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Here’s How to Cover Uninsured Americans During the Pandemic

I know! That is my point. Only Bernie was speaking of these things, and because he was/is talking about them, people (normal people, not politicians) are more aware than they would have been if Bernie hadn’t run. The leading candidates, including Warren, were never really on board with his policies, but people haven’t forgotten the ideas, and it’s up to people to do something about it.


I’m sorry for speaking harshly, but please reread your comment - you have not moved on.

I freed myself of the “myth” less than thirty seconds after I read that Bernie had suspended his campaign. My comments a couple weeks ago, and just after Bernie’s withdrawal, included these words: “Bernie is irrelevant.” Redirecting my energy to the opportunity that’s right in front of us took no effort. (The opportunity, btw, is the Senate race in Maine.)

If and when Bernie gives us a little help, as he has in this column, I’ll use that help to advance the progressive cause. Hating Bernie does nothing to achieve progressive goals.

The time and energy spent hating Bernie could be used more productively.

To those interested in how poorly the USA’s current Rube Goldberg health care monstrosity covers covid testing, I highly recommend this story from NPR: ~https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/04/29/847450671/covid-19-tests-that-are-supposed-to-be-free-can-ring-up-surprising-charges

“Sander’s only real value was in the inspiration he generated; and his abject capitulation was a kick in the face with enormous consequences. As a result, from now on people will have to move on “in spite” of him, rather than because of him.”

I’m as disappointed in Bernie as anyone, but I disagree with the statement above. Bernie did us all a great service when he ran, because he changed the whole conversation. No one who just listened to the mainstream media even knew what single-payer or Medicare for All was before Bernie ran for president. No one was advocating for a $15 minimum wage. Nobody was talking about free public college or forgiving student loan debt. Now these are all popular ideas. Yes, Bernie was inspiring, and ultimately disappointing, but his important legacy will be changing the conversation and the consciousness of the American people.

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I don’t see where you’re disagreeing. I pretty much said the same thing you’re saying: Sanders had value as an inspiration, but I was “disappointed” by him (although I used stronger words) in the end.

He is certainly not the only advocate for single-payer, higher wages, etc. If your point is that the public is too dumb to know about these things because they can’t think for themselves and they’re all tuned in to corporate media or worse, then tell me how Sanders is helping by capitulating so publicly, calling on us to support his “good friend” who has dedicated his life to burying these very ideas. If Sanders’s ideas are important, then he should be using all his leverage and doing everything he can to get more media time so he can fight for them, and he should not be allying himself with their enemy. When he collapses like a sick kitten, his message is that the ideas themselves are sick and weak and pointless. So…thanks, but no thanks…!

Um, did you even read the article, Non-criticalThinker? Bernie flat out criticizes the Democrats for their usual corruption and promotion of the interests of the rich:

“…Democrats proposed spending hundreds of billions of dollars on expanding subsidies for COBRA… But there’s another, better way…”

“Our [proposal] is more comprehensive than Trump’s vague proposal and less expensive than the Democrats’ COBRA expansion.”

“…too many [Democrats] are proposing a totally inadequate response that would simply lock in place the dysfunction and waste of our current health care system.

“COBRA subsidies will only cement the inequities of our current health insurance system.”

“Subsidizing COBRA, as they have suggested, would be both expensive and ineffective: Not only would health insurance corporations make massive profits off the plan—profits that come at the cost of the American taxpayer—but it would still leave tens of millions uninsured or underinsured. And during this pandemic, a lack of insurance means more Covid-19 transmissions and more deaths.

In other words, corrupt Democrats want to use the pandemic to further enrich Big Pharma and the insurance industry that bribes, erm, funds their campaigns, and Bernie Sanders is brave enough to call them out, albeit somewhat less directly than I just did in this paragraph. Both Democrats and Republicans are willing to risk the lives of us little people as long as they and their career funders can get rich gouging us.

Let’s face it – the ACA itself is designed to block universal healthcare and to make our middle and working classes pay for the poor so that the rich can get richer.

Here’s the best part of Bernie’s well thought out plan, especially since the federal government is prevented by law from negotiating drug prices, thanks to corrupt Democrats colluding with corrupt Republicans to help the rich getting richer at the expense of the rest of us:

“It would also prevent price gouging by pharmaceutical companies by making sure the government pays the same lower price for prescription drugs as the Veterans Health Administration.”

