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Here Comes Joe Biden and It's Worse Than You Thought


You mean Lloyd Blankfein of Goldphuq sucks notoriety; but I would agree with you that he is more Frankenstein than anything fine! And if those 2 malignant narcissists are ‘for’ Biden then I am most definitely against him!


Middle of the road? Maybe. Corporate?, Yes. Moderate? Hell no.

A male version of HIllary, without the feminist cred.


I keep getting hung up on conservative Iowa having the first in the nation primary and thereby being granted the power to create the early front runner in both parties. Other than that line from your piece, thank you. Biden’s unsuitability has always been clear to me and you added useful details.


smarmy as come
gummy as they get
model for pense
no recompense
hands of the fence
illgotten goods
no more than hoods


Brilliant accurate Hit Job Mr. Solomon you nailed his deceptive Republican personality perfectly.

He has never been a progressive and he has always been Republican Light.

Lets not forget why corporations register their companies in Biden’s State of Delaware.

It is because there is no limit on the amount of Interest Banks and Financial Institutions can charge consumers.
Most States put a Limit on the amount of Interest Corporations can charge their customers.

But Delaware, the State that Biden has represented for over 40 years, allows Banks etc. to charge whatever they want.

Biden has turned his back on the consumer and has always sided with he Banks.

Corporations registered in Delaware can charge their customers whatever fees they want.

Basically, thanks to Biden the Banks registered in Delaware can charge higher interest rates than Al Capone charged his customers to pay back a loan.

And this is the guy we want running for President on the Democratic ticket?

This Warmonger Republican is Hillary in Drag.

               BERNIE  -  LIZ   2020


little debbie is apparently doubling down on her earlier practices


Here is an applicable truism: The corporate Democrats would rather lose to Trump than to allow a true progressive to be the party’s candidate on the presidential ballot.

I thought that lesson was learned in the last presidential election. Obviously not.


Please Joe go the fuck away


Good ole hillary, providing an inoculation early in the cycle. Confused, my …


eager to stake out the middle of the road

I believe that Biden does what to stake out the middle of the road. Here’s the Problem

Screw Biden and all ‘centrists’. Our Tent is too damn big. We need a smaller more focused tent.


Over and over on forums and comments I have seen the shit-for-brains Democrats screaming for Joe to run. Why don’t they just vote for real Republicans?

Just the other day, Hillary said she wasn’t going to run, but wouldn’t stop talking either. She will likely endorse Joe when he takes over the mantle of “Most Irrelevant Democrat in the Country Today.”


Biden thinks Julian Assange is a “high tech terrorist” and that “marijuana is a gateway drug”, among other regressive stands. I can’t see how this site puts him on the left/liberal spectrum:

From “Joe Biden on the Issues”.

Biden might be Hillary in drag.


I think I said it a long time ago, but I don’t remember what I said yesterday, so I’ll say it now:

Democrats are counting on the electorate to vote for any Democrat, no matter who it is, no matter what their record, no matter how much in bed with the oligarchs they are, because they are Not Trump.

And the majority will do just that.


Marijuana is a gateway drug. Once people start getting high it’s not long before they start voting for politicians who aren’t in the pockets of bankers and defense contractors.


genedebs, you correctly state:
“any truly progressive candidate will NEVER be allowed to get anywhere near the Democratic nomination”

2016 virtually PROVES that. Therefore the only way to beat that back … is by numbers & force!

With Sanders declaration to support the Dem nominee he has virtually GUARANTEED a repeat performance of '16.

He should NEVER have said that!!! He is FEEDING the DNC SuperTricksters and thusly BETRAYING his supporters.

Better to give in and support TULSI, Bernie, independently, if needs be, than let the DNC & Allies get away with it again!!


Pure TREASON to the United States.
Joe’s EGO placed a lifelong LIAR onto SCOTUS. Great harm to the nation. NOT a joke.
— He deserves NOT to be rewarded!!


No, the MSM from NPR to WaPo, is telling them beating Trump is the only thing that matters. It’s like teaching driver’s ed classes to 16 yr. olds; specifically, it’s akin to practicing parallel parking over and over, again because it means passing or failing. Their motto is " always keep the drill on ".
This refrain puts too much emphasis on the power of the executive branch; tellingly, we get a " collective okey dokey " on matters historically left to the legislature. Who are supposedly more answerable to the voters but, in actuality, are more responsive to the donor class. It is a well-oiled machine of corruption: FYI- Are you aware that both parties insist that each new Congress Critter is expected to spend 30 hrs a week " dialing for dollars ", over and above the other duties which come with the office. They even have a special phone-banking office building set up just to organize and oversee the operation. That’s not only insane it smacks of a " skakedown operation ", pretty much.
Disgusting, right?


The Oligarchy is out hunting for a candidate. They NEED one,

They thought they had one with Kamala Harris, … but after a bit of time with her on the tube, and they know there is no there there. Thus, Joe. Who ELSE?

The last thing they want is to Empower ordinary People. Not only does that move things backwards for them, it sets a terrible precedent: the USA with … gasp! … democracy.

They would prefer Pence to Bernie or Tulsi … as we’ve seen.


LOL! And giving up golf, booze and preservatives.


And just a little more on Dirty Joe: He called Julian Assange a “high-tech terrorist” in 2010, never to
be forgotten for those alive to truth; and his son has investments in the U.S. run coup in Ukraine; keeping up with the 1%.