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Here’s What We Want


Here’s What We Want

Bernie Sanders

As we head toward the Democratic National Convention, I often hear the question, “What does Bernie want?” Wrong question. The right question is what the 12 million Americans who voted for a political revolution want.

And the answer is: They want real change in this country, they want it now and they are prepared to take on the political cowardice and powerful special interests which have prevented that change from happening.


Thank you Bernie for the unbelievable sacrifices you have made to bring clarity to the lies and give our country a chance to fight for what we want and believe. What you have done will go down in history and you will be looked upon as a hero of the people.
We will fight now and into the future for the issues above and to turn this country into a country with virtue and peace. You should be our president, you are our president. Thank you.


Been a Mike Malloy listener for a decade or so, and he said something last night that I immediately understood: Hillary Clinton's eyes sometimes reveal a deep anger, anger to the point of madness, anger at the world, and her hillbilly husband, for the humiliation endured after the Big Lewinsky affair, and the constant right-wing smear jobs.

I would have sympathy for anyone else, but I can't quite get it up for Hill.

If She becomes President of Planet Earth, you'll see more space exploration by private enterprises - - to find a way outa here!!

Or, maybe she'll surprise us all and be a great president...

...and maybe Santa Claus will become the next president after Her...


Would someone please explain to me why there is NO mention of the US Empire?


This is, of course, nothing new. What the people WANT, by anywhere from a 2:1 to a 10:1 margin, has been documented for years. With the possible exception of Roosevelt, no politician or political party has ever delivered change. The external force of movements provides the leverage to move politicians and parties. The preservation and growth of the movement is more important than the election of any one politician. We need to find a way to keep this bandwagon rolling at the front of our own parade, and not get sidetracked by this almost irrelevant dog and pony show. Put those 12 million people in the street - in Philly and in DC. We will get the change we want when we DEMAND it - then and only then. And I firmly believe that it really is just that easy. The day the newsreels exposed the hard racist realities of Selma on peoples’ TV screens, the game was over and the movement’s victory assured. It mattered not a whit who occupied the ‘seat of power’, what mattered was who occupied the national consciousness.


How about the US getting back to following the rule of law. Stop invading and attacking sovereign countries like Libya, Syria and Iraq. Stop creating tensions with Russia and China. That make the possibility of a nuclear war more now then even the Cuban missile crisis. How about cutting out that America is exceptional. Because that seems to gives us the right to nuke, murder bomb any living being on this planet. How about we stop nuclear power which is killing the planet (Fukushima).


Happy Bday and many, many happy returns! Someone noted recently that we're in the week of the Full Moon, Strawberry Moon and Summer Solstice - the last time the three appeared at the same time being 70 years ago.


Not surprising. Bernie Sanders has been entirely silent on US foreign policy and us militarism throughout his campaign. His voting record shows that he has supported every US military intervention over the past couple decades save one - Bush's Iraq invasion - but not Bill Clinton's equally deadly low-level war before it.

Unfortunately, USAn's in general love war and it really does not take much of a propaganda effort to get them rabidly howling for blood. Right now, every utility pole along the main drags in large parts of the Pittsburgh South Hills suburbs where I am sitting right now sports a sign of a local "war hero" in anticipation of July 4th. It goes way beyond just the Washington Post - a politician speaks out against the US military only at great risk. Remember what happened to George McGovern - even against the criminally indicted Richard Nixon?


We--okay, I am presuming to speak for others as well as myself with this word, but I do so knowing others who agree with me here, and acknowledging that I'm not speaking for everyone--also want…

  • U.S. elections in which every vote is counted, counted as the voter clearly intends for it to be counted.

  • U.S. elections in which such legitimacy is thoroughly and transparently implemented by the public, using our tax dollars to make this democratic foundation sparkle with beauty.

  • Ending animal agriculture as we know it--Go vegan! Save the animals, ourselves, the climate, the planet.

