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Here Are the Very First Endorsements of the Medicare for All PAC

Here Are the Very First Endorsements of the Medicare for All PAC

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The newly launched Medicare for All political action committee (PAC), chaired by Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), has revealed the first candidates getting its endorsement.

As the Huffington Post first reported, the eight Democrats are:

Which “Medicare for All” are we talking about here? If it’s not H.R. 676, it’s just more Democrat bait-and-switch (sorry, Bernie).


What we demand is HR 676, Expanded and Improved Medicare For All-got that? No copays, no deductibles, based on your income, dignified, equality based and includes eye and dental care.


Medicare is a well defined health service that elder American enjoy. Every detail is known and there are offices from Guam to Puerto Rico.

Medicare for all means get every person covered with a system that works. Eliminate all copays and cover 100% of everything is a good place to start.

HR 676 improves on medicare for all and should be brought to the floor as soon as every person is covered by Medicare without copay complications.


A legitimate effort to create a viable Medicare for All system would eliminate the role of the insurance industry.

That is the measuring stick. Insurance industry participation? Even in a small way? Then, no!

A well designed system would not need private insurance supplements.


I believe you’re plan is a mistake, done you’re way, we will never see HR 676. Just like the ACA was supposed to be a way to get us to single payer, but that hasn’t happened. We better get it all in the beginning, because all talk to improve it, is just that, talk.

Not that any of this matters right now, with Medicare for All having 59% approval overall, and 80% approval with left leaning voters, look at how few have endorsed it, 8. Just sad. This issue should put anyone supporting it in office.


I just want a fucking chance to slow down this fucking wrecking ball smashing any chance this country isn’t going to go full throttle fascist, and fast.

But hey, full throttle in your face Trump dickhead spawned fascism, that’s what Trump leftists like Assange, Pilger, and others have deemed “preferable”.

But they don’t support Trump of course.

So Clinton would have been even one half as bad as this fascist jerk?


I get your point, but Medicare has served both of my parents very well, and without it my Dad’s 2 year long terminal illness with multiple hospitalizations, surgeries, and procedures would have left my Mom with nothing.

They retained their home and dignity with lower middle class retirement means.

Myself, being someone who is currently poor and lives in a State that didn’t expand Medicaid, I would be ecstatic having the ability to have healthcare access, and so would millions and millions of US citizens who have no access whatsoever.


That is why we must make certain Democrats taking the “I’m not there yet.” Pelosi Medicare for All position are called out

They are wealthy with special privileges. They don’t see a heath care crisis even though it is all around them.

We’re the ones in the right so we must give it to them with both barrels (so to speak).


Dims and Rethugs?


And you intend to usher in this wonderful world of sustainable heterosexuality with that?

Gee Tom. I can’t wait to see it.

Pelosi and other DINO corporate-whore Dems are a large part of the problem under our political charade controlled and dominated by big-money bribes to elected reps.

Meet the Health Care Industry’s Favorite Democrats

“The private health care industry is hard at work [currying favor with key Democrats, especially in the House of Representatives. And with good reason: [Its members are increasingly embracing single-payer health care, or Medicare for All” - AKA HR 676 Expanded and Improved Medicare for ALL!
https://truthout.org/articles/meet-the-health-care-industrys-favorite-democrats/ - read the (short) list of sellout/bought-out DINO co-conspirators, especially the minority “leader” Pelosi, a prominent industry shill and betrayer of the 99% - one of the 36 percent of House Democrats who have not sponsored H.R.676…I need not add the corporate Republican mob.

The for-profit model of “health care” must be eliminated along with the middleman insurance parasites! The rescission of Citizen’s United allowing unlimited wealth to buy candidates, elections, and legislation via corrupt representatives, an army of lobbyists, and the “pay to play” charade of the lie of “democracy” - now just a tentacle of predatory vulture capitalism!


It is precisely because of people in your position that I fight for HR 676. I am fortunate to live in Vermont so as an impoverished senior I get the help I need but this does not mean I will not care if everyone is not covered equitably and with dignity. Trump and his trolls have been sending their spam Medicare4All emails to confuse everyone. Let’s push for Expanded and Improved Medicare For All, Conyers’ bill. Hang in there Chicken.


