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Here It Comes: Trump's 100-Day Plan to "Make America Great Again"


Here It Comes: Trump's 100-Day Plan to "Make America Great Again"

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

What now? Brace yourself.

At the end of October in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump laid out what his campaign called a "100-day plan to Make America Great Again."




Right wing nightmare begins?

Just asking: will Trump sue the many women that said he was a sexual predator?

Will Trump indict HRC?


Trump’s first priority is always money, and before anything else this week, he will make sure to reimburse himself for the 100 million he claims to have donated to his campaign. Second, he thrives on adulation and will resume big rallies within a month so that he can accept the cheers of his delirious followers. And third, he will dwell on getting even with everyone who insulted or demeaned him - and that includes plenty of Republicans as well as Democrats.

As to the rightwing agenda outlined here, Trump may not just sign off on everything unless he sees how the particular law or policy fits one of the above priorities. Just to stick it to Ryan and McConnell, for example, he might even nominate Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court and watch them squirm.


Thanks Bernie! Great job!


Bernie must be eating crow!


Trump will self-destruct very early in his first term… The GOP controlled Congress will demand his resignation, elevating Pence to POTUS… It’s Nixon & Ford all over again…


Considering that Pence is Koch’s boy and that the proposed Energy Secretary is currently a Koch lobbyist, the Kochs will delight in such an event.

Historically, the national economy suffers the first couple years under Republican presidents. The “Obama Economy” should become a constant drumbeat the next two years. That’s especially true if the next Congress also decides it needs to repeal Dodd-Frank along with the Consumer Protection Agency. Repealing Dodd-Frank will permit the Wall Street bankers to gamble with pension money once more.

On the other hand, Trump reputedly has little love for Wall Street bankers. Not so true for the Republican multitude in Congress.


Through the primaries I always believed that Cruz the Texas theocrat would be worse than Trump. Although I continue to believe that, Pence is best characterized as a Hoosier theocrat, a Cruz of the North.

Trump hinting that he will turn over domestic and foreign policy to his VP to allow Trump to concentrate on making America great again (whatever that means) is more scary than Trump himself.


Not my words, but somebody else’s post on a different forum, which I believe deserves repeating:
QUOTE: Oh it’s not done. Not at all. In fact it’s just about to begin. And it won’t be pretty.

For the first time in my life I’m ashamed to be an American. Deeply, profoundly ashamed.

I suspect there will come a day when the fools in this country come to deeply regret this. Putting a creature like this in power never ends well…never.

In fact, it won’t be over for a very very long time and life is about to get considerably harder. Open season has been declared on …well…just about everyone, so peace will be really hard to come by.

Most of the country doesn’t realize it’s been conned yet…but they will. Unless you’re white and dumb there is no longer a place for you here. All the social progress made in the last few years is about to be torn apart. None of things you thought you were getting are going to happen…but a whole bunch of things you never bargained on are about to shoved down your idiotic throats.

There isn’t going to be a wall. Those jobs aren’t coming back. Disenfranchising everyone but white men isn’t going to make you safe or prosperous.

Everything I’ve fought for my whole life has been rejected. Trump didn’t win. Hatred, stupidity, bigotry ,racism, sexism is what really won.

The American people just got the mess they richly deserve and they dragged the sane down with them. Frankly I’m tired and sick and no longer have any interest in being noble or civil…I hope they choke on it.

I wish I didn’t have to live here but we’re too poor and too old and I’m too sick to leave.

First thing this morning though…we’re pulling what little retirement we have and investing it overseas. If there’s anything left of it after the market opens that is.

This isn’t a country I recognize anymore and not one I have any interest in contributing too, economically or any other way. UNQUOTE


It doesn’t exactly just begin, but just went on hyper drive. surely you realize this. It is a fucking disaster.

Will anyone be standing to indict Trump for the crimes he will commit? HRC being indicted by a criminal gang that have no principal to stand on, isn’t exactly what is needed.

Those on the left who are celebrating this prospect, but not, even now grasping how significantly tragic this Trump rise to power is, are fools.

I have detailed in other posts that HRC/DNC are squarely to blame for this, as they actually set forth a strategy through media connections to advance Trump, while at the same time crush the populist message of Sanders, which left the fake populist standing.

