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Here Are the Four Biggest Lies Trump Told in His Final Tax Scam Sales Pitch


Here Are the Four Biggest Lies Trump Told in His Final Tax Scam Sales Pitch

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Lies, lies, lies," was how one group described Trump's Missouri tax speech


How does a fragile democracy deal with a cult president who is mentally unstable?


Well it seems that Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire saying is nothing but fake news.
Otherwise Trump would have spontaneously combusted by now.


We expect a grifter, child rapist, wife rapist, sexual assaulter, business swindler, diploma factory owner being sued by over 75 lawsuits when taking office --to ever tell the truth?


It doesn’t, it can’t. If this scam goes through we are toast. It is over, the Grand Experiment is Finished. Even if it doesn’t we are 90% toast anyway so either way we loose. It just will take a bit longer to fall over is all. What is top-heavy falls over, basic science.


Trump and the GOP are a big problem.

Their approval rating in the high 30s is a far bigger problem.


For a “BIG PICTURE” summary of how Republican tax plan benefits are distributed among income brackets in 2019 and 2027and the very disturbing risk potential of exploding federal deficits well beyond the current estimate of $1.5 trillion (CBO says $1.4 trillion) over next decade, go to:


or Google: California Free Press: JCT’s Analysis of Trump Senate Tax Bill Shows How Benefits End Up Primarily in Pockets of the Wealthy, by F. Thomas, Nov. 27, 2017

Using the Joint Committee of Taxation’s data, total tax cut benefits in 2019 are $240 billion dropping to $16 billion in 2027. Everyone earning below $100,000 will receive a 24% share (= $58 billion) of total tax cut benefits of $240 billion in 2019; but the $58 billion in tax benefits will be phased out pretty quickly to -$26.5 billion of tax increases by 2027

Those earning above $100,000 will receive a 76% share (= $182 billion) of total tax cut benefits of $240 billion in 2019; those earning above $200,000 will receive a 65%share (= $118 billion) of total tax cut benefits of $240 billion in 2019; those earning above $100,000 will receive 100% of the much lower tax cut benefits (=$16 billion) in 2027; those earning above $200,000 will receive 80% of the $16 billion in total tax cut benefits in 2027. It’s clear most of the tax cut benefits go to the wealthy


Alan MacDonald
Wells, Maine Pending Approval [NYT]

In retrospect, we were already gutted by this Empire well before Emperor Trump took over the CFPB now after Thanksgiving — so a gift would seem inappropriate.

As I commented on the Harvard Law School’s Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation 6/15 analysis:


“What the dual Vichy-party facade of democracy has given the American people through all of the hidden wrappings on explosive financial deregulations H.R.10 “Financial CHOICE Act of 2017”, S 327, and H.R. 3354 — “Make America Secure and Prosperous Appropriations Act” (you can’t make this shit up) is, even prior to blowing-up the CFPB, basically equivalent of the Reichstag fire in turning our weaken democratic Republic into an formal EMPIRE — and a Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE best suited to looting our former country and its people.”

Eg. H.R. 10 Subtitle D–Leadership of Financial Regulators

(Sec. 351) The bill amends the Federal Deposit Insurance Act to modify the membership of the FDIC such that ‘all five members shall be appointed by the President’.

(Sec. 352) The bill amends the Federal Housing Enterprises Financial Safety and Soundness Act of 1992 to ‘allow the President to remove’ the director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) without cause.

As Porky Pig might well say, “That’s all folks” — get ready for the real heavy-duty looting.


Please check out the Real Clear Politics website page for a polls summary. Look at the category "the direction of the country. Trump and a Republican majority congress take a big hit.


We could start by removing him from the position until he has been examined by a number of unbiased professionals to determine his suitability to serve the position.

Then, send him to the appropriate mental health facility.


All of all this can be undone. But it will take a progressive congress to do that. And it will likely result in violence. Think things are rough now? Yesterday on an early morning blurb from, I believe, ABC, it was stated that over the next ten years 78 million jobs will be lost to automation in this country. If true, what will the evil elite bastards do? You can bet they won’t seek to level the field. Rather they will likely double down on their oppressive ways and accelerate their already in motion plan to eliminate what they see as social detritus. Then all the second amendment proponents can ready their AR-15s, AK-47s, etc. to combat the armored personnel carriers rumbling down their streets. This could happen. And make no mistake: the rich and the powerful will murder people en masse if that’s what it takes to retain their positions. Which is what they are doing now, only much more slowly. How? Easy: feed them a diet of fast food, junk soda, and lots of cheap opioid drugs, and then deny them healthcare. Bye bye minorities, including poor ignorant whites. Hunger Games here we come.


Yes, it could get that bad. Robotics and climate change will truly cause havoc. If we had decent leadership and plan ahead, we could avert the worst case scenario. We could even transition into something at least half decent. However, I fear we are too ignorant and stupid to help ourselves. I’m trying…multiple letters to the editor…


I get sick of attitudes like yours. We have but one choice and that is to push democrats to do the right thing as often as possible. We know the republicans are pure shit. I realize that things look very tough, but giving up is not an option.


One choice?

You might want to check your history books. Parties come and go and radically alter their positions. Especially when a restless, downtrodden public starts looking for new organizational leadership. Systemic change starts from the ground up, then spreads like wildfire. Never easy, sometimes violently disruptive, but definitely possible.

And in terms of giving up, when you claim we have “one choice,” it seems that you’re the one doing it.


No, it’s just a sad fact that voting third party keeps republicans in power and the hour is getting very late.


“I think my accountants are going crazy right now,” Trump added. “It’s alright. Hey, look. I’m president. I don’t care.”

Well, Mr. Trump is right about that. He doesn’t care about anything but himself. He’s just lying, again, about that fact that the tax cuts won’t help him.


I urge everyone to write or call their representatives and senators. It probably won’t help, but it’s literally the least we can do to try and stop this madness.


More people in the US don’t vote than do. They’ve figured out that when Ds are in power, they still get hosed. If you want to earn their votes, pick better candidates.


If that’s an attempt to divert attention away from the fact that the Dems have abandoned their base, and that their base has noticed, not only did it not work, it also proves my point about having more than one choice.

Because, lo and behold, none of the above is a choice.


Well, try to enjoy the coming disaster.