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Here Are the Democrats, 36 Senators and 73 in the House, Who Voted Against Dreamers

Here Are the Democrats, 36 Senators and 73 in the House, Who Voted Against Dreamers

Jon Queally, staff writer

Seventy-three Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives and 36 Democratic Senators joined with Republicans overnight to pass a two-year spending bill that does nothing to protected immigrant communities from ongoing attack, despite a looming threat from President Donald Trump and the GOP to make matters much worse in future legislation.

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I’m not at all surprised to see Roberto “Gusano” Menendez’s name on this list of shame. I can only wish this policy had been in place when his parents emigrated from Cuba.


Oh please. Grow up already. DACA is not the only issue in the world right now. You do know that diseases are spreading due to climate change and the US is usually the only government that prevents the spread of things like Ebola and bird flu. You do know that the US government does more than immigration right?

Meanwhile Commondreams promotes Bob Marley and the Pope as role models. Talk about shame.


This really isn’t very surprising is it? It is what they voted for that is just as bad. More death via military spending, less of what makes us humane towards each other. All under the guise of keeping the government open for business. What a shame. What a waste of talent. What a waste of our future. Can you imagine how grateful the dreamers would be if they were taken care of? Can you imagine what the pay off would be in service to our country from grateful dreamers? Instead, look at what we get. It’s painfully sad and shameful.


Only Democrats have agency, an iron rule of Common Dreams and way too much reporting. Meanwhile, McConnell is following through on moving an immigration bill onto the Senate schedule next week. It will die in the House no matter what most likely, but it’ll be Democrats fault here.

The problem is simply this: there are only two parties in this country. One is the corporate party and the other is everyone else.

Which one did you vote for?

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If the Dems get a DACA bill (which I doubt), it’ll include funding for Trump’s wall.

Trump’s approval rating will skyrocket.

And I’ll repeat, the only hope political the Dems have is recession.


There is only one party in the US, the capitalist party, and it has two right wings. One wing thinks it wise to throw the people a bone every now and then, while the other wing thinks it best to save its bones for their attack dogs.

I vote for neither.


Hello 6% mortgages and 8% car loans in 24 mos. Hello, COLA spikes for the foreseeable future.
" May you stay forever young " and in good health. Working until you’re 80 has an upside, if you’re a Congressman.
" Deficits don’t matter ". VP D. Cheney Start the war machine’s motor. Spending this much $$$ means someone is going to get bombed.
What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding? The profit margins suck, that’s what​:wink::wink::wink:.



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The House list is not accurate, it is missing my rep.

While immigration is important, yet again this article missed the elephant and donkey in the room.

So…one of my senators and the rep voted for the budget “deal”, the other senator no. All democrats. To me, continuing militarism and imperialism is a major factor in destroying the Republic.


" Guns and butter " is 3rd Way Economic Policy #101. It envisions a multiple-sum game, where there are winners on all sides. Not winner-take-all, but as this budget deal shows, the long-term loses out when the money appropriated is borrowed, rather than raised through taxation. The true cost of the 2 big budget deals by McConnell & Co. since Trump won, are going to cost the Federal Government over $2 Trillion over time. The interest charged is usually never discussed in the initial #s. Borrowing, however, usually never shrinks the total amount owed. That’s why taxation of under-utilized capital is the best way to approach budget deals like this. Unless, of course, what you’re Congress is really selling the general taxpaying public is " jets, bombs, battleships and lard ".
That’s what I think just happened on this budget deal. And, that’s some damn expensive lard that 85-90% of Americans just bought. Bon Appetit!


Thanks for sharing, but what’s your point? I think I’ll put a Bob Marley LP on ye ole turntable. Thanks for the suggestion!

ready to admit the uselessness of the so-called democrats in building a true and honest nation of principled representatives and senators? Building a third party is the only way to give us the nation we envision. NOW IS THE TIME.


The good news is Ben Cardin is being primaried by Chelsea Manning:


There is corporate party number 1 and there is corporate party number 2.

You are certainly entitled to your world views. Your post appears to lack awareness of the whole picture, though. The ‘Dreamer’ issue is one of racism. Racism is (and has always been) part of fascism. In case you missed it: Fascist ideology runs rampant in the USofA…


Spot on !!

Well, there isn’t any “good” is there? This whole thing of “today’s modern life” is upside-down and inside-out. It just blows me away, what a bummer.