in reality be quite happy with every other policy that will bolster large corporations, Wall Street, and the pocket change thrown to them by their billionaire sponsors (speaking to the quantitative difference of wealth between millionaires and billionaires).

In tandem, with Republicans, the sickening face of the duopoly, the plutocracy, the oligarchy, the corporate coup, the Corporate State.

Can you imagine the joy of the schmuck Joe Lieberman on this? With his new DLC replacement think tank?


Ah, the usual suspects!


I received an email from Patty Murray the other day in response to my signing a petition to defend Net Neutrality. Her response sounded promising.
And now she’s on the list. The disdain I feel…


You really can’t count Doug Jones or Tina Smith, YET since they were just sworn in. But some of the other POS’s are no surprise; Manchin, Feinstein, Booker, Menendez etc. These are the ass holes that need to be voted OUT.


The Democratic Party is a pathetic opposition party, and the American public knows this too. This is what happens when the corrupt and out of touch party brags about being a “big tent” and the leaders like Pelosi brag about how good they are at being corrupt: You let people in and give support to people that make it so that nothing gets done to benefit working people, and they make it so that the same old crappy, failed policies continue on, even though they are obvious failures and have next to no popular support. I am happy that Jones beat Moore, but only because of how horrible Moore was. Jones himself will be an obstacle to putting in place policies that will benefit working people, the poor and the environment, and he (like Manchin, Booker and McCaskill) are tone deaf enough to brag about this. Whatever politicians like Booker are, they aren’t enough, and I hope if he continues on with this bullshit that he gets a primary challenger. I could care less about his appearances on Oprah, he’s rotten and is a good symbol of what is wrong with the Democratic Party.


Thanx to this article I know one of my senators hasn’t signed onto public, net neutrality. Time to write an email to him. Everybody that has a senator on the list must write their senator(s) and express your concerns.


Built in corruption:

Direct Democracy


Agree … as I look at the list –

Certainly Menendez should be replaced and so should Booker –

and Doug Jones is having trouble deciding when he’s just benefitted
from a liberal vote in Alabama?

Feinstein should be in jail –

And why is Casey even in the Dem Party, except as a vote for right wing
restrictions on abortion?


The D-Party big tent: Where money, time and votes from the left are welcome, but where policy proposals from the left are castigated.


Skeptic –

Koch Bros. and other large corporations who fund and OWN both national parties are
NONE of them “from the left.”

They recruited Bill Clinton to help found the DLC to co-opt and corrupt the party, which likely
was already underway at any rate – and to finish the job.

These wealthy owners were represented on the Executive Board of the DLC.

And, the primary in '16 made clear that the DNC is also carrying a very heavy corporate stick
to rule the party and demand corporate contributions.


No, they’re not.

Nonetheless, D-Party dead ender commenters around here repeatedly assure me that leftists have no choice outside their party.

Then they blame leftists for everything that goes wrong. Fuck em.’


As has become very clear in something less than 20 years, the internet is an organizing
tool without actually being an organization. It is uniting average Americans and exposing
the reality of capitalism as an evil – and as a tool of fascists.


And did you notice good old Mark Warner? One of those fake progressives important to the brand of the Democratic Party presented to the little people.