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Here Are the 39 Senate Democrats (and Angus King) Still Not Backing Medicare For All


Here Are the 39 Senate Democrats (and Angus King) Still Not Backing Medicare For All

Julia Conley, staff writer
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will introduce his Medicare for All bill on the Senate floor on Wednesday, a plan that he has said will cost the U.S. $6 trillion less than the current healthcare system.


Call us when it happens. Until then…

If 39 are hemming and hawing, that means they’re opposed, but they’re feeling pressure. Most of the time, though, if a lawmaker opposes a popular policy, they’ll find a way around the public will.

I’m sure the GOP will be more than happy to help them out.


Which one on that list who wants to run for POTUS, won’t commit? It’s a non-starter in the Democratic primaries. Rock meet hard place, so to speak.
But, I definitely get your point.


$6 TRILLION LESS than the current healthcare system…

As I recall we are paying for a luxury health care system equal to the Swiss
but what we get in return is minimal or nothing.

Wow – Mark Warner D/VA is still in Congress?

FUND IT. (Save Bernie, of course!)


Great list. We need Progressive Democrats to run against these sellouts. We can fund them without the DNC.


I have said that the Sanders bill will contain massive loopholes. Kevein Zeese and Margaret Flowers report elsewhere today that they have met with his staff and that left pushback has resulted in closing loopholes and proposing a Senate Bill that is more like HR 676. I look forward to eating my words. We’ll see Wed. If Flowers’ and Zeeses’report holds true, I’ll apologize, then shut up on the issue.



Private health care insurance is a scam that drains away 30% from the resources for actual health care. In terms of providing for the national defense and general welfare of the people private health care insurance is as screwed up of a way of paying for American’s needed protection as would having there be private national defense insurance that is on a buy-if-you-like and can-afford-it basis leaves each and everyone to the mercy of hostile invaders. It is time to move on to single payer universal health care administered by Social Security that runs on an administrative cost of less than 1% of the entire cost of its operation—and SS is so sound that the federal government owes it 2.8 trillion dollars that is taken as trust fund and used for general revenues purposes. The nation’s actual health care is so outstanding that people of mean come from around the world to secure treatment, but they do not come to buy the lousy private health care. On top of the cost of the scam is the fact that American business and industry should not have to care the unfair burden into competition with producers of competing nations that are not burdened with the cost of providing employees for their health care.


Corporations/businesses in “other countries” (in the EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) do not need to provide health care insurance for their employees because THE COUNTRIES THEMSELVES PROVIDE FREE ACCESS TO HEALTH/MEDICAL CARE. And if the medical care in the US is so outstanding, then why do Americans travel to other countries to have operations, etc…could it be so they can keep their homes and cars instead of having to lose everything to pay for the procedures? You failed to address the exorbitant cost of pharmaceuticals in the US. And as for what you have to say about SS, I won’t even begin…


Poverty isn’t a money problem, it’s a leadership and moral problem within Congress. It is they who appear to be too inept, mean-spirited and ignorant to do anything meaningful about joblessness, fairness, inequality and poverty


This just shows how stubborn and entrenched these establishment Democrats are.

Their addiction to Corporate Money has them put Party ahead of Country.

This type of politician cannot be reformed.

This political party will never change.


The more money these guys are given the more moral constipation they suffer.


Then there should be 39 Democrats who are going to be primaried when they come up for reelection. That or, tar, feather their worthless asses and ride them out of town on a rail!


There is more to this than first meets the eye.

Medicare for all is step one.

When that is said and done we can contemplate improvements to medicare.

Medicare for all means just that.

Shortcomings are known. First, get everyone covered. Then improve as needed.


nature –

Actually, I think the DNC gets something from any contribution to a candidate –
that made me ill when I realized some of what I was giving to Bernie would also
benefit the DNC.


Bravo – !!


The senators who haven’t signed are probably trying to figure out whether it makes political sense to sign on to a bill with no chance of passing. They may feel voters would rather see them push to improve the ACA since in the short run that would actually help many people.


No it won’t. Bernie is an independent. None of donations to him will find their way to the DNC.
Thus you can sleep well tonight.:smiley:



I think it’s kind of a moot point. This, nor anything remotely like it, is ever going to pass. Just more grandstanding by Sanders. Note that Warren has jumped on the band wagon. That’s a sure sign that this is dead in the water. She would never actually move forward with anything that might jeopardize her run for the Democratic nomination in 2020.


Your etiology of poverty in America is so spot-on. Thank you.


You underestimate the public spirit of both Warren and Sanders. Grandstanding is not either of their modus operandi.