Another story to illustrate a point rarely made regarding Expanded and Improved Medicare For All (a true single-payer system) is what follows. An old friend of mine recently fell and is suffering from a very bad concussion. She is a nurse to boot and yet, knowing she needed imaging done for her skull/brain and needed to go to the ER never went, did not call me for help, pedestrians ignored her too and drove herself home! I suspected and she confirmed that the reason was not just the co-pay (she is in her early 70s and with medicare and one of those damn corporate for profit supplemental plans) but her $500 deductible–first words out of her mouth to me. Then she proceeded with a very familiar resentment toward the very poor (me included and a neighbor) saying that she is more impoverished than they as a result of the co-pays and deductibles.

My point is the following: until we get a system that is based on equality and, therefore, dignity, resentment will fester and we will be fighting this over and over. As a socialist it is obvious to me that this will continue to be so until everyone’s needs are met and met adequately and equally–we need to educate one another that while we may differ in talents we are still equally valuable.

It wasn’t so long ago I had no health coverage and with early cancer it took me 6 years to pay off the hospital bill and-dig this–I was forced to pay a tax on this bill to boot. That money was to cover the indigent. I payed it. It wasn’t until my physical pain got so bad that I was forced to “retire” early and after loosing my apartment, etc. because I could no longer afford them and forced to move did I get help. And yet we are subjected to understandable resentment even by well-meaning friends and neighbors.

So–yeah, Expanded and Improved Medicare For All! Vote out every mean spirited GOP, corporate Dems and get ready to fight for and organize a Left Party.



I knew it, something nagging at the back of my neck was telling me so, I just knew it. You live in Paradise, Vermont. You have no idea how much I’d love to live where you are :-))) But, sadly, I live in a red zone, yep I’m a Zonie :-((( AZ, where it’s the heat that fries your brain til you have none.

Just trying to lighten the mood a bit, it’s saturday.

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Hang in there, Gilbert. Collectively we will bring justice to bear and love and light.

Vermont, I live in Northern Vermont, is a mixed bag, not paradise. I have never seen such a proliferation of GOP signs everywhere. Tomorrow I make a simple statement with a sign: Stand with The Victims of Hate. Vote Your Conscience.

It isn’t just socialism vs. barbarism but survival vs. extinction. We fight the good fight!

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Ya but you have Leahy and Sanders, see? Spoiled you are :-)))

Actually, we are going through a teaching moment. The act of people standing up and taking names, you can feel it in the air. djt has stimulated a sleeping Giant. I think the backlash may renew our Republic where Mr. O failed. Mr. O had an FDR moment and wasted it so now this feels much stronger. Either that or I am delusional :-)))


I stand with you, Gilbert and think we are in transformative times. Absolutely but we must keep our eyes, ears and heart open and do our part, in whatever measure we can to make the possibility of a new, humane world a reality. Right now, as Noam Chomsky pointed out, we are in a very grave existential moment: do we summon the collective will to survive because that is what is needed to solve the twin crisis we face–nuclear winter and ecological collapse.

As far as Leahy and Sanders go, Leahy is responsible for bringing in F16 and, without sustained opposition, F-35. Bernie has gone along with the old rationalization of jobs–yes, Vermont is not a wealthy state such as NY or California but we have a chance to promote green jobs.

A suggestion if you will: Get a discussion group going in your local library. We have one where I live called The Agora where we discuss philosophy which invariably turns to politics and the crisis we are in. It is probably even more crucial in Arizona.

Best wishes and solidarity!

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Arizona? I once existed there. You have my sympathies, friend.

What type of other cheese do you recommend with your whine?

Who can’t read, apparently. The difference between Cordray and DeWine is quite stark. CD ran an article about his lifetime of work for " the other ", including middle-class white Ohioans.
DeWine is a posturing conservative hack. His resume reeks of personal ambition even if he doesn’t kick his dog, anymore.
Yet, he’s just like a Joe Manchin or a Susan Collins. " A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse ". Just lamentin’.