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Here’s How Clinton’s Latest College Debt-Relief Plan Misses The Mark


Here’s How Clinton’s Latest College Debt-Relief Plan Misses The Mark

Isaiah Poole

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has gotten some well-deserved rebukes for the limited college-debt relief plan she unveiled Tuesday in Denver for graduates who start new businesses.

“If Clinton wants to give away money to people who will eventually be wealthy, this proposal is a great idea,” writes Alexander Holt in Inside Higher Ed.


Wow, Clinton is just pissing me off now...

Her idea is one of the dumbest that I've ever seen. Defer student loans? What good will that do? This is such bullshit! She nor the democrats batted an eye when the Federal Reserve used "quantitative easing" to give four trillion dollars to the 1%, but any idea of giving ordinary people a break by reducing the costs of college isn't even brought to the table.

What say you, HRC apologists? Haven't we had enough of this crap?


Sadly (but unsurprisingly) this is the best we can expect from ANY neoliberal.

This country needs an enema.


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Thanks for posting this article - I wondered if anyone else noticed this speech when she gave it. I watched part of this on the news and thought the very same thing. So sick of the "entrepreneurs rule" mentality, but of course not their employees. Just like all the Neo-Liberal "Democrats", though. Duval Patrick has put millions into "innovation" zones that benefit "entrepreneurs", but pretty much nothing for blue collar workers (or even tech or other workers in those industries). HRC is just more of the same. Essentially grooming the next 1% and calling that "Progressive". When are the voters going to stop being fooled by all this drivel?


For Clinton the "mark" is to put more money in hers and her daughters bank accounts so I think she has hit it just fine.


This plan also fits well with the Clinton's belief in "meritocracy" - more evidence of how the Dem Party was transformed by Bill and Hill into the party of the "professional class" as Thomas Frank refers to them - to top 10%.

Nice work HRC - you keep on reinforcing that you are the candidate of the status quo establishment elite.


"Clinton may not have done this intentionally, but she has offered a proposal that fits neatly into the “makers vs. takers” right-wing narrative of the economy, one that exalts the so-called “job creators” but offers little if anything to the people doing those jobs."

Nothing the Red Queen does can be thought of as unintentional - there is always an angle with winners and losers. This is reinforcement of education-usury and debt - the victimization of millions who want an education, but will become wage and interest slaves to the financial parasites Hillary champions - trickle-down education.


Sounds like Hillary Clinton will speed up the US College Meltdown. Mr. Poole, do you know about Alan Collinge and Student Debt Justice?


HRC is astonishingly conventional and regressive. Locked into old, old paradigms. Our very own homegrown Margaret Thatcher