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'Here We Come!': March on Pelosi's Office by Progressive Coalition Aims to Flex Grassroots Muscle


'Here We Come!': March on Pelosi's Office by Progressive Coalition Aims to Flex Grassroots Muscle

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Ramping up its campaign to fill powerful committee seats with lawmakers dedicated to fighting for Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and other bold and popular policies, a coalition of grassroots advocacy groups will march to the office of Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif)Thursday afternoon to make their voices heard.


I Thank the progressive coalition. KEEP ON COMING!


…and what is plan B if we are ignored as we have been many times before? With a two party system this is a hard nut to crack!


How about WE do what WE can to support these groups and individuals. They need positive input, moral support, and those ever-loving small donations. Somebody has to pay for the coffee and doughnuts.


Props to these activists for taking action and going to the seat of political power to make specific demands. i’m ready for a mass movement of people who take direct action outside of party politics and make demands and push the agenda with no regard to what any party leaders do. Parties can get on board or not. Props to Extinction Rebellion for their sit-ins in congressional offices and other actions, and props to the valve-turners for their actions at pipelines, and props to the water protectors at Standing Rock for putting their lives on the line. More, more, more.


I’d advise them to start a serious conversation about a third party.

Of course, that would take a lot more guts than turning in a petition…


This is a Brave New World with this action by these committed souls.

Hope Pelosi listens.


I bet the oil companies, big Pharma, internet providers, and other various oligarchs and polluters don’t have to deliver petitions and stand outside her unwelcoming door and wait for a secretary to come out, take the petitions, and throw them in the trash can. I would guess they get ushered right in.


Lobbyists don’t meet Pelosi in her office.

They meet her at $500,000-a-plate ‘fundraisers’ hosted by bundlers,

Barbara Streisand and George Clooney often show up, pissant voters aren’t invited.


From the article:

" The grassroots coalition’s pressure campaign, which launched earlier this week, is aimed at holding Pelosi’s feet to the fire…"

FYI, as Pelosi and numerous other pols of both the D and R wings have demonstrated repeatedly, they’re not real humans, but asbestos-footed, mealy-mouthed mutants who aren’t the least bit bothered by public pressure. There are only two ways to get their attention: show up with bags of cash (and we obviously can’t outbid the Kochroaches), or stop voting for them.


You might as well send a polite request to Hitler to surrender Germany to the Jews and allow Russia to invade without complaint. Get Real, If Nancy Pelosi had any intention of doing anything remotely progressive, even a single molecule in her being of any progressive blood, there would have been at least one indication somewhere along the way in her long, long career. You simply cant vote for Hitler and then ask him to be nice, it just doesn’t work that way!


Didn’t they already do this last week? What was gained by their Sit In? Not one thing. Maybe Pelosi will start taking them seriously when they realize they need to put a scare into her and the rest of these high ranking Dems by forming a real Action plan instead of Sit Ins. Guess people are not yet Angry Enuf!


The Democrats are supported by a lot of groups, many quite large, that are not as far left as these groups. Pelosi knows that. How much is she willing to give to the Democrats on the left fringe of the party? And she also has to worry about the centrists who have increased in numbers as a result of the blue wave. They have to portray a view of the Democratic Party to their voters that is not too far left. Pelosi is pretty good at dealing with this stuff but I don’t think she will be able to please everyone.


“People are starting to understand that it’s not a left/right thing, it’s an up and down thing” Alexandria O-C




Supply rotten eggs and tomatoes.