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Here's the Interview With Glenn Greenwald About Julian Assange It Seems NPR Didn't Want You To Hear


Here's the Interview With Glenn Greenwald About Julian Assange It Seems NPR Didn't Want You To Hear

Jon Queally, staff writer

After a "contentious" live on-air interview with journalist Glenn Greenwald during NPR's "Morning Edition" morning was apparently scrubbed from its online version of the show, several people uploaded the deleted portion to the web so that people could hear what it seemed the public radio broadcaster did not want people to hear.

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NPR has been so strong armed by the republicans. If NPR can’t admit to the bullying its recieved by the rump regime, they sure aren’t going to admit to Ecuador being bullied by the rump regime.



“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”. CIA director William Casey under Reagan says it all. And Gary Webb exposed their lies and paid with his career and life. Watch Kill the Messenger.



So I listened to this interview, and when Greene asked what evidence do you have that trump pressured Ecuador to release Assange and Greenwald’s response was “Google it” and “you suck as a journalist and NPR and a media outlet”, my thought was a) kudos to Greene for being professional and b) what the hell kind of journalist is Greenwald who says Google it instead of listing the points, which is how everyone else interviewed on NPR answers questions?



I wonder if Glenn will be next. The fact that he lives in Brazil, a fascist, regime… could he be next?



Greenwald is as good as they get. Greene-a propaganda tool.



Except that I did that Google search and found exactly what Greenwald said I’d find: One article after another about the Trump administration upping the pressure on Ecuador to hand over Assange.

That David Greene went into an interview with a Pulitizer Prize winning journalist so woefully unprepared is just sad. Greene even asking that question was pathetic, and Greenwald’s mockery is just what he deserved.



Obama will close Gitmo.



First, the audio portion of the interview is available - the companion transcript text shown is incorrect. Obviously a NPR website editorial problem. Not bizarre at all. Second, I heard the interview this morning and was not impressed with Mr. Greenwald’s agitated responses to Mr. Greene - particularly his flippant suggestion to “Goggle” the Trump administration-Ecuador question, which was at best rude and not informative. Mr. Greenwald’s defensiveness and the conspiratorial nature of this article does not support any merit from his inferred status as a “Pulitzer Prize” winning journalist, which he so quickly interjected in the interview. I also just read the article in The Atlantic, where Mr. Greenwald states that Assange is an “asshole”. After what I describe above, all I can say is that it takes one to know one!

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So, what does that say about yourself? No one is saying Assange is a great guy. but a person doesn’t need to be a great guy to get the damning truth out. The USA is embarrassed about that damning truth. Don’t kill the message because you don’t like the messenger. Whether or not you like the messenger is not an excuse to not listen to the message.



Of course B Williamson is the one person who gave this a like…



Another troll who just joined to make an inane point.



John_Lazos is another troll who just joined to make an inane point. They are becoming more prevalent here. I suspect they are starting to worry about CD.



By saying “google it” Greenwald was pointing out how the info was so obviously already out there and easily available. Duh.



Still, it’s kind of a weak response. This was an opportunity to lay out the case in detail for the NPR audience and he whiffed it. Lame.



Is he, though?



I listened to the reply that NPR gave to the tweet, which included a link to the interivew. It looks like the interview was not deleted, but is available in full as it included the entire piece included in the soundcloud interview, so I’m not sure why this article stated so.



Seems that way.



Does David Greene ever learn anything new when he interviews, or is he always prepped regarding every point to downplay or move-quickly-away-from? Oh yes, he’s polite; but previous interviewers on NPR once in a while talked with an appropriate tone conveying a little gravity when some hellish phenomenon came up. I’ve never heard this in Greene’s voice. He just gets a little quieter. And I thought Steve was bad. Nader is right about NPR. Everyone on the venue’s starting to sound like Hal the computer. They need a new crop of interviewers that are more human. Is Susan Stamberg still around? Pay her ANYTHING, npr.

Oh yeah. Welcome newcomers! Now could you please just mow the horse feathers a bit?

PS: WBUR blew me away yesterday actually covering Honduras. Good move, Here & Now!

PSS: CD, please tell Lazos how to use quote marks.



Go2 gave no link.