  • U.S. commitment to respecting universal human rights in all actions domestic and foreign, and consequently downsizing, reorganizing, and deprogramming the U.S. military in accord with this simple mission.

  • Break up the media: there is no democracy without a democratic press.

When Lincoln intoned those democratic syllables, the U.S. was democratically committing citizen-led genocide of Native Americans in California. Democracy is not the ultimate destination, just a necessary field to cultivate the values that will really take us there: compassion, openness, mutual respect.



Yunzer you lying $!@#$ (insert whichever pejorative you find most objectionable).

Did you miss Sanders statement on Palestinian rights? Or his numerous statements about the need for diplomatic, not military actions? Or his criticism of changing regimes without considering the aftermath?

"Senator Sanders will protect America, defend our interests and values, embrace our commitments to defend freedom and support human rights, and be relentless in combating terrorists who would do us harm. However, after nearly fourteen years of ill-conceived and disastrous military engagements in the Middle East, it is time for a new approach. We must move away from policies that favor unilateral military action and preemptive war, and that make the United States the de facto policeman of the world."



We can have all these things if we put them up for referendum. One of the most, if not the most important thing we can do to bring democracy to America is to eliminate all the barriers to voter initiatives and referendums.


Happy birthday...


Yunzer has attacked Sanders in the past usually when "Alligatorhardt" was posting as back-up. I agree with Yunzer's attacks on Trump. Who does that leave in his "equation"? Looks like the Clinton Clan...


I’m a black, somewhat elderly female who until recently also labeled myself a Democrat. I was never a straight-ticket voter until I became completely disenchanted with the Republican Party in 1996.

Bernie supporters should not be made to feel guilty about throwing the election to Trump by not voting for Hillary. That risk is called making a statement. Should Trump win, the Democrats hopefully will have four years to get it together. Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil – neither of which is in one’s best interest in the long term. Trump may or may not be as evil as we think. Hillary’s record of crass corruption is bona fide. No one – excluding low-information voters – is fooled by who she is, what she has done and what she plans to continue doing and getting away with. Supporting Bernie was never just about the man. It was also about THE PEOPLE'S movement against an oligarchic government, just like the stuff in history books.

Before Obama came on the scene in 2008, I considered never voting again. After more of his politics as usual, I half-heartedly voted for him in resignation in 2012. He, too, talks out of both sides of his mouth regarding lobbyists, Social Security and Medicare—just to name a few things. Just like Hillary.

I can understand the Bernie supporters who may choose to sit it out this November rather than vote against their conscience and cast their vote for Hillary. Although I am not sure what I will do or whom I will vote for in November, I most certainly will NOT vote for Hillary under any circumstances.


Open source voting technology and voter initiatives and referendums are the way of the future, but the oligarchy will do everything to keep us working through the decayed, corrupt voting charade that gives it complete control.


Here's What We Want is good. How does Bernie propose we get these things if he's going to quit the race? There is something Sanders has not addressed that is necessary for success: electoral reform. We need to get rid of winner-take-all elections which will get rid of the two party system which will make candidates like Bernie Sanders viable. In a three-way race, Sanders would win the popular vote. We should have elections that allow for someone like him to become President.


Senator Sanders, you embody all that is inherently good in mankind. Your caring, compassion, and integrity have fostered a much-needed revolution of which I am proud to be a participant. Thank you for representing the heartfelt beliefs of the majority of American people as well as people worldwide.

I enjoyed your interview on CSPAN 2 TV that played last night (Wednesday). Your truth is unrivaled in the halls of both the Senate and House.

Blessings to you and yours!


Yunzer is not lying. Its true whether you want to believe it or not. In the last 40 so years Bernie Sanders has voted along the Democratic party line 98% of the time. See article
From Trump to Sanders: The ‘Lesser-Evil’ Syndrome Strikes Again

His stance on Israel and Palestine is no different than the majority of U.S. politicians - let Israel do what they want and when they want and say nothing of Israel's human right, United Nation violations because the American government is right up there with the Israeli government when it comes to murdering innocent civilians and then excusing by saying they were protecting themselves.

See excerpts from article Ramzy Baroud's article "Why We Must Transcend the Clinton-Sanders Debate: The Middle East in US Foreign Policy"

“Sanders supported Bill Clinton’s war on Serbia, voted for the 2001 Authorization Unilateral Military Force Against Terrorists (AUMF), which pretty much allowed Bush to wage war wherever he wanted (and) backed Obama’s Libyan debacle,” wrote Jeffery St. Clair. Aside from supporting the US’ current position on Syria, Sanders has “voted twice in support of regime change in Iraq,” including in 1998.

“It should be the policy of the United States to support efforts to remove the regime headed by Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq and to promote the emergence of a democratic government to replace that regime,” the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 read.

On Israel, Sander’s legacy is very similar to that of current President, Barack Obama. He seemed to be relatively balanced (as ‘balanced’ as Americans officials can be) during his earlier days in various official capacities, a position that became more hawkish with time. It behooves those who argue that Sanders is the lesser of two evils to examine the legacy of President Obama, whose sympathy with the Palestinians was underscored by his friendship with the late Palestinian Professor Edward Said, and Professor Rashid al-Khalidi. The trappings and balances of power, however, led Obama to repeatedly grovel before the Israeli Lobby in Washington DC, and he has stalwartly backed Israel’s wars against Gaza. More Palestinians died at the hand of Israel during Obama’s terms than those killed during the administration of W. Bush, who was an adamant supporter of Israel. Still, the current administration is negotiating an increase in US funding of Israel to exceed, and by far, the current 3.7 billion dollar a year.

Finally, its the WALK not the TALK when it comes to politicians!

Excerpt from article Bernie Sanders’ Vision: As Myopic as Every Other Candidate or Not?

Like Sanders’ campaign itself, this book is remarkably brief when it comes to discussing his ideas on foreign policy. We are presented with his votes against both US wars on Iraq, but no mention is made of the votes he made to provide financial support for those wars. Nothing is said about his vote for the invasion of Afghanistan or his opinion on that fiasco almost fourteen years later. We are reminded of his opposition to the US war in Vietnam and Central America, but nothing is said about his support for the overpriced and deadly F-35 bomber. His words decry Pentagon waste, but there are no statements demanding a drastic decrease in US spending on war and its weaponry. In related matters, his opposition to the PATRIOT Act and NSA surveillance is noted, but his support of the Big Brother agency known as the Department of Homeland Security is not even mentioned.

Any REAL change for the masses will not come from a candidate running in either the D or R parties.


Just wanted to chime in on the hillbilly smear.

Most hillbillies are intelligent and good people. My father's side of the family are all hillbillies from the Ozark Mountains. We are talking moonshine, hootenannies, living off the land, jack of all trades, hillbilly culture.

Most of these people were fascinating, but especially my hillbilly Grandfather, Grampy he preferred to be called. He had a first grade education but he could beat anyone at scrabble. His unabridged dictionary that he read each and every day as passion had it's special place on a chest in the dining room.

His fiddle playing (violin) was incredible, as he would get up on stage at a hootenanny playing bluegrass, as was his mastery of the harmonica, the accordion, and also a carpenter's saw played with the bow of that fiddle.

Anyway, Clinton is no hillbilly. He isn't worthy to be described as such.

By the way, I love Mike Malloy.


I don't believe for a minute Bernie Sanders as President would be remotely in danger of assassination.
NOT UNLESS he vigorously attempted to dismantle the National Security State and do a complete reversal of our policies towards the Zionist state of Israel.
Not even for Universal Health Care, reversal of Citizen's United or any other truly progressive societal changes.....not a chance.
The big $$$$$$$$$ and control is with and thru the National Security State; the CIA, NSA, Homeland Security laws.......etc.......
And, one more thing: Would he reinstate a draft; a true draft with no exemptions??????????
(That would be part of the tearing apart the NSC)