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Here's the Democrat Who Just Announced His Challenge to Hawkish Feinstein


Here's the Democrat Who Just Announced His Challenge to Hawkish Feinstein

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Democracy for America says Californians "deserve two senators who will be relentless allies in their battle to stand up to the White House and take bold action on social, racial, and economic justice."


a good start! let’s see who else turns up to say enuf is enuf to the dragon lady.


In 2013-14 top pharma companies donated $56,648 to DeLeon, so I would keep a close eye on where his donations are coming from going forward. Democratic Socialist David Hildebrand on the other hand, strongly supports single payer.
I think it’s clear that Feinstein is vulnerable, and progressives need to pay close attention because the establishment Dems will try to sabotage a true progressive’s campaign. It should be interesting to see how things shape up.


84 years old and she just cannot give up the prestige of being among this country’s royal class.

BTW, this is interesting. The Thing That Americans Fear Most (2017)

1. Corrupt Government Officials 74.5
2. American Healthcare Act/Trumpcare 55.3
3. Pollution of Oceans, Rivers and Lakes 53.1
4. Pollution of Drinking Water 50.4
5. Not having enough money for the future 50.2
6. High Medical Bills 48.4
7. The US will be involved in another World War 48.4
8. Global Warming & Climate Change 48
9. North Korea using weapons 47.5
10. Air Pollution 44.9


Feinstein, the surgeon’s daughter who called single-payer the “complete government takeover of all healthcare,” made pharmaceutical stock trades valued between $25 million and $125 million – that’s how accurate our public disclosures are folks – in a single week in December 2014. (Whether it was on exempt insider information, I don’t know.) Not only is she fatally conflicted when it comes to representing the popular will in healthcare, she’s either ignorant or mendacious as well: single-payer is is a universal government-run health insurance system under which most providers remain private. This self-serving profiteer has no place representing the people of California.

But you say De León backed Hillary? And Ro Khanna, who hobnobs with Silicon Valley billionaires and desperately sought Hillary’s support during his last election campaign, backs him? Isn’t someone else available? Someone who hasn’t sided with the enemy in the past couple of years?


Do you want someone who backed Trump?


California has open primaries, so it will be interesting.


Check out David Hildebrand


She is both ignorant and mendacious.


I met Feinstein briefly back in 1977 when she was a San Francisco Supervisor and I was working on a research project with a team of folks from UCSF that included her husband at the time (Bert Feinstein, a neurosurgeon). She was already a fairly conservative Democrat and opposed the progressive policies being advocated by Mayor Moscone. Another Democrat on the Board of Supervisors at that time who generally joined with the Republicans in opposing Moscone: Ron Pelosi … brother-in-law of Nancy Pelosi.


I think she just doesn’t want to move back to California…and who can blame her for that.


Again, it appears Americans are innumerate, in that their biggest threats don’t seem to be what they are most worried about.


“California deserves two Senators who will be relentless allies in their battle to stand up to the White House and take bold action on social, racial, and economic justice.” Clearly they meant someone other than Feinstein and hopefully they include Pelosi in the House, who should be challenged and defeated.

Pelosi and Schumer refuse (along with other corporate DLC Clinton/Obama wing Dems) to support universal medicare single-payer health care insurance either HR 676 or the Sanders proposal.

Neither Feinstein, Pelosi Schumer or the other quisling sellouts provide leadership or anywhere near the “bold action on social issues” required now more than ever! All represent the DLC corporate Dem establishment sellout that brought us the disastrous trump regime via political hubris & corruption supporting HRC instead of Bernie Sanders, being party to the DNC dirty-Debbie tricks & manipulations used to sabotage Sanders campaign and manipulate the Dem convention - that sellout wing and its adherents deserve zero respect or support.


the neocon war profiteer has been protected by the zionist media for ?? how many years ? Along with Jane Harman whose husband is also a war profiteer in their duties to Israel, these two should have been booted years ago. Hallelujah, kick her out.


But not one word about war, Wall Street or foreign policy. What’s up with that?


Help him out. Let’s send Clinton and Feinstein to a home for the infirm as room mates.


Out with all the DNC establishment!


Exactly. I can’t seem to find anything on line about his views on U.S. Empire or the apartheid regime in Israel.


Don’t play dumb. The article says he backed Hillary in the primary over Bernie.


He backed Clinton, so there is strike 1, no word about the endless war. If he doesn’t court the progressive vote, I’m ringing him up!