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'Here We Go': Hawaii Files First Lawsuit Against Muslim Ban 2.0


'Here We Go': Hawaii Files First Lawsuit Against Muslim Ban 2.0

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Hawaii filed the first legal challenge to President Donald Trump's revised travel ban on Tuesday, asking a judge to temporarily block his executive order the day after it was signed.


With worthless border walls, travel bans, and other distractions, Trump will soon break the record for wasting taxpayers' money on things that are 100% political and have no value to anybody other than enhancing Trump's brand and enhancing revenue for lawyers and contractors working on them.


Makes me proud to be from Maui where we also have universal health care, many programs to get families into homes (like family life center which pays deposit), food stamps for anyone who needs them (young men w/out children) who are under employed. Now if we could just give the indeginous people their rights back after the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy by Dole, Baldwin and other Americans it would be perfect!


The Muslim ban is central to Trump's white nationalist agenda. It is right up there with the wall and mass deportations. Trump would probably want to ban all people who do not have European ancestry but he can't do that yet so he is using the fear of terrorism to take the first step. Of course the people he is trying to ban do not present a terrorist threat. They are all well vetted and there is no history of anyone from the six countries carrying out a terrorist attack in the US. There are a lot laws to prevent the US from being transformed into a white nationalist country but people who oppose this racist agenda need to make their views heard for the laws to be upheld or the racists could achieve their goal.