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Here Comes Tax Scam 2.0: As Worker Wages Fall and Corporate Profits Soar, GOP Readies $600 Billion Tax Giveaway for the Rich


Here Comes Tax Scam 2.0: As Worker Wages Fall and Corporate Profits Soar, GOP Readies $600 Billion Tax Giveaway for the Rich

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Version one of the GOP's deeply unpopular tax scam produced results nearly everyone—including, in his rare moments of honesty, President Donald Trump himself—predicted: Record-shattering profits for Wall Street,


Representation without taxation is the new tyranny.


I couldn’t possibly say enough bad about McConnell or his ilk…no eithics, no morals, no compassion=…not human, waste of skin and bone, much better used for fertilizer.


“We’ve got to try to figure out how to spend less”

No, we’ve got to figure out a way to get back to 1950’s tax rates.


Rest assured when “trying to figure out how to spend less” they are NOT talking about the Military.

After the first round of tax breaks guys like Mnuchin were assuring people that the cuts would pay for themselves with increased tax revenues. That obviously not happening as the Deficit expected to go UP topping 1 trillion dollars so the claim will be made , no doubt, that the reason it not working is because the tax cuts were not large enough.

Now the US Government in claiming they want to “cut taxes” recognize there that huge shortfall so have decided to make up for that shortfall by using tariffs on imported goods. This drives the price of those goods up which in essence is a higher tax on the 99 percent. The 1 percent are not affected by this.


Paul Ryan wants to make sure that he maximizes funding shortfalls for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other “domestic programs” before he retires from Congress at the end of 2018, so he can accomplish the mission he has been on since 1999 to destroy these programs.


In the book house of Trump house of Putin by Craig Unger he states Mitch McConnell has been taking Russian money for 20 years. They have learned Putin’s Ways, and it works.


Nothing but noxious weeds would ever come from McTurtle fertilizer. It would be best to just feed that group to ravenous crocodiles.


Which has been the line spouted, ad nauseum, since St. Ronny yet NEVER demonstrated in fact.

Poppy Bush’s campaign-trail characterization of “voodoo economics” remains unfailingly accurate.


Yes, more tax cuts to starve the government and make a stronger claim for passing the R’s coveted Balanced Budget Amendment. Or, as Pelosi calls it, the kinder, gentler Pay-Go better deal. Nancy’s at least considerate enough to apply some lotion first.


The smartest thing the Rs ever did was to run up deficit spending and then pin it on the Ds.

The dumbest thing the Ds ever did was go along for the ride. Hell, they even stayed on the crazy train after Bush gave Clinton’s budget surplus to the rich. In fact, 9 d-party senators voted for the 2001 tax cuts!


And the Dims were enjoying the ride so much that during the 2008 crash that not one GOP Congresscritter needed to vote in favor of putting US taxpayers on the hook for $20 plus trillion in too-big-to-fail bank (TBTF) bailout schemes…the Dims provided ALL THE VOTES NEEDED !

Today those TBTF banks control double the % of US bank assets than they did when they crashed the economy so the GOP probably wants the Dims to control Congress again in the not so distant future so the Dims can vote for exponentially larger bailouts the next time the banksters crash the economy.


And 1950’s spending?
Works for me.


Don’t worry, that Fed balance sheet always has the printing presses on speed dial.


Sure, at 1950’s military spending, we would have plenty of money for free Universal Healthcare, birth to death.


I am sure that Ryan will turn down his posh federal pension, healthcare
and other perks because of the deficit. What is good for the goose is good
for the gander. Unfortunately it will be the 99% who will suffer and some
will die. Ryan and the GOP will just smirk and count their blood money.


Americans have not had our Trump tax “cuts” yet - not until tax filing season in 2019.
When that time comes, a lot of Americans are going to have to rationalize, why they didn’t get a noticeable tax cut when they don’t consider themselves lazy or poor, or non-taxpayers.
Obviously the Republicans would want to get another tax cut now since after this it will become harder to trick Americans.


FightThePower is going on record that it would be okay with him to tax the rich.


The people of this country have to figure out how to get rid of the Duopoly parties who are allegiant only to those who give them money.

Remember the definition of insanity?


No. Once again, this article considers a tax cut to be a “giveaway” to people. That logic is completely backwards. The money you make is yours and only yours, and you should be taxed at the minimum amount possible such that we can sufficiently fund the government for its basic requirements. Saying that a tax cut is a giveaway is saying that originally your salary is actually property of the government and it decides how much you get and don’t get.

Let me say that I’d be the first to claim that we spend too much on our military. But military spending pails in comparison to our mandatory spending on SS, Medicare and Medicaid. And those three programs will run out of money very soon. That should be the concern. Claiming otherwise is to be willfully dilusional. Other countries around the world are facing the same concerns. It will be the legacy of the 21st century as numerous countries go broke trying to fund these social programs.