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Here Are the 50 GOP Senators Who Just Sacrificed Your Online Privacy to Corporate Profits


Here Are the 50 GOP Senators Who Just Sacrificed Your Online Privacy to Corporate Profits

Jon Queally, staff writer

Privacy and consumer advocates—and a seemingly endless chorus of Internet users—were expressing outrage on Thursday after the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate passed a bill that will allow powerful media corporations to collect personal data of internet users without their consent and sell that information to the "highest bidder" for profit.


Who wants to bet that the loudmouth online Trumpsters will be quite silent on this one?


Time to ditch these major providers. I knew Facebook was a very bad idea. Time to ditch them too.


Another reason to vote against republiCONS.


So what is really the appropriate turn around on this. Our privacy up for sale, how about their privacy up for full disclosure to the public, after this vote, do they have any right for privacy, obviously not, they have declared that as fact, as the norm.


Not really. Most everyone, who will not financially benefit from this legislation, will likely be against it. So, the issue will be how to keep your ISP from collecting data on you. As far as PCs go, It may be that the Tor Browser, which routes traffic through the Tor network, will enable us to stymie such ISP data collection. -- If this legislation passes, I would bet that we would soon see similar security apps built for all manner of Internet communication devices, Then, there will be the fight of whether your ISP can ban you from using such safeguards; so, they may collect your data. This whole thing is going to be much more contentious than many people currently realize.


Susan Collins of Maine showed her real colors today. To hell with her and the rest of these sellouts.


Yes. I'm from Maine; and, have watched Collins' votes over the years. She's always trying to paint herself as a moderate; but, she is not. If a vote is close, she'll most often vote with her repulsive party.


She's the worst sort of phony. I'd take a Manchin any day, who i know I don't agree with on environmental issues straight up, than her fakery.


Why wasn't it filibustered?


So you have faith that Dumpsters will not heed the clarion call of their cult leader even if Cheeto Mussolini comes out in favor of this?


On a related note, this recent article in Wired, called The God Complex, How Big Data will Fuel a new Religion, by Olivia Solon kind of explains the privacy vs data for sale issue.
Ya just gotta be a 'content provider' to matter.


It couldn't be filibustered under the rules.


Thanks KC.


Yes, I ditched Facebook a long time ago!


BeijaFlor. . . ..this idea has been around a long time. Since Donald Rumsfeld was Secy of Defense,
he promoted a TOTAL AWARENESS SYSTEM (TAS) for the Pentagon, and that has since moved
over to the Internet. Don't forget that the original internet was a military application for instant communication among the services. Since it was declassified for military use only, the TAS idea has NOT gone away.
This means that the vast underground data base hidden under a mountain in UTAH is still gathering
enormous quantities of information about EVERYONE. Edward Snowden told us that 3 years ago, and
now that Trump is President, who knows what is happening.

The ReTHUGlicans are just that - a bunch of obscenely corrupt greedy nitwits, who could care less
about your privacy or even their own and mine. As long as the giant media corps are filling their pockets with hundreds of thousands of dollars DAILY, they will do the lockstep bidding of Verizon, ATT, Comcast, and all the other ISP,s that control yours and my internet.

We have reached a turning point, a watershed in American politics. in 2018, the backlash will be so furious that it will clean out the Senate Majority (ONLY 5 DEMOCRATIC SEATS NEEDED) and maybe even the House as well. THEN, if Trump is STILL the president, his feet, hands, and maybe even his mouth will be tied together, and we will see a semblance of sanity return to the US Government -NOT before!!!!!


The cheap assed bastards don't even have Spell Check anymore.


Leon, are you sure there will be a backlash, an uprising? It feels to me like most people are so inured that they're practically apathetic or hopeless.....more are at home than are in the streets. I hope you are right. The sheeple need to wake up.....


Well thanks for the history lesson, however I did not just fall out of the hay wagon ; > )


Public servants (politcians) act and vote with impunity. Members of congress have no reason to fear re-election failure as they receive 100 percent salary for life after
serving just one term. They would profit much more by leaving office and "retiring" to a corporate lobby, so who cares that they have abused our trust. Who would be working in this country if the rest of us could retire under the same set of rules? Oh I forgot, ------- most are lawyers who write the self serving rules in the first place. Looks like we are way past due for a complete overhaul. Good luck with that !