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Here Are the Democrats, 36 Senators and 73 in the House, Who Voted Against Dreamers

mrsannhitts…I have been reading your posts for the last few daze and I must say you are on a roll, please don’t stop, keep it going, they are a joy to read and Thanks.

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Be sure to give what you can to viable candidates,of which Manning is one

Once again the Democrats fail to vote with the people.

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NEITHER. They are both rotten to the core. We need to do away with political parties and vote for candidates that promise to vote as directed by their constituents and NOT their ‘major donors’ (those that give them bribes) The only difference between the corrupt Democratic party and t he corrupt Republican party is how they spell their name.

It isn’t Congress’s failure, it is the Democrats failure!

Democratic integrity?

Dream on

I’ve been boycotting the Democratic Party for years, since they operate like organized crime, and even the most well-meaning progressive will get co-opted. I made a special exception for Chelsea Manning and sent money to her campaign. I don’t agree with her decision to run as a Democrat, but she has such a giant pile of credibility, I decided to risk looking like an idiot one more time.


When did the Democrats set the floor vote schedule or congressional agenda? I thought the majority party did that, silly me. And the majority party seems pretty adamant about dumping DACA—a presidential candidate ran and won partly on an anti-immigrant platform. Remember, Mexican immigrants were murderers and rapists, right?

How Democrats get blamed for things the majority party wants is, well, interesting.

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The point is not necessarily for the Democrats to win but for them to at least put up a fight once in a while. If they were not going to fight for DACA why act like they were. For months Schumer and Pelosi have told us that the Dreamers deserve better but then the Democratic Origami Party folds, folds, folds with a whimper. The rules of the fight are different for the next three years but the Democrats keep bringing their gentile norms into a ring where a bare knuckles brawl is happening.


I think you are wrong about progressives and leftists not turning the tide in 2018. They will turn the tide by losing enthusiasm and not voting for a party that shows zero interest in putting up a fight on a position that is not just political but moral. Tides go in, tides go out. A party that continues to add billions to the military budget while pretending to get their knickers in a bind over social program cuts. I haven’t voted for a Democrats since Jesse Jackson in 1988 but even my cynical butt was thinking there was some hope for truly progressive candidates. I now see it was the same hope and change Obama lied about. How are thse Democratic Party rule changes coming along? Dead in the Rules Committee where Perez-Obama-Clinton have purged all the progressives.


what we need to do is fire them all and start over

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They might be here illegally, but they didn’t come here. They were brought here by their parents, they didn’t have a choice. Unless you’re a native American, someone in you’re family came here too, legal or illegally.

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Don’t disagree on that point, tactics were stupid. But the Senate will be voting next week on immigration reform and they got CHIP funding as well as other domestic programs funded.

This is no better than the Russian propaganda. This is why democrats don’t win and don’t get ahead, leftist ideologues. As others pointed out DACA is not the end all be all. The government being shut down means people are not paid, they can’t feed their families pay their bills all so DACA can be added, wedged into a spending bill. How selfish is that. All should suffer even those who have nothing to do with my issue so that I can get what I want. This bill was not about DACA it was about the government functioning for all the good of all the people and it shouldn’t have to be held hostage for one group because their unrelated issue was not satisfied. I don’t know all of these senators or congresspeople but I bet most do a lot for progressive policies than can be quantified by DACA alone. To try to single them out and I can see the purists screaming primary them get them out is absolutely ridiculous and as I said just as bad as the false flag Russian attacks.

So, what of the many issues in the entire world right now is the only one?

Do you mean that the US government does more than police immigration, or that it does more than cause it, by driving large numbers refugees from homes across the world?

What Russian propaganda, JJ? Are we talking about propaganda generated in Russia or by Russians, or propaganda using Russians?

Better or worse than Russian propaganda in what way?

Finally, what’s propaganda got to do with listing legislators’ names so that they can be held accountable for their actions? Oh, poor and put-upon officaldom, that the secrecy with which it conducts its business might not be absolute?

This is interesting, but seems largely aimed at trying to point everyone who has said things about immigration EXCEPT Trump. What is the point of this? To show that immigration is controversial? That immigration poses many challenges for the host countries?

It’s hard for me to see - in a article that is critical of Trump - how come you underline that others have said things about immigration. The issue for me is what ACTIONS have these individuals taken? Obama was NOT good on immigration - definitely FAR from progressive. Clinton also a bum on immigration.

That’s the past, sure it’s VERY important past. But it’s done. Now we have Trump. The question is with the current moment in time - is he handling immigration in a way that is inclusive and yet wise about US resources?


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You left off both Kilmer and Larsen from Washington state on your House list. As 73 voted “aye” and your list of House members has only 64 on it, you left off 7 others as well.

The official House Roll Call is here:

You got the names right for the Senate, but the total is 37 including King, NOT 36.

Are you saying that it was a smart move to take a government shutdown out of Schumer’s tool box?