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Here's How Meatpacking Corporations Could Protect Workers From COVID-19—and What They're Doing Instead.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/22/heres-how-meatpacking-corporations-could-protect-workers-covid-19-and-what-theyre

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With Trump and Perdue at the helm there shall be no oversight–no impediment to corporate profits. No more Republicans–ever!

Oh my—well, I don’t eat much meat----but it appears that as long as JBS and Smithfield don’t care if their workers die—maybe we should all decide NOT to eat ANYTHNG EVER from Smithfield and JBS. I don’t suppose that they care if their customers die either! : (

We should be working to get people off of meat diets so these horrible plants can be closed, then we won’t have this issue in the first place. Instead of hacking up murdered animals and risking amputations, covid-19, etc. these workers could put to better use at less hazardous, more meaningful jobs.

Common Dreams is so hypocritical publishing articles trashing the fossil fuel industry and then at the same time publishing articles supporting the meat industry when the animal agriculture industry emits more greenhouse gases than the whole transportation sectors combined.

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How can the animal torture and slaughter industries protect their workers from the inherent moral wrong of wreaking havoc on sentient, innocent animals?
How can people convince themselves their jobs are ethical when they’re covered in blood and guts every workday, causing, seeing and hearing the screams of fear from innocent animals?
I understand that some people are so desperate that they feel they have to work in these disgusting, ghoulish, vicious jobs, but if you get in bed with the devil, expect to get burned.
There are always employment alternatives. If people working in a genocidal death camp slaughtering humans were at risk for disease, would be be asking how we could protect those workers and give them better pay and benefits???
I’d rather die than work in the animal torture and slaughter industries. It’s ironic and sad that people don’t want greedy corporations to treat them like animals, as they cruelly treat animals like inanimate objects that have no rights or feelings.
If you don’t want to be abused in the animal torture industry, don’t work in it.