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Here's All You Need to Know About Trump's Decision to Decertify the Iran Nuke Deal


Here's All You Need to Know About Trump's Decision to Decertify the Iran Nuke Deal

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"If one seeks war, Trump's decision makes sense."


How does anyone think that we could win a war against a country with an actual functioning military, especially with all the wars we are currently engaged in.


What else would you expect from a Tillerson labeled fucking moron? Well, we might expect saner minds in the cabinet to oppose him except for fact that the probability of finding saner minds is pretty slim amongst the shit eating grin sycophants.


It’s never been about winning, just maintaining a presence and a puppet government.


Trump has proven to be yet another deep state controlled warmonger. A neocon puppet tyrant, was there ever any doubt? Zero! Continual choice of two murderous warhawks.


If We the People allow this Fucking Moron to create a War where none exists, shame on us.

We must occupy the streets and demand Resignations.


The Tiny Fingered Vulgarian’s bucket list consists of reversing everything the “black guy” did whether it makes sense to do so or not and the iran Nuclear Deal will just be another check mark. This is what happens when you have a WH controlled by a moron listening to generals. If this doesn’t make Tillerson resign then nothing will.


What has Trump’s agenda been? Reasserting US fossil fuel primacy in the world. What would interfere? Iran’s rising production. Enough said. It’s always about oil.


What DJT and the generals pushing for war/military action to sate their testosterone-driven need for leading a charge…somewhere…need to stop and reflect. Yet they fail to internalize the fact that their sabre-rattling will inevitably cause not only the destruction of hundreds of millions of people, all life, and the planet, they too will suffer the consequences of their knee-jerk, violence-fueled decisions made in secret in smoke-filled rooms.


War with Iran? Really? They will have to stand in line after all now that there is: Russia, China, N. Korea and Venezuela also, right? This looks serious and very dangerous.


Michael Klare IIRC said the game today is oil alliances plundering greener nations. The powers that be have SA on their side, but evidently feel they need to control Venzuela and Iran for extra monopolizing. ncycat is right. I doubt, countryrds, those first two on your list will take kindly to a US war on Iran. https://www.democracynow.org/topics/iran


Yes! More slaughter by imperialist amerika Must be opposed at all levels, at all times, and in all ways! The empire Must, and can be shut down by the People rising!


Six hours in and no one has mentioned Israel. I guess they have nothing to do with this. Really?


screw-it, lets just take a dump on the planet and blow stuff up? north korea, iran, mexico, the list is almost endless, this moron is going to get us killed so why not do it first? his healthcare-tax reform robbery is gonna kill me and countless others so why not join in the madness and endorse this sucker 100%??? how about we all get together in front of the white house and demand he start ww3 Right Now, whatya say? why we could even have his cabinet fly the planes and his generals drive the tanks, he’s got the rockets covered so I think we’re ready…lets go…lets go f-ing nuts like him and blow-up our only home shall we???


No, we did not have a reasonable alternative in the last election. One way or the other, we were going to get more wars, more death around the planet, more money going to the wealthy, etc. That being said, I think that when people talk about Trump being a “puppet” of the deep state, or being “controlled”, they are letting him off the hook. I don’t think for one nano-second that he has any fundamental dispute with anything he is doing. He is not an unwilling puppet being forced to do anything. Sure, he is an imbecile, and wants as much taxpayer money going into his pockets as he can rip off while he is in office, but he clearly has no moral objection to any of the actions currently going on. In fact, it is obvious he relishes being able to ruin the lives of other people; it makes him feel powerful. This is a guy who constantly degrades women and blacks, eggs on his “fans” to rough up any protesters at his rallies, and who tells the cops to give rough rides to the people they arrest. He has a cruel streak a mile wide. Not only that, but most of the shit that has happened since he took office were his ideas to start with. As an example, look no further than the topic of this very article. The entire “rip up the Iran agreement” was a mainstay of his pre-election platform. And to the best of my recollection, nobody else, even on the Republican side, made such an issue out of it.

Make him take the blame for every damn thing he is doing.


Maybe two more things ‘to know’:

  1. International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons wins Nobel Peace Prize:

  2. From the new “Blade Runner 2049”:

“Blade Runner 2049 asks what it means to be human, and it boldly ventures some suggestions. It is the ability to form connections, to empathise with others, to love, to have values. It is also the will to act, to resist, to fight for those values. “Dying for the right cause is the most human thing you can do,” says one character. It’s a call to revolution. Not tomorrow but now.”


But seeking war in 2017 is insanity given the range of weapons that would be used by any nation with right amount of money. My first concern about decertifying previously accomplished treaties is throwing out the hard work of others by someone that at best has a very asinine attitude toward being president. Trump is the most unpresidential president I have known in my lifetime. It is time for America to consider decertifying Trump as president. He is the last person on the planet I would want to have nuke launch codes.


Well put.

Just to add, we enter a new time, definitely have crossed a line where when the president makes an important, dangerous policy change, we get NO reasons. We get no explanation. We now enter a phase where he offers platitudes, and misleading generalities like “bad deal for America” not long ago a REAL president from either party would have felt obliged, required to at least go through their reasoning, their points. Not Dummy.
The most “reasoning” I’ve heard, the pulling out of Paris, and any half sentient creature on this planet knows what a ridiculous lie it is that “it’s a bad deal for us” pretending a totally voluntary goal, with no penalties even for not reaching, is somehow an odious demand on the US. Him getting away with that without serious protest and without mainstream media…well, one good thing, when the right wing neighbor begins to complain about the “leftist” media, we can point to that simply as ultimate proof it is a right wing media.

I honestly and without malice, believe Trump is deranged. Something is not working correctly in his brain, and he keeps making these gaffes like “warm condolences” to Las Vegas victims, “have a good time” to PR victims, play golf while attacking a mayor in PR on Twitter for daring to point out they need more help…the man has zero capacity for empathy. Zero. Which is dangerous.

Because he just now gave an impromptu press conference surrounded by generals and top military leaders, telling the reporters “this is the calm before the storm” and when asked to expand on that, did he mean ISIS, North Korea, Iran, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico??? He was asked, his reply…
“You’ll see”

“You’ll see”??? The man is deranged and he loves it, he loves being able to cause concern and worry among his constituents, the world, and given his moronic fascination with “sneak attacks” destabilizes the globe, and LOVES it. He doesn’t see stability, peace, freedom as a good thing. He loves tormenting others. Loves it.


The fascist fraud is so deranged; he is so enthralled with his power to nuke others!
Must be removed from the throne, ASAP, by reason of insanity!


That is why we “need” a $700 Billion defense budget. Fat times over at the defense contractors. More mansions going up in suburban DC.