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Here Come the Frankenfish: Critics Warn GE Salmon Import Approval Puts Consumers and Fisheries at 'Serious Risk'


Here Come the Frankenfish: Critics Warn GE Salmon Import Approval Puts Consumers and Fisheries at 'Serious Risk'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The Trump administration has lifted a ban on importing genetically engineered or GE salmon, which critics have long called "Frankenfish," in a move that consumer advocates charge "runs counter to sound science and market demand."


Disgusting! Salmon is supposed to be healthy food and you should not have to worry about the labeling. Are there any petitions to make sure that the labels are not misleading?!


Let Donald Trump, everyone in his family, everyone in his administration, their families, Monsanto & everyone in their families eat that Frankenfish & see what happens to them.


Got real News for ya… Salmon is not the only Franken crap we eat on a daily basis. Franken Weenies and Burgas sold by Walmart along with their Round Up Chickens are delicious. Pick up some Piggy Knuckles also. That’s good eatin’… GMO Phish from Indonesia will keep you on the bowl for hours. Expensive Organics? Nah, why bother with that slop. Buy the cheap shit. It all comes out in the end anyway. Don’t forget your hungry Kids!


Does anyone really think that putting a big GE or GMO tag on the package will stop 'murikan over-consumers from buying a product? The only label they care about is the price tag. A huge label stating the amount of sugar in a product would lead to healthier consumer choices than a GMO label while the package that foodstuffs come in is typically more dangerous than the products themselves. GE/GMO and nuclear power are hair-on-fire topics in need of much more logically, less emotional, discourse in the face of a world with a growing population to feed and on the verge of climate catastrophe.


In this instance, petitions will be fruitless. The only actions that may work are boycotting all of the stores that carry/sells these frankenfish.


You could smell this coming. One more item to remove from our diet. Oh goody beans, rice and veggies from the garden.


How we are all still alive is a mystery to me –
lead in our water, filth everywhere, the planet on fire –

GE Fish – ? No fish whatsoever – full of mercury, at the minimum.




Atlantic salmon is almost entirely farmed fish. It is also the only type of salmon to be GMO. If you want to avoid the GMO salmon, buy Pacific salmon, especially that labeled as “wild Alaska salmon”. If you buy Atlantic salmon, you won’t currently know if it is or is not GMO.




This should not be a big deal if you buy salmon from reputable stores. You have to be extra careful at restaurants and non-credible stores though.


The Orange One only eats junk food and hamburgers. I doubt he goes anywhere near real food, let alone salmon.


Any bets on how long it will be until we have gmo babies designed to survive on a poisoned, irradiated and irreparably polluted planet?


It took years of dredging but our Fox River was cleaned up. Our upstream paper mills were the main culprit. The mercury levels are down in the pike and perch, the favored fishing. The mills paid out a lot to match federal funds.
We will have a hard time cleaning up federally when we can’t get the potholes filled now as it is.


Let him eat franken hamburgers & franken fries.


That would seem to be a time-specific condition. Presumably it will be impossible to prevent all eggs from being released into the wild.


one generation


Are you aware that in 2016 right here on CD, analyses according to ETC Group (www.etcgoup.org) has highlighted, industrial agriculture uses 70% of the world’s agricultural resources to produce just 30% of the global food supply, while small-scale farmers provide 70% of the global food supply while using only 30% of agricultural resources.

This percentage ratio has, despite the bizarre pressures from agribusiness, held fairly steady. National Geographic in 2018
Wharton School last month


c urrently GMO salmon can only be grown in two places, both well away from the ocean.