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Here Are the 50 'Most Egergious' Ways Trump Has Attacked Workers While Falsely Claiming to Be Their Champion

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/16/here-are-50-most-egergious-ways-trump-has-attacked-workers-while-falsely-claiming-be


MAGA “suckers and losers”.

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The guy a typical con artist. He knows what bothers people so has that language down pat . He very much like that Politician in Andy Griffiths move “A Face in the Crowd” with the only real difference is the character played by Andy Griffith starts off a decent gut and then turns rotten due to ego whereas Trump starts off a rotten guy and just gets worse.

Tell the people what they want to here with “folksy good humour” even as you ridicule them when they are not listening.


As long as he keeps his heel on the necks of black and brown people most working class Trump cult members don’t care that he is screwing them.

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If the politicians and other special interest groups keep lowering wages----then who will pay the taxes? Or are we going back to the days when there was no income tax–but the price of everything was high. If all the money goes to the top—I wonder how there will be any money to go to the military and Israel then? Or do WEE the People just become serfs?

Who is getting this message to the working people who need to hear it???

(I did just include in my daily comment to my “unsubscribe from the Biden campaign list” – that they evidently never honor – that that campaign needs to address the damage done to workers if they are to have any chance of winning.)