Bernie is brilliant. Apparently readers like you, Non-criticalThinker, can’t understand that, or his passion for fairness and compassion for regular Americans. Or perhaps you are still stuck in 2016 and have some Bernie-bias you can’t let go of. Did Bernie wreck your favorite candidate’s chance to be Prez by pointing out how her actions put her squarely on the side of the billionaire class? Will you also criticize Bernie for telling us what Joe Biden has done while working against our interests? Joe who single-handedly ensured a sexual predator was installed for life on our Supreme Court. Stealth Republican Joe who spent years of his career trying to enact Republican policies like cutting Social Security and Medicare. Bankster-loving Joe who worked to ensure poor Americans can be cheated by the rich elite even after they bankrupt. Yeah, don’t get mad at Joe for doing that nasty work, just get mad at Bernie for daring to point out what Joe did. I think Bernie is calling out corrupt, dishonest or downright stupid elected Democrats in this article. Perhaps you should let go of your animosity towards this feminist, LGBTQ-supporting, anti-war-profiteering, working class hero and reread the article with a little more critical thinking.

BTW, I don’t agree with everything Bernie proposes. I think it’s a mistake to offer free healthcare to anyone who can step foot in our country. I expect millions of Chinese, Russians, Africans, other Asians, Mexicans, South & Central Americans and pretty much anyone who lives in a country that doesn’t have the quality of healthcare found in the US will immediately take a “medical vacation” to get free treatment for whatever ails them. How many people will “visit” the US to get their cancer treated? How many people with AIDS will be brought here by well-meaning liberals who think US taxpayers should fund their $15-20M treatment in an attempt to keep them alive another ten years? Worse, free healthcare to anyone who can step foot in our country would be an enormous incentive to violate our immigration laws. It would encourage millions and millions more people to enter and live in our country unlawfully. Bernie, are you listening? I love your passion and insight, but we can’t possibly pay for healthcare for every person who can manage to get themselves into our country. Critical thought. Always.

Bernie is still running. He didn’t cave. He simply reminded us that Joe is better than the Dipshit in Chief.

Atlas, you’re dreaming if you think Biden would promise to implement medicare for all. What’s the point of Bernie asking him to if he’s simply never going to do it? Bernie only has leverage that we give him. I suggest you refuse to vote for corporatist Joe Biden. Getting mad at Bernie for losing is a waste of energy. Insulting him after the years of effort he’s give you and all of us is even stupider. I suggest you work on a better way to win next time we have a progressive being screwed by the DNC and Left-wing corporate-owned media in favor of a corrupt Democrat.

WTF? He didn’t “quit the race early to get back in the fold with the corrupt Dems”. He lost because the DNC flooded the race with candidates who dissipated the progressive vote. And two of them, Pete 'n Amy, were obviously ringers, quitting right before Super Tuesday and throwing their support to Biden.

Think about it: For those voters who cast votes based on identity politics, women (especially middle aged feminists) had Elizabeth Warren, blacks had Harris and Booker before primaries started, gay men had their man Pete, and he was very attractive to Jews who want the US to continue giving Israel $12M a day! Hispanics had Castro or Beto, the white Texan who speaks fluid Spanish. ConservaDems had many options to choose from, but of course they wouldn’t have voted for Bernie anyway. New Yorkers had De Blasio. Because if you can’t identify on race or gender, why not vote for someone because he happens to lives in your state? Millennials would have voted for Yang, stupidly believing a President can hand them 1000 bucks a month for not working. If they’d take that computer out of their pocket and look up the Constitution, they might realize that the US president doesn’t have that kind of fiscal authority. But as a group, they’re not our best and brightest thinkers.

The bottom line is that with so many identity-politics candidates, Bernie never got ahead enough to compete with the corporatist Biden. That was the only way to beat Bernie, short of killing him. They managed to split the progressive vote so he could never surge as a front runner. He’s still in the race, he’s just unable to beat Biden because rank and file Democrats are stupid.

The problem isn’t Bernie quitting. The problem is that the Left is often as easily duped as Trumpsters.

The true problem is Bernie being a part of the Democratic Party in the first place. He had a golden opportunity years ago to begin to start a grass roots 3rd Party but, alas, he opted to stay with the same corrupt folks who f’kd him and his movement.

Change doesn’t happen if you fold.