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Here’s What a Budget That Prioritizes Peace Looks Like


Here’s What a Budget That Prioritizes Peace Looks Like

Miriam Pemberton

The Obama administration’s budget proposal for 2017 would jack up military spending higher than it’s been since World War II. The Republican leadership in Congress wants to jack it up higher than that.

Fortunately, these aren’t our only choices.


“But there’s still the question of how to get from here to there. Moving the center of budgetary gravity toward civilian investments gets you a long way, but not all the way, to a peace economy. Defense-dependent communities need help thinking through ways to ease the transition from one economic base to another.”

A significant precedent was set when U.S. domestic factories geared UP for war and shifted what they produced… virtually overnight in the run-up to W.W II.

Now the process needs to be done in reverse!

Since the military promises its recruits that they will gain experience in building (among other skills), there is probably no shortage of men in uniform who know how to rebuild places like declining inner city neighborhoods.

For years I’ve argued that the manpower be used to strengthen the nation’s infrastructure. As a matter of fact, given the high costs of advertising, corporations could sponsor blocks by having their LOGOS placed on the ones whose reconstruction they helped to finance.

Instead of money used to build yet another generation of nuclear weapons or any weapons for that matter, the factories could be used to build OTHER things… like materials needed for light rail, stronger bridges, solar panels on urban buildings, and so forth.

The manpower is there… and on salary. When that manpower is sitting at 1000 overseas bases and/or killing mostly innocent persons… what ultimate purpose does such waste serve?

And materials exist in plentitude. Scientific minds would know how to recycle lots of materials that just sit at this time.

How many homes are still vacant? How many malls and businesses?

Materials for building exist. Manpower exists. The problem is the misdirection of these resources to serve the ethos of DOING HARM rather than doing good!


Always, it’s the voter that is blamed.

Is the case being made? Was Bernie’s speech broadcast on any of the networks or is the media still in circus mode celebrating the Trump Reality Show?

Newspapers and radio announcers endlessly repeat the line that Sanders CANNOT WIN. That he doesn’t have the super-delegate count, that Mrs. Clinton is way ahead, and so forth.

F.A.I.R. and others have proven that Trump gets 400X the media attention that Mr. Sanders does.

And for those who think the entire nation is composed of people sitting at computer terminals during workday hours–just because THAT is what THEY do (and have the luxury of time, whether on someone’s payroll or otherwise, to do so)–that is NOT the case for the majority of citizens.

The problem is the TAINTED content of what passes for news as delivered from a wholly captured, corporate mass media.

This blame voters-citizens CRAP is repeated here daily. And when I point that out, suddenly new names emerge saying the same thing. It’s a tag team. Of that, I am certain.

Here’s why it’s important to understand how this meme works:

If the subject is the way Big Oil is lying about global warming or blocking other better energy technologies from broad usage, the blame voters message turns into blame consumers: These message shapers then insist that if people didn’t drive or fly planes, there’d be no problem.

If the subject is Monsanto and how it’s given itself the liberty to taint our food supply; these people will insist that voters didn’t vote to oppose Monsanto (not mentioning their campaigns of deception), or that people should not eat meat, etc.

If the subject is an out of control military, the blame-voters crowd begins to use the WE meme… and this verbiage turns the peaceful citizen into an adjunct of the military industrial complex.

If the subject is malfeasance on the part of quantifiable elites (or specific individuals), these posters will push the idea that some generic WE is responsible for the acts undertaken by these very real, often EVIL characters.

It is deliberate obfuscation, malfeasance, and protection of Corporate/Military entities.




Good post.
As pointed out in ‘‘Brave New World’’ and ‘‘Century of the Self’’ – the powers that be
know how to use the state of the art brain-washing techniques to keep the citizens
fat, dumb and happy. And if that doesn’t work, as explained in ‘‘1984’’ there’s always
the FBI, CIA, and militarized swat teams etc. to take out the peoples’ movement
(e.g. The Black Power Movement, Philadelphia MOVE, Occupy Wall Street, etc. etc.).

Hopefully, the Zapatista movement in Mexico will continue to stay alive – one candle
in the darkness of a corrupt, predatory, corny capitalist world.


In harmony with the humanity based positions of, Sanders, Warren, Reich, Lessig, etc, is the proposed Anti Corruption Act. The web site takes the reader to three remarkably crisp and powerful video clips, then the “What’s In The Legislation” extract. COURAGE, Citizen!


I am an outsider to the US but unfortunately having our country leader hell bent on increasing NZ involvement in US warmongering and knowing that 900 military bases world wide is not about keeping peace. However the left has a cancer within it. From the budget document: “Increases discretionary funding to invest in women, communities of color and their families” There is no block of people called women that need further funding other than in the ideological ‘funding grab on steroids’ called feminism. There are groups and this absolutely includes men within society that need help and this has class/education/with some historical race based.factors. For the record families should include more men as fathers within the home as a way forward to stronger communities via stronger families. Recently it was trumpeted that women now control more than 50% of wealth in the US, so when does a self-titled equality movement become one of supremacy? The gender war in western societies (like US/Australia/Britain/Canada/NZ/Europe etc) has been a divide and rule mechanism designed and funded by the current neo-liberal/corporatist marketplace…social factions at war, weak families, weak community is easy to manipulate and control. In order to move forward the left/liberals have to stop feeding this mechanism of support for the status quo.


President Sanders will need to turn the system upside down like a salt shaker to begin to put a dent in the corrupt hornet’s nest in Washington.



Sorry - i don’t want a sign on my block that says “brought to you by the munificence of Monsanto” - or do you mean blocks in cemeteries …


Oh baloney - refusal to hold voters, as Citizens, responsible for their decisions at the polls is what lets them off the hook time after time in terms of assuming the responsibility they, “we”, have, as citizens - the fact that new posters show up saying this may show that more folks are beginning to understand it - but, heaven forbid, “we” can’t countenance that possibility, can “we” - no, it must mean it is some sort of nefarious conspiracy to, to, what, exactly, - let TPTB off the hook? Then why, pray tell do at least some of these same posters, such as myself, vigorously oppose the duopoly political arm of those PTB? Must be some sort of trick, eh? Well of course, 'cause SR can’t possibly be wrong, now can she?


Oh, so OK, will Sanders have to give up his F-35?

“It increases funding for a Pentagon agency called the Office of Economic Adjustment, whose reason for being is to give planning grants and technical assistance to communities that are trying to plan an orderly transition to a more diversified jobs base.”

LOL! - talk about putting the fox in charge of the hen house!