  1. Explore what Trump Voters were thinking. Really try to understand their reasoning, emotions, reactions and pressures, so we can…
  2. Delegitimize the movement/appeal, just like we’re supposed to do with citizens in countries that condone or at least don’t rally against, terrorism. So we can…
  3. Make sure our framing encompasses their language and priorities. True Bigots and Idiots may take too much time and energy, but if we create a non-threatening, peer-pressure inducing environment, the non-fanatical can break.
  4. Understand how there was a populist vacuum on the Left, and we cannot be complacent with power or privilege, and nominate and campaign, well not like modern Democrats.
  5. Bring Racism and Sexism fully into the mainstream conversation.

I will be working with local progressive efforts in my neighborhood as well as a resource website for Greens & Progressives.


Oh, and make media executives and personalities apologize every day for the next 4 years and vow to do everything they can to mitigate the monster they helped create.


Yes, it’s gonna be bad, blah, blah, blah.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. All you Hillarybots thought you had a sure thing when you stabbed Bernie Sanders and his million-plus followers in the back because the big-money people said that as long as the Main Stream Media did everything you told them to do, that nobody could stop you. Well, it turns out that people don’t like it when you cackle like the Wicked Witch of the West after you vanquish your foes.

I hope by now you’ve come to realize that now is the time to do some real organizing.

Yes, President Trump is going to be bad. REAL bad. So bad that pretending that it’ll be anything but bad will be a denial of the fact that of how bad it’s gonna be. Are we going to take it sitting down? I hope not. Are we going to put our faith in another corporate shell of a candidate who never intended to keep a single promise she made? I don’t think so.

Fool me once…


Sadly, They will have a cushy job for Debbie at the Clinton Foundation.


Since we’re not going to hear anything about what happened with the Greens in this cycle, I’ve gotta put this somewhere. So apologies to both management and threaders for swerving into a bit OT territory.

The Greens fell way short of 5%. And this should’ve been the goal of every genuine progressive here. And that means an overwhelming number of Sanders supporters either flipped to Clinton or sat out.

So, in short, your entire “revolution” was for absolutely nothing. Every nickel wasted. Every syllable fallen on deaf ears. You failed. Completely. And you still ended up with Trump. Couldn’t even get Clinton elected.

While Clinton losing is certainly chuckle-worthy (and we may have been spared a major war with a nuclear power, but that remains to be seen), there is as of this morning no viable progressive political competition for a Democratic party that threw every single one of you under the bus.

Bernie, of course, is responsible for a great deal of the defection from his own bloody movement. But where was the conviction?

Right wingers still know one thing that apparently good Democrats do not: you vote with a goal in mind. Always. And they do. Most of them distrust Trump–I’ve read nothing other than that all morning from my right wing friends. They don’t trust him, but they took a chance on him to get closer to their own goals. They deserved to win.

Are progressives always going to be drunk with fear?

Anyway, I wanted to get that off my chest. Clinton losing was a good thing. The Democrats and their arrogant core getting slapped like rag dolls was definitely a good thing. Always fun to see the smirk of corporatism get wiped off.

But we had a simple mission, those of us on the Left. To advance our goals just one step closer. And we failed miserably. And that’s the worst news from this election for me.

Thanks for allowing the vent, and no more from me about it.


Well said! Thanks for your reply.


And pulling back the MIC and the FIRE industries.


Wait I thought it was assange, I mean those f ing millennials, no the republican deplorables or was it Putin? imo it was a piss poor candidate.


I woke up this morning feeling refreshed. Perhaps some semblance of world peace is attainable.

If Trump really does immediately implement his stated intentions of placing priority on good international relationships around the globe and on rebuilding this country’s infrastructure, rather than destroying everyone else’s, that will be two steps in a direction not taken by BillyBoy-Clinton, Bushwacker and O’drone-a-bomba, and certainly not even remotely on the agenda of Killary. I would much prefer that our tax dollars be spent domestically, rather than on psychotic hegemonic fantasies. In that regard, we’ll see whether the CIA and other clandestine services permit Trump to continue to exist, since most of their devious, demented, covert games will have to cease.

I hope Sanders is feeling totally chastised. He blew a lifetime of work in siding with the Clinton-controlled Democratic horde. I wonder if we’ll ever know the true story of his political demise. He had such an opportunity encompassing him. What a shame of a waste…the man could have been President.