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Here’s How to Send a Message to Big Pharma

Here’s How to Send a Message to Big Pharma

Bernie Sanders

During this election season, Californians have been relentlessly carpet-bombed by TV ads paid for by three dozen super-rich drug companies to defeat Proposition 61.

The drug industry has raised an obscene amount – at least $109 million – to fight Prop. 61, the biggest war chest ever amassed in a ballot measure battle in California’s history.


Obama’s TPP will indeed prevent California or any part of any signatory nation from controlling this type of corporate extortion.

Canadians, New Zealanders, Australians and residents of other nations that negotiate drug prices have far more to lose than Americans when TPP becomes law…


“[M]ore affordable and accessible to more people.”: No Bernie, this is setting the bar too low. Drug Companies should not be permitted to hold patents on any drugs thus making drugs inexpensive again. Better yet, nationalize Big Pharma. Medicine should be accessible to all not simply to “more” people. Obamacare has left out in the cold 30 million people.


TPP will push the price of the patch up to $810 in Canada…just like in Murka, and precisely why the payback for Obama signing TPP is bigger than the payback for signing Obamacare.


Thanks for sharing your personal dilemma. Continuing US epidemic of high-cost medicines and health care costs; hits working and middle classes the worst.

It’s disturbing to see how health care and access to medicines have worsened under Obama. Office co-pays? High deductibles? Costs of medicines? So naive, I never saw this coming 8 years ago. I thought we’d have a plan to correct health insurance/ health care abuses.

As Bill Clinton said about Obamacare, “It’s the craziest thing I ever saw.”

Frightening that it’s not going to get better.


Sanders is still smoking the dream pipe. All this self-righteous anger really worked out well bringing the Epipen profiteers to bear. Same with all the other Big Pharma rip-offs. HRC is in bed with Big Pharma LARGELY (as Trump would say) so no change is coming that way. Ignoring the will of voters, protests, etc. has not worked out so well for any of us.

Sanders was one of us until it was no longer convenient. And his Goldwater gal was never one of us.Oh, and can’t stand him. Or Warren. All these trade deals (the TPP Obama will try to pass before he leaves office to save HRC) coming down the pike will destroy any laws put in place. Big Pharma knows this, and so does banking and Wall Street.

Sanders needs to go and be silent. What is needed is a real 3rd Party and a movement to make it happen. In fact, it may be too late even for that. What is really needed is a global movement to stop the US Imperialism.in its tracks.


Let’s give Bernie Sanders a chance, as well as the Proposition in California.
Attempting to do something, no matter the odds is always better than
doing nothing.


Nice message, Bernie, but you fail to make it clear that big pharma is a criminal operation little different from the cartels when it comes to the production of drugs that are fueling the current opioid epidemic. Pfizer , for example, is killing thousands with its mass distribution of Xanax. This drug has been particularly deadly as marijuana becomes more acceptable because many of the marijuana addicts have been combining it with Xanax. Some pushers have taken to giving away free Xanax because they know it is highly addictive and can ready their customers for heroin.

The fact that weak-willed doctors write so many prescriptions on demand for patients who have just seen an ad on TV has only increased the flood of such poison. No, Bernie, it isn’t just the price of this crap that’s the problem.

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MJ is not addictive. Neither is Xanax. Yes, they have a level of psychological dependence. But there is no withdrawal after discontinuation.

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To all of you negative thinkers who have posted on this very important pharmaceutical issue, where
millions are dying without their prescriptions because they can’t afford them here is your answer:

Sen Sanders, whether you like him or not, is trying to do something positive for millions of people
who die every year because they cannot afford their prescriptions. He is a hard-working, knowledgeable
Senator, and unlike you he is working on the inside, well aware of the TPP, which he was against,
well aware of the problems and possibilities that are in front of us. But he is the only person willing
to fight with like-minded people such as the Nurses, who are supporting Sen. Sanders efforts with
Prop. 61.

The Nurses see diabetic patients admitted to hospitals with elevated glucose levels because they couldn’t
fill their meds; for instance, insulin has doubled and tripled in price; coronary patients have the same
problems with filling scripts for meds and especially need drugs to prevent blood clots in a new stent.
Many must go to ER, absent their meds, if they don’t die first from a heart attack or stroke.

Who is helping them right now ?.. no one running for President. So Bernie is taking on the challenge
just like he did in Colorado with ColoradoCare, a single payer plan that could replace Obamacare,
and if their proposition is passed this election day upcoming, it could open the door for other states.
But I am sure some of you posted above my post will find a problem with ColoradoCare as well,
and probably because Bernie Sanders is supporting it. That seems to be an underlying reason
with SOME of you. Don’t attack Bernie, open your mouths to the person you are voting for who is
probably doing nothing … and they don’t have to be elected President t o d a y to support a good
cause. Isn’t it time we all worked together to save lives?

Dr. Jill Stein, who obviously has been a doctor for years, , sees what is happening with PHARMA;
here is her chance to join in with Sen. Sanders and bring attention to what she full well knows is true
about the high cost of medications. Dr. Stein did not hesitate to join Bernie at the Democratic Convention
when it served her purpose; where is she now? She is well part of the medical field and aware of
all of the above, but where are the drs. such as herself? They are enjoying bloated salaries and
have two and three offices, not just one. What better person than Dr. Stein to come out
strongly for this Prop. 61 in California and bring some of her doctor friends with her. But I
I have noticed that she talks a good game about health care but is not aggressive and does not
take chances like Bernie Sanders. She may be a nice person but I NOW see a weak candidate.

We can attack people such as Bernie Sanders who is trying, and will probably succeed with
his power to get Prop. 61 passed, and we can join the National Nurses United who are all in
with Sanders, or we can whine about it and do nothing.
Californians are doing something about it and I wish them and Bernie Sanders well.