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Here Are the 227 GOP House Members Who Just Voted to Raise Taxes on 90 Million Working Families to Give Tax Breaks to Millionaires and Corporations


Here Are the 227 GOP House Members Who Just Voted to Raise Taxes on 90 Million Working Families to Give Tax Breaks to Millionaires and Corporations

Common Dreams staff


Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives


And the winner is…
Gerry Manders and his all Koch Band!


These 227 GOP House members that voted for this bill are not representing the will of their constituents.

Therefore, they are in violation of the oath they took to represent the People of their states.

I hope every single one of these conspirators, finds a Horse’s Head in their bed, and gets the message.

If they don’t get the message, I hope they find Nirvana, and I do not mean the Rock Group.


Cute, WiseOwl.


Absolutely enema time. And I’ll be glad to go first.


Canada better start building a wall.


Now…when the mid-terms come around, grab some popcorn, sit back, and watch how many of these SCUM-SUCKERS STILL GET RE-ELECTED!!! And someone said I shouldn’t blame voters?!


What’s the going (free market) rate for a corporate prostitute?


Those that have the most campaign dollars generally win. This vote will be directly translated into more bucks for 227 Congressional members and their re-election coffers. That’s how it works.
Public financing of all federal elections is the only solution. And, that means a real knockdown, dragout fight. But, we progressives must do this one thing, eventually, or the bastards will surely crush us.


Before you start anointing the poor Democrats whose “hands were tied”, and vowing to “vote the bastards out”, consider this:

Most Democrats would have done nearly the same thing if they had the chance. The Democratic Party has been Republican-lite for a hundred years; it now exists to provide the appearance that there are two functional parties that are different from one another, thereby tricking a gullible public into thinking that the system gives them viable alternatives. (And keeps the lid on what would be a volatile situation if people realized that they are being hoodwinked.) There was never a chance this was not going to pass, and a tax plan that would have come from a Democratically-controlled Congress would have been no beauty. (Or have you loved what the Democrats have done over the past fifty years? Death-by-a-thousand-cuts or death-in-one-fell-swoop. Those are our only options. Really.)

And don’t think there will be enough of a groundswell to get these bastards out of there. 1. Almost everyone hates Congress but likes their own representative enough to vote for him/her again, and the public is so dumbed-down and ill-informed they have no idea what’s really going on anyway. 2. A district that is conservative is not likely to change much by November. Neither is one that is relatively more liberal. 3. If enough seats switch parties in November and the Democrats gain a majority, very little of this budget will be reversed–because of inertia and because the Democratic Party is also the party of the rich-fat cats, Wall Street, and the oligarchs in general. Whatever reversals are made will be largely cosmetic, but the (corporate) media and the public will eat it up and proclaim, “Alleluia. The great storm is over.” 4. They (that is, the “monopoly with two heads”) controls the voting process–from who they deem eligible to vote to the proprietary programs in the computerized voting machines.

People, this it what we’ve got. It ain’t gonna change much. If the United States has ever been a democracy, those days are long, long gone.

(Why do I say this? Why not leave people with hope that things will change, and that we can do it, if only…? Because it doesn’t do any good to delude ourselves into thinking that things are different than we way they are. At least if we acknowledge what is, we know what we’re up against and can put our efforts in that direction, constructively, instead of doing the same-'ol, same 'ol yet again. Because where exactly has that gotten us…?)


Here is the closest article I could find that would address what Trump would get out of the new tax

Trump Could Save More Than
$1 Billion Under His New Tax Plan

You have to know this tax cut mania for the rich is going to mean Trump himself saving lots of money. He has the personality of a narcistic sociopath. So all of this tax cut mania happening right now between congress and the White House will have to mean Trump himself getting huge benefits.


I can’t take this calmly—I want to scream, fling rotten produce and choice words on these so-called representatives of The People (not us) from the spectators’ gallery, call down every Celtic curse I can—worst of all, knowing that none of these sociopaths will pay me any mind as the marshals haul me away for “disrupting legislative deliberations.” This crap is too much!

Soooo…how do we make these monsters heed us—really hear us? There’s going to be a lot of misery brought down on us between now and the 2018 elections—what do we do in the meantime?


It’d be nice, but how close are we to having publicly-financed elections?

I’m asking for a brutally honest assessment here.

And how many “true” progressive are there, really? Not people who would agree with us in principle if they were aware of this issue, but people willing to do…what? Occupy congressional offices on a continual basis? How do progressives actually change things in this society at this point? Because we haven’t changed one goddamn thing for the better in…how long? Decades? Longer? Ever? (Even FDR’s New Deal was short-lived, and only enacted because more effective, long-term, and radical solutions would have been intolerable to the bankers and the money-ed class. In effect, what Roosevelt did was to save capitalism. Nice job there, huh? A lot of good it did for the majority of us, huh?)


Be pray. We meditate. We chant. We console each other and be kind. To ourselves as well as others.

And we come to the realization that, as Einstein said, we can’t fix a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.

Which means that we stop looking for, as The Police sang, “political solutions to our troubled evolution”.


From Frederick Douglass (1857):

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.


MAJOR CONFLICT OF INTEREST: You can bet they ALL personally will benefit financially. Every one of them needs to be voted out in 2018 and then tried for conspiracy to commit fraud against the people of the United States.


Seems to me, Mrsanhitts, that we are ALREADY CRUSHED!


One of the BEST and most INSIGHTFUL posts I’ve seen on this site in years!!!


The fact that I took you to task for blaming the masses for paying their taxes, does NOT translate to making the argument that voters carry no blame whatsoever.

The vast majority of the blame however goes to those in power i.e., the super wealthy CEOs, the lawmakers from both parties, etc, who have intentionally rigged the game to screw the masses in favor of their club.

Think I don’t have anger against those who voted for Trump, or against Clinton supporters during the campaign that were intentionally engaging in propaganda that a large percentage of Sanders’ followers were racists and sexists?

Think again.

I have LOTS of anger against the culture in the US that has sleep walked the last 40 years while this corporate coup has occurred.

Yet, at the same time, I recognize the massive propaganda campaign through MSM, think tanks, etc etc that has manufactured consent, and ultimately complete ignorance.


I did not name you in my post, Chicken, but I appreciate this response.

I guess I misunderstood and thought that you were calling me out for pointing a finger at those who are too dumbed-down, programmed, or otherwise incompetent to make voting choices based on records and FACTS as opposed to party loyalty, apathy, or pure LAZINESS. It seems we are on the same page.

*As far as the tax thing: “Withholding tax” stops any form of protest along that line anyway. ANOTHER of the tools of the corrupt U.S. FASCIST government.