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Here’s How to Cover Uninsured Americans During the Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/28/heres-how-cover-uninsured-americans-during-pandemic


Canada figured this out nearly 60 years ago.

Living near the Canadian border for the past two decades I have noticed US Border Patrol infrastructure and staff increase tenfold. Makes me feel secure that they will keep Canadian single-payer medical insurance from invading the US.


Bernie who?

There he goes again, blaming the Republicans (only). Has he no sense of how ridiculous and farcical he has become? It’s like a reprise of King Lear, only played out with our money, our hopes, and our lives.


Thank you, Senator Sanders
Brilliant analysis, brilliant vision
As usual


I can’t say it much more simply:


Sorry Bernie, but you caved in.
You endorsed Biden.
Nobody believes in you anymore.


I get that there are some people upset with Bernie but it’s misplaced. You think you are operating in a fair system that would allow someone with Bernie’s ideas to get elected to the presidency but facts( well ignored )disagree with you. Short of mass civil disobedience or disruption the corrupt politicians do not cede power, not through fair elections or otherwise. So what’s Bernie to do if he wants to still have some voice or even stay alive?

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Thanks your sage counsel about what’s “misplaced.”

I’m more disgusted with Sanders than I can put into words, and I certainly never harbored any illusions about the “fairness” of the systems we are living in. But since we like to live in hope, I did entertain some minor fantasies about Sanders–that he might stick around and fight a little longer; use the platform that he had (that his supporters game him) to continue to advocate for his supporters. But I kind of knew that this was an illusion too; that in reality Sanders could hardly wait to cave and go over to the enemy. Still, when I see his face now I just want to vomit–and it seems many others feel the same way. Good for them.


Tell that to the many thousands on his “thank you and future organizing” call tonight.

Where exactly would we be if Bernie had not run this time? Still believing Warren is a progressive (those of you that did)? Or maybe we would not have even had those lies to listen to, perhaps it would have been just Joe? Or, prosecutor Harris?

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Well I understand but I also understand how much the establishment wanted to get rid of him so it’s very likely his life or family was threatened I lived through the sixties and I know the extent depraved and sociopathic individuals will go to get and maintain power

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We’d be exactly where we are. As far as I can see, right now it is “just Joe.” Backed by…Sanders!


According to this logic, there’s no point to challenge the system because they will just come and kill us.

Alas, I’ve been around awhile too. And I vaguely remember the 60s as a time when there was real excitement and real social change going on. It’s true that some got killed–Martin Luther King Jr pops up in my mind as a guy who got himself because he wouldn’t stop fighting; it’s kind of hard imagining him pulling a Sanders! But changes happened,and the establishment is still griping about it decades and decades later…

If we want change, we have to fight for it. And live it in our own lives. We will not get anywhere if we just lay down and die; and it’s even worse if, like Sanders, we tell everyone else to lay down and die with us!

Sander’s only real value was in the inspiration he generated; and his abject capitulation was a kick in the face with enormous consequences. As a result, from now on people will have to move on “in spite” of him, rather than because of him.

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There are millions more people that are aware of, and that support, the policies that (only) Bernie has brought up. No other candidates would have been talking about these things, and there would not be millions of people more knowledgeable, aware, and motivated to demand (and work for) those policies. That is not “exactly” where we were, and it’s definitely a better place to be in, unless you think ignorance is truly blissful.

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Plenty of people, and plenty of candidates, and plenty of activists and writers etc. have been bringing up these issues from time immemorial–it’s just that they aren’t in either of the two main parties. There is a world outside of this “two” (actually, one) party hell, and that’s where we need to get to. Sanders is not helping, to put it mildly. Anybody who “follows” him is going in the wrong direction.

I’m aware that there are other people that bring these issues up, and you’re right, they aren’t in the two main parties so their message isn’t heard (as significantly). Bernie has reached millions of people and worked hard for them all his life. Bernie has never told anyone to “follow” him; he always tells everyone that they must be part of the solution and must collectively make things happen. In addition to his policies, that is his main message, i.e. Not me. US!

I know he says that (and that’s to his credit) which is why I put “follows” in quotes. But when you endorse someone (especially using the language Sanders used), that’s kind of asking you follow them, isn’t it? IMO the solution is not inside the Democratic Party, it’s in the exact opposite direction. So he is not helping by trying to sheepdog us in there. Especially for an execrable candidate like his “good friend” JB. Sorry, but just thinking about either one of those guys makes me nauseous.

The Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act would treat all people equally.

Hey Bernie, an excellent campaign idea to run on, especially during a pandemic!!! And especially running against a candidate (Biden) who would be against it.

A slam dunk for you Bernie!!!

Oh wait, I forgot, you quit the race early to get back in the fold with the corrupt Dems and support Biden.

Atta boy Bernie!


Bernie is using the covid crisis to promote Enhanced M4A. Thank you, Bernie.

A plug for Enhanced M4A is inherently a dig at those who oppose it - like Biden. Bernie doesn’t have to include Biden’s name to make the point. Thank you, again, Bernie.

Nevertheless, the derogatory comments here indicate that the website’s name should be changed from CommonDreams to CommonNightmare=Bernie.

If Congress followed Bernie’s suggestion and enacted “Emergency M4A”, USAmericans would love it so much that it could never be repealed.

Who other than Bernie is trying to keep M4A alive?

If Pelosi pushed it through the House, it would be blocked in the Senate - and the voter backlash would eradicate the Republicans. If it got through Congress and Trump vetoed it, again the voter backlash would eradicate the Republicans, including Trump.

Instead of supporting Bernie’s shrewd move, most comments ignore the content of this column and instead heap hatred on Bernie.

Commenters’ anger should be aimed at the people who are blocking M4A - Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer, Biden, Hillary, McConnell, Trump, et al.

Hey Bernie - maybe you should have gotten a public concession from Biden and the dems to promise to implement medicare for all once elected, before you rolled over and endorsed Biden - for nothing.

Do you even know what leverage is?

You have become the cackling parrot caged in the corner repeating the same tired phrase, “Bernie want a cracker, Bernie want a cracker.”

Fear not Mr. Sanders, your Wikipedia footnote has been firmly established.