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Here Comes Joe Biden and It's Worse Than You Thought


Status Quo, incremental change, establishment politicians like Biden belong in jobs like “Walmart Greeter” or “Restroom Attendant.”


Correct. I was indeed referring to ‘Doc’ Blankenstein of Gold in Sacks.


And you are so right – he really is a monster!


As I was reading comments, Ray, yours jumped out for its humor!

The 2 Joes ticket is its own party. Grateful that it’s a party of 2, with not much appeal.


Absolutely, they are too scared by we progressives and leftists. Biden will lose. He is same old , same old. The fact that his son fought in the Iraq war with Biden’s approval turns my stomach! The MIC will love him and so will Wall St.


This is why Biden and Harris and Warren are running. Democrats will not allow anyone to move the party to the left and if that means Trump again so be it.

Besides the democrats have voted with republicans for all legislation but one. Trump is such a dangerous man the democrats voted to give him more power to spy on us.


Joe Biden is the lubricant that corporate America needs to give US workers and consumers the SHAFT:

A Democrat in Name Only (DINO).


Rayd, another thanks for a little smile as the dismal Democratic
Party offers choice worthy of Orwell’s totalitarian alternatives.


Joe-Joe made me hit the Beatles replay button :-))) Thanks Buddy :-))) Still tryin’ to Get Back to where I once belonged.


Nice try-----please do not lump Sen Warren with Harris and Biden. I will agree that Warren should appeal to REAL conservatives----she is like a Roosevelt ----she wants to fix capitalism. She hasn’t quite got her footing in interviews but I do believe she can take the nomination----I am not sure she can win though----its interesting that the country went with a half black guy----but I’m not sure about a woman----and yes I know it’s 2019----do we live in a backward country or what? Trump is like a president out of 1800’s.


-Or-, we can fight like hell NOW to win the nomination with Bernie. Every single time a person posts a negative scenario, it actually serves to put that in people’s heads. Human beings are so fallible. Let us not screw ourselves, yes?


Ole Delaware Joe May announce soon. Although as Vice President in 2016 he was the heir- he waited. Now he is still waiting while others jump in.

You see he’s Biden his time.


Besides being a conservative and one who has yet to open his mouth to say anything about anything - once again the corporate news sources are attempting to jump the gun by pushing a candidate ahead of Sanders and everyone else who’s running. They make it sound as if the race is pretty much decided when in fact Biden hasn’t even declare his candidacy. WTF??! (I can only imagine who’s behind this. Hint: someone who wants her old job back as Sec.of State, maybe?)


The DEMs love to lose!
2000-Gore instead of Bradley
2004- Kerry instead of Dean

2016- Hillary instead of Sanders


I absolutely loathe Howard Dean now. Another centrist or worse who faked left. He fooled me and got some of my money. He’s just another low-life lobbyist withe the nerve to criticize Tulsi Gabbard. I’m glad he lost and he wouldn’t have done any better than Kerry in the general. Don’t know much about Bradley but I don’t think he’s anything like Bernie.


Yep. The real reason Biden is running is not to defeat Trump, it is to deny progressives get anywhere near the white house.


How bad is Biden? So bad that even Obama told him not to run in 2016. Of course that was likely cause he knew Hillary was going to be nominated.


The only thing they have learned is to how not to let progressive get as close as they did to the nomination.


The majority of Dems, maybe. But that’s a minority of the electorate, as we know.


I think it’s worth keeping in mind that Biden’s role may also be mainly for mis-direction; i.e. to provide cover for perhaps another corporate Dem. It may well be that the establishment “deciders” are comfortable with someone like, say, Booker, Harris or O’Rourke ; who pose as “progressive” at times even as they cozy up to the billionaires. Anticipating that a Biden campaign will take a lot of the fire from the activist Dem base, enough of the latter might “settle on” someone like those three.