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Here's a Labor Day Reminder That Trump's Covid-19 Mismanagement Left 27 Million Unemployed, 189,000 Dead, and Food Banks Overwhelmed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/07/heres-labor-day-reminder-trumps-covid-19-mismanagement-left-27-million-unemployed

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Labor Day has become just another in a long list of holidays in which we wave our flags and proclaim our patriotism. It used to be a day to remember the sacrifices workers made to get a 40 hour week, the end of child labor, achievement of minimal occupational safety rules, as well as pensions for the retired. Now, it is just another time to belt out another refrain of “God Bless America.” How sad to have forgotten our past.


Grocery store and other essential workers who have to come into close vicinity of any of these unmasked idiots that have become ubiquitous here in the US should be wearing the best-fitting and most effective filtering masks they can find, and they should also be wearing goggles at this point. Too many times I have seen workers with ill-fitting masks and with bare eyes. We’re in a life and death situation now thanks to our fool president and the rest of the fools who don’t take this disease seriously, so workers are going to have to dip into their meager wages or ask for help to buy these things if they truly want to keep from getting sick or dying.


If you’ve ever worn goggles and respiratory protection for 8 or 12-hrs straight, you would know that is an all but impossible task if one has to talk or do physical labor. If you look closely you would see that many grocery workers, especially older ones, pull the mask down so they can communicate and breathe more easily. More effective masks (higher filtration) mean that even more workers will have trouble breathing and will only marginally comply.
The real solution is to only allow curbside pickup or home delivery.