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Here's the Dire Climate Report the Trump White House Didn't Want You to See

Here's the Dire Climate Report the Trump White House Didn't Want You to See

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a move environmentalists and journalists denounced as a "brazen" effort to bury facts that conflict with the president's denialism and pro-fossil fuel agenda, the Trump administration on the Friday after Thanksgiving released Volume II of the the National Climate Assessment (NCA), which warned that "Earth's climate is now changing faster than at any point in the history of modern civilization" and that "greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are the only factors that can account" for the planet-threatening warming.

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Look, we all know this is an existential time for humans.

Obama released his anti life announcements on the moment of the new year.

What will the trumpet blare at 12 am december 31?

As you and your sweetheart look out over party dancers in desolation row.

Now Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse will not know what to say

the world has turned to gray and even worse than that

He says the world is an ugly mean place from what he can see,

Look’n out from desolation row.


I wrote on Medium.com today-@jrallen1200, about how the shopping frenzy contributes to global demise. Global warming is real. Humanity’s industrialism is causing it. It is causing the 6th Mass Extinction Event we’re all immersed in. Leaders are doing nothing to help of consequence especially here in the US where the President says its a damn Chinese hoax. Times’s short to act where it will matter for assured survival. Just because a story is buried doesn’t make it any less true. Geeeezzzz…What will it take to wake the leaders from their delusions? I wish that I had an answer, really, I do.


My neighborhood is small and people do try to share news . I am wondering what will happen when the power grid goes totally down, as people are so used to the internet for sharing ideas and news of emergencies.
I guess, if you have a farmer’s market. this a good time to start going and meeting people. It’s probably a good time to learn basic red cross skills too.
Sadly, I am not expecting the government to help the majority of the people in any kind of disaster----sort of a “We are all Puerto Ricans now,” situation. But wherever we all end up, those who have prepared will probably be overrun by those who haven’t, as it is so sad to see a city burned down and yet find looters in Paradise. : (


Don’t expect the vampire to come right out and tell you exactly how to kill him. If anything, expect lies or expect silence. Expect this from the fossil fuel industry’s corporate trolls that regularly post on commondreams.org forums.

Practical R&D in any field of high fossil fuel demand can quite possibly cause an enormous and permanent worldwide reduction in demand. I know how I would probably tackle each challenge, although I’m happy to defer to someone else who comes up with something better. My big fuel displacement targets will be solar-heating houses in winter, nighttime electricity demand and transit. I have quite a few smaller targets too.


And it ain’t happening, because we’re not even close to showing the backbone to throw off this political economy that persists in exploiting every extractable resource on the planet.

e’ll go to our graves drowning in articles beginning with, “what the US should do…”

There was only one imperative: revolt or perish.

And we don’t have the stomach or the wisdom for it.


Hillary’s not so hidden rightist side comes out. Once a Goldwater girl…

And those refugees from Syria and Libya are in Europe because of specific policies Hillary Clinton pushed as Secretary of State.

She needs to shut up. Or she can go stump for Trump. (I don’t expect she’ll do either.)


Libya once had one of the largest refugee populations in the World. Under Qaddafi Libya was a destination for all manner of peoples from Sub-Saharan Africa.NATO decided to blow it all up because member nations felt ensuring the Gold Dinar never used and access to Libyan oil more important.

This the same in Latin America and the Caribbean basin. The Corporations in North America feel access to resources in these regions the highest priority so Governments toppled and the regions destabilized so as to get access to those resources. Peoples by the tens of thousands are turned off the land , can no longer sustain themselves and try to migrate away.

The destabilization of Central American Countries, Venezuela , Yemen and Syria all started during the Obama Presidency and Hilary Clinton was front and center in all of that.


The problem is there is no problem. If billions are lost, there are billionaires around to pick every dollar up. In our country, it statistically correct to say that insurance companies have higher profits during the time if disaster. So as long as your invested in insurance companies that have clients affected by a climate issue, then your set. At this point I would think that with all the conflict of interests that are a part of our political system, I would think it’s safe to say that someone is taking money from lobbyists or directly invested in insurance companies. To think otherwise is being willfully ignorant.

Join the Extinction Rebellion today…


The ethnocentric hubris of this is astonishing. Also, this, once again, puts off the worst until much later, when in fact it is happening right now. There are millions of climate refugees right now around the world.

Real estate prices are dropping in areas already hit, right now.

And not everyone is sitting around celebrating Thanksgiving in this world.


Exciting stuff here in the article and the comments, already decades too late. The pollution and the effects of that pollution are from 40 years ago. We are 40 years behind. Let that sink in. There is no way to stop the 6th extinction. Let that sink in. Be kind, let that sink in and live it.


Thank you Ocasio-Cortez. I wish you all the best, but please expose the fossil fuel, people that will try to thwart your Green New Deal.


I think a good portion of us have the stomach and the wisdom to revolt, we just don’t have the know how, organization, or the human community where we live to get started.

I think maybe the Extinction Rebellion in the UK may be a good model to start with. Here is a short video of how they pulled this off. But note the difference of the attitude of their Bobbies compared to our militarized cops in the US. We have a steeper hill to climb. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAH3IQwHKag


Extinction Rebellion sounded great, but after looking into it, they use the same old slogans that have no meaning.

Let’s save the planet for our children! Future generations!

Then onto capitalism sucks.

And then spray paint something.

See comment above for a better plan.

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This is really good on hope, grief, and courage. Extinction Rebellion


This statement is completely untrue. The US has been destabilizing Central America for decades (see the 1980’s under Raygun and Bush).

Bush II started destabilizing Venezuela due to Chavez coming to power in 1999.



Bush II started the drone war against Yemen in 2002…

and the Neocons in the Bush II administration also planned the destabilization of Syria


Please stick with the facts.


I think there will be survivors who will have to adapt to new climates. And there goes the evolution of man.

So the FACT is that Hillary was no different then all of those that came before her?

How does that change anything? She was STILL destabilizing these Countries. Just because The War against Vietnam started BEFORE Johnson and Nixon , it does not mean Nixon and Johnson played no role. Their hands were every bit as dirty as the ones that started it. HRC was just “big business as usual” and as others suggested she should shut up already.


The native tribal people in the USA do not honor Thanksgiving.