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Here Comes Joe Biden and It's Worse Than You Thought


The libertarian economic agenda to REDUCE THE WORLD TO POVERTY LEVEL is neoliberalism - to end the healthy middle class experiment.

Neoliberalism, the 45-yr. global economic policy, is an ideology founded by libertarian economist and Austrian aristocrat, Friedrich von Hayek and promoted by libertarians Milton Friedman, James Buchanan, Ayn Rand, Alan Greenspan, the Koch brothers and others, on both sides of the aisle.

Obama ADMITS to the collusion between both parties since Reagan, called the Washington Consensus, to hollow out the middle class, destroy social services through market exploitation, aggressive deregulation to create too big to govern monopolies, end fiscal policy (gov’t investment in public purpose) in order to force the nation to borrow credit from private banks for profit and sink everyone deep into private debt.

Forty years ago, we had a strong middle class, but the capitalists were threatened by this new force who dared enter the political arena and press their demands for civil, labor, health rights, food safety and environmental protections and ending an illegal war during the 60’s decade.

They thought they had conditioned everyone to think of public sector investment as “socialism”. No, it’s actually what gov’t is supposed to do and did prior to the 80’s.

“Government exists to spend. The purpose of government is to serve the general welfare of the citizens, not just the military-industrial complex and the financial class. Didn’t we have a stimulus, oh, eight years ago? It was tiny and has not been entirely spent. As Yellen implied, we need more spending of the non-military kind (what Barney Frank memorably called “weaponized Keynesianism” doesn’t stimulate).”

It’s so great to see MMT (modern monetary theory) kicking orthodox neoliberals off their pedestal, the charlatans. Biden’s time is over. The 40-yr. neoliberal era is finished.

A Healthy Middle Class is Dangerous to the Elites


A lot of people who voted for Obama for two terms are the same people who give us the current Annoying Orange. Making Biden the front runner would only guarantee another four years of the current asshole and chief.


Smilin Joe The current face of the Devil (Republican Party).


I agree with everything